Lost Ark is well on the way for the West and many elements of the game are still unknown. However, one contested feature has been answered, as Smilegate have inadvertently confirmed the identity of the Lost Ark’s 15th class, Striker, ahead of schedule. 

In a recent post highlighting the rewards of Founder’s Packs, avatar rewards were shared and included all 15 classes, despite us not knowing what the 15th class would be.

Striker is Lost Ark’s 15th Class

The post was first shared on July 28 and included a selection of Founder’s Pack rewards. All eyes undoubtedly turned to the cute cat pet, however, the Platinum Avatar reward was the biggest news of the day.

It features a special avatar for the first Advanced Class you select in-game. In the list of usual suspects, there is one ‘unknown’ face – the Striker. You can check out the image below:

This basically confirms that Striker is the 15th Lost Ark class. This is because there would be no reason to create an avatar for a class that isn’t coming on launch. Keep in mind that the picture currently features 14 classes, as the Soulfist avatar is still on the way.

What is Lost Ark’s Striker?

The Striker is an Advanced Class for Martial Artist. It’s not the most unique class in the world, as it’s essentially just a male version of the Wardancer. Still, it’s great to have another class in the game and gives fans some flexibility when it comes to Martial Artist choices. 

You can learn more about the Martial Artist class as a whole here. We also have a basics guide on the Wardancer, which very much applies to Striker, and will be releasing more Striker information soon. 

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