Lost Ark is fast approaching the West and many fans are still eager to find out the game’s 15th class. Be it a new Warrior, Martial Artist, or Mage. However, a new Lost Ark video showcasing Mages is, unfortunately, lacking Lost Ark’s Arcana and Sorceress.

Lost Ark Mage Class Series Video

The new video is a three-minute clip, highlighting the Mage class in Lost Ark. However, the big problem is that just two advanced classes are featured: the Summoner and the Bard. 

This definitely spells trouble for fans of the Arcana and Sorceress, as it points to neither being present at release for Europe and North America. 

At the same time, nothing is quite confirmed. We could still very well see either of those classes at launch. It is safe to say, however, that it is now much less likely. After all, why would Smilegate release a class spotlight with an advanced class missing?

All we can really do now is wait and see, although, if you’re a fan of Arcana or Sorceress, you may have to lower your expectations a tad.

What Could The 15th Lost Ark Class Be? 

Since we know we likely won’t be seeing Lost Ark’s Arcana or Sorceress at the western launch, there are a few other obvious choices for Lost Ark’s 15th class. 

The main one is Lance Master – an advanced class for the Martial Artist. This is another take on the martial arts theme, this time wielding a huge polearm or lance as a weapon. It would, however, be a fourth advanced class for Martial Artist, so it may not be the case. 

Meanwhile, the other option is Reaper. This is an advanced class for Assassin, focused on lightning-fast attacks and some amazing combos. This could make more sense, as it would raise Assassins up to three advanced classes, aligning them closer to other options.