Greetings adventurer and welcome to our Lost Ark World Tree Leaves guide. We will certainly guide you through everything you need to know about the World Tree Leaves, from collecting them to obtaining your rewards.

What Are Lost Ark World Tree Leaves

Lost Ark World Tree Leaves are collectibles you can obtain while gathering with your Trade Skills. Every one of your Trade Skills, Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating will have a chance to reward you with a World Tree Leave, so make sure you make use of them all!

World Tree Leaf Icon

Obtaining World Tree Leaves

Straightaway your first World Tree Leave will come from completing the quest [Guide] Collecting Collectibles for Fun. In addition to finishing this quest, it unlocks the ability to start obtaining the World Tree Leaves. So make sure you complete this quest sooner than later if you are planning to collect them all.

Once you can start collecting them, it is just a matter of *RNG while using your Trade Skills. The Korean community spent many months determining if location plays a role in obtaining them, but all tests lead to the fact that it is purely random. Meaning to collect them all you just need to grind away on your trade skills until you get them all.

* World Tree Leaves are unobtainable while at your Stronghold, so make sure you are out in the world when trying to collect them.

Surprisingly there are a total of 61 World Tree Leaves and Each Trade Skill has 10 different ones that are part of collecting them. Meaning, once you have 10 from Logging, you will no longer obtain anymore from Logging. Also, if you are ever unsure, make sure to check out the World Tree Leave collectibles UI (Shown below) to track your progress.

World Tree Leaves Collectibles UI

Rewards for Collecting World Leaves

As with all collectibles in Lost Ark, there are without a doubt rewards for collecting them. In general the nice thing about the rewards is that you can earn the Faint Ore Charm and the upgrade materials for it. Additionally, the charm is a Special Equipment that boosts your Trade Skills stats.

So head to any major city and look for the World Tree Leaf Icon and talk to the NPC at the location to get your rewards. Doing so will open the rewards UI and enables you to pick-up your rewards.

World Tree Leaf Rewards UI
Leaves RequiredItem RewardShort Description
6(5x) Adept All Trade Skill XP PotionRewards XP to all Trade Skills
12Faint Ore CharmSpecial Equipment for Trade Skills
18(6x) Adept Craft KitMaterials for Trade Skill Tools
24Masterpiece # 11Collectable
30Transformation: RabbitCosmetic / Toy
36Faint CitrineUpgrade Material for Ore Charm
42Title “Master of Trade Skillls”Title
48Silent CitrineUpgrade Material for Ore Charm
54Transformation: GatherableCosmetic / Toy
60Structure: World Tree LeavesStronghold Structure
66Transformation: FishCosmetic / Toy
72Tranquil CitrineUpgrade Material for Ore Charm

In conclusion, that’s all for our Lost Ark World Tree Leaves Guide. You now have all the tools you need to push your Trade Skills even further with this collectible. Also, feel free to join our Studio Loot Discord and talk with us!