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Punika Growth Support Pack Removed

Greetings Heroes of Arkesia, today we bring news about the Punika Growth Support Pack that was recently added and then removed by Amazon Games.

Punika Growth Support Pack via In-game Store
Support Pack via In-game Store

For those who may not be aware, this Support Pack added to the game after the patch on 06/16/2022, however it wasn’t listed as an upcoming item. According to Roxx, an Amazon Game’s Community Manager, this support pack was “being internally tested and was not finalized for sale on live servers; it was not intended to be released, and made it into the client after last night’s maintenance“.

As this item was not intended for the player base, Amazon Games quickly removed access to purchasing it. Additionally, Roxx states that “any players who were able to purchase the Punika Growth Support pack will retain it.” For players who never had a chance to purchase it, they will have to wait and see if Amazon Games decides to do anything for them.

For those who are curious of the contents, please see the below screen shot;

Punika Growth Support Pack Contents
Support Pack Contents

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