The third level 5 Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is the Night Fox Yoho. This Guardian is a night fox with many similar attacks to the Flame Fox Yoho. Item level 1370 is required to enter. Keep on reading, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide.

Useful Items HP Potion, Panacea, Destruction Bomb, Whirlwind Grenade, Pheromone Bomb.

Weak Against Holy – Guardian will take 10% more damage from Holy Attacks.

Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide Mechanics

Night Fox Yoho has 4 different phases that are shown by the number of tails Yoho currently has. As the fight starts, Yoho will only have 3 tails and after each phase transition there will be 2 new tails. [3, 5, 7, and 9 tails] Additionally, a phase transition normally occurs when they run away, however when using a Pheromone Bomb a phase push can occur without running.

Key Mechanics

  • Foxy Charge Break – Night Fox Yoho will curl up into a ball shape and charge up ambient energy. While charging you can stagger the attack and earn Defense Orbs for successfully staggering. However, failure to stagger will trigger an AoE cast of Fox Lady Hex. This mechanic happens every 60 seconds while engaging them, so it is ideal to use your Whirlwind Grenade here.
  • Fox Lady Hex – When your character gets the Fox Lady Hex debuff, you will transform into a Lady Fox. While in this form you are unable to use normal skills. Additionally friendly fire becomes a thing, meaning you can take attacks from allies. When this occurs, run away from everything to stay safe. Also, this debuff lasts 20 seconds and will only occur if you fail a major mechanic. So, if everything goes perfect, you will never get this debuff.
  • Orb Ring – Yoho will send all 5 orbs out around them and start spinning them clockwise. While spinning, Yoho is charging up a Fox Lady Hex spell to cast upon everyone inside. If you are hit by an orb while trying to run out, you will be knock back into the middle of the cast.
  • Random Orbs – Yoho will sound out their Orbs in a similar fashion to that of Orb Ring, however if they turn Orange in color. When this occurs they will shoot out more Orbs in random directions around them. If you get hit by 3 of the, you will fall to the Fox Lady Hex. Use Panacea to clear 2 stacks if you think you might get hit by a 3rd.
  • Summon Fox Ladies – Yoho will summon Humanoid Fox Ladies that you should kill. Upon killing one, a Defense Orb will drop providing a 2 minute buff for damage reduction. Additionally, this stacks up to 3 times.
  • Clone Spin – Yoho will arch their head upwards and scream (Audible in game), spin in place, and summon clone version(s) of themselves to attack. The number of clones and attack varies on what phase you are currently on.
    • Phase 1 – One clone will be summon in front of Yoho and spin in place.
    • Phase 2 – Four clones will be summon in front, left, back, and right of Yoho’s direction they are facing. And similar to Phase 1, will spin in place for the attack.
    • Phase 3 – Four clones will summon in front, left, back, and right of Yoho’s direction. And the attack will be a jump towards Yoho in the middle.
  • Fireballs – Yoho will lift up on their front legs and raise their head to howl. While this is occurring, the orbs around Yoho’s neck will start to spin in a fast circle and become brighter. When the orbs become brighter, fireballs will spawn from Yoho and target random locations around them.
    • Aim Variant – [Phase 2] Yoho has the option to summon a fireball that will go for a target player. When this happens, Yoho will turn towards a target player first and then do the Fireball animation. In place of the orbs spinning faster, Yoho will bow their head to throw the single Fireball at the player.
    • Double Aim Variant – [Phase 2] There is a chance that a second Fireball to be shot shortly after the first.
    • Double Double Aim Variant – [Phase 3] Yoho will fire two sets of Double Aim Fireballs at a target player. (2 Fireballs and then a few seconds later another set of 2 Fireballs)
    • Quad Aim Variant – [Phase 4] Yoho will shot 4 Fireballs, one at each player and leave AoE fire on the ground for a short period afterwards.
  • Shiny Yoho – Yoho’s color will change to a bright blue color after gaining all their tails. While shiny they have an increase to attack and defense. Additionally, you now have the chance to cut off Yoho’s tails.
  • Tail Cut – While Yoho is in their Shiny state and you stagger them, Yoho’s tails can be cut with Destructive attacks and the use of Destruction Bombs. You are able to cut them until there are only 3 remaining and Yoho is no longer Shiny.
  • Galaxy Tornados – [Must Be Shiny Yoho To Cast] Yoho will spin around in and slam their tail into the ground summoning galaxy-like images around the screen. Shortly after you will have a galaxy shroud overlay and Yoho will start to cast Galaxy Tornados out from around them. Stay close enough that you can see the tornados spawn, but far enough away you can dodge them. This is because the closer the tornados are to Yoho, the slower they are. Meaning you will have a harder chance dodging them further away. If hit, you are jailed, so allies will have to hit you out or you will be affected by Fox Lady Hex a few seconds later.
Night Fox Yoho - Fox Lady Hex
Fox Lady Hex

Basic Mechanics

  • Teleport Dash [Counterable]- Yoho will turn towards a player, lower their head, start to true blue, and then raise their head. While the head starts to raise the attack will trigger causing Yoho to teleport dash towards the target player’s direction. It is possible to start moving out of the way when Toho starts turning towards the target player.
    • Dash Pounce Variant – [Phase 3] Yoho can now add a quick Pounce attack at the end of a Teleport Dash attack.
    • Dash & Rush – [Phase 3] Yoho can now add a quick Rush attack at the end of a Teleport Dahs attack.
  • Rush – Yoho will turn towards a player and rush towards the location they face.
    • Teleport & Rush – [Phase 2] Yoho will sit and teleport to a new location nearby. Shortly afterwards a Rush attack may occur (Or Pounce).
    • Rush & Pounce Variant – [Phase 3] Yoho can now add a quick Pounce attack at the end of their Rush attack.
    • Double Rush Variant – [Phase 3] Yoho can now add a quick second Rush attack at the end of their first Rush attack.
  • Pounce – Yoho will turn towards a player, quickly hunch over, and pounce at where the player location. This animation is rather quick, so it is hard to notice it. The use of dodge here is ideal.
    • Teleport & Pounce – [Phase 2] Yoho will sit and teleport to a new location nearby. Shortly afterwards a Pounce attack may occur (Or Rush).
  • Stomp – Yoho will turn towards a player and stomp on the ground starting in Phase 1. Quick and simple attack for them.
    • Double Stomp Variant – [Phase 3] Yoho will stomp two times in the same spot now.
  • Night Flares – Similar to Flame Fox Yoho’s ability where light-like wisps fall out of the sky. However, Night Flares is not a channeled ability like Meteor Shower and will start to appear after a few minutes into the fight.
  • Strut ‘n Skyfall – Yoho will turn towards a player and will Strut towards them. While moving, stars will fall from the sky in random locations around Yoho.

Night Fox Yoho Strategy

Night Fox Yoho is all about passing her Fox Lady Hexes. Make sure you are always using your Whirlwind Grenades on the Foxy Charge Break and are running out of Orb Ring. Additionally, make sure to use your Panacea if you gain 2 stacks of debuff from the Random Orbs. If for some reason you are under the affect of Fox Lady Hex, then run away from both your party and Night Fox Yoho.

Phase 1 is rather straight forward, learn to dodge the mechanics as best as possible and DPS them as fast as possible. When Night Fox Yoho turns invulnerable, use your Pheromone Bomb. Alternatively, if you feel like they are about to flee, you can use it sooner than later, but remember it only lasts 30 seconds on the Guardian.

When Phase 2 starts, it is once again dodge and keep an eye on when to use your Grenades. There are a few changes in the normal attacks, but overall nothing too abnormal from Phase 1. You should now start seeing Defense Orbs more often at this point, make sure to let those who are squishy get them first. Alternatively, the person getting hit the most can also make use of them first as it will help them tank if they are taunting Yoho. Make sure to never get more than 3 Orbs, or you will be limiting someone else in the party.

Phase 3 has more variants than before, so expect quicker attacks and more changes to the ones you already know. Nothing really special at this point, so just keep at it.

Phase 4 is when Yoho will go Shiny and have a lot more mechanics you will need to focus on. In addition to the new mechanics, Yoho will have an increase attack and defense while shiny making the fight that much harder. The two major things this phase will be the Galaxy Tornados and the Tail Cut. Stagger as often as possible so you can cut the tails. Additionally, make sure to use your Destruction Bombs on the tails to get that cut so that you can end this phase sooner than later. And make sure to break out your friends if they get hit by a Tornado.

Rinse and repeat from here as many times as you need. Ideally you will only need to see the shiny phase once, but sometimes the DPS can be a little low making it a slower fight. So stick with it and best of luck!

Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide Loot

  • Night Fox Yoho Card
  • Legendary Tier 3 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 3 Honing Material
  • Ability Stones
  • Epic or Legendary Class Engraving Recipe
  • Galewind Skill Rune

Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Night Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide. Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Velganos. Alternatively, check out the previous Guardian Raid, Igrexion!