The Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon is the first Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. You will need to reach item level 840 and complete the MSQ Stop Velcruze in order to enter.

You will find two bosses in the Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon. Nazan and Kyzra are the two bosses you will encounter. Let’s take a deeper look at these two bosses. Additionally, the non-boss mechanics of this dungeon are straight forward; kill everything.

Useful Items HP Potion, Whirlwind Grenade.

Ark of Arrogance – Matchmaking Screen

Nazan Main Mechanics

Nazan has 10 health bars that players will need to knock off to complete the fight. They have 2 main mechanics that starts at 8 bars of health and 4 bars; the Spinning Flames and Area Fire combo. These attacks will hit hard and fast, so it is ideal to dodge them.

  • Area Fire – Nazan will head towards the middle of the arena and mark an area in red that will be covered in fire. After the spell completes, you will either be near or far from Nazan. While this is happening, there is a chance you will have a target over your head. If you do, then Nazan will spawn an AoE fire circle around the target player. Make sure to drop the fire where players are not needing to be (See below).
    • Inner Fire [Version 1] – Nazan’s AoE Fire will be in a circle around them, preventing any melee from being in range. Ideal Fire Circle locations are far away from the boss as players will need to be near the boss to avoid Spinning Flames.
    • Outer Fire [Version 2] – Nazan’s AoE Fire will be the inverse of the Inner Fire, meaning everyone will need to be in melee range. Ideal Fire Circle locations are directly in the middle or as far out on the edge as you can get it. Mixing these two options are not ideal as there will be little to no room for running Spinning Flames.
  • Spinning Flames – Will always occur while Area Fire is active. Nazan will spread their arms out directly from their sides to project a constant flame thrower attack. After a few seconds they will start to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. There is no indicator as to the direction. Additionally, they can stop rotating and change directions from time to time. If hit by this attack, you will be knocked back and stunned for a second.
Area Denial – Middle of the room covered in fire

Nazan Notable Attacks

  • Cone Burst – Nazan will turn towards a random player and start charging up the attack. An AoE Red Cone (135° angle) will indicate the area of the attack. A red wave will generate from the boss and head towards the end of the area of attack. Once it reaches the end the attack will occur causing an Earthen-Fiery burst in the area.
  • Line Bursts – Nazan will jump, float in the air, and turn towards a random player. Shortly after targeting a player, the red indicator will show the first Line Burst and start to charge. Upon casting, Nazan will slam into the ground with their sword to activate the Line Burst attack and spawn 2 more directly to the sides of the first one. After the second two activate another 2 will spawn on the outer sides of them for a total of 5 Line Bursts over the course of the attack.
  • AoE Fire Storms – Nazan slams their sword into the ground and summons 5 beams of red light to create Red Circles. Shortly thereafter, these circles turn into AoE Fire Storms that shoot out red Lightening Balls towards each other Storm location. This attack stays active for a while and will be active while other attacks occur.
  • Orb Waves – Nazan will summon a 4 or more red orbs around the arena. These orbs will target a random player or boss with a red ground marker and charge up their wave attack. Once charged a wave of fire energy is releases on the marker path. Players hit with this ability is knocked into the air and briefly stunned.
  • [Counterable] Spinning Charge – Nazan will flash blue and turn towards a target player. They will then twist their sword backwards to produce a spinning motion. Nazan will then spin forwards while leaving behind 4-5 orbs that will spawn a line attack in a 90° from the direction the boss.
  • Lightening Orbs – Nazan will raise their hand and release a Lightening Orb in the direction of their hand. Lots of smaller orbs will shoot out from the bigger one as it travels away from the boss.

Kyzra Main Mechanics

Kyzra has 20 health bars that players will need to knock off to complete the fight. They have 1 wipe mechanic that needs at least 3 players alive, a stagger mechanic and a high damage attack with a melee denial. Each of these Main Mechanics will come with a pop-up the first time encountered to warn the player of the up coming mechanics.

Balthorr’s Warning for Red and Gold Energy Attack
  • Red and Gold Energy – Kyzra will teleport to the middle of the arena and stab the sword directly into their body releasing Red and Gold Energy. The first time the attack occurs, Balthorr will warn the players that they need to absorb Golden Energy. Players will need to gather 3 Golden Energy to generate a large Golden AoE around them (Hitting a Red Energy will remove 1 Golden Energy stack). After all the energy is released, the Red Energy will convert into Large Red Orbs that Kyzra will try to absorb. The players will need to place these Orbs into their Golden AoE for 2 ticks of damage to prevent Kyzar from absorbing them. (Screen shot below)
    • Player Positioning – Have one player in each cardinal direction (North, East, South, West) so there is no competition for gathering Golden Energy and to make sure all the Orbs don’t absorbed. Positions should be assigned before the fight to prevent any conflict and a smooth run. Failure to do so may cause confusion and overlap that will cause a wipe for the group.
  • Teleport & Evil Energy Absorption – Kyzra will disappear and summon small lightening strikes around the arena. Shortly after the last one hits, they will appear to grapple a player and absorb their energy. Make sure to dodge the grapple, or Kyzra will convert the absorb energy into an AoE damage circle around them that prevents melee from attacking.
  • [Stagger] Cone Strike – Kyzra will charge up a 45° cone and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. After 4 cone attacks (which means they’ve gone a full circle), a larger AoE burst will occur dealing high damage to all players. Everyone will need to be at full health with shields to help reduce the damage. However, at the start of this attack, you gain the ability to Stagger Kyzra. Use Whirlwind Grenades and high stagger attacks to prevent the massive damage.
Player with 3 Golden Orbs that are being used to destroy the large Red Orbs

Kyzra Notable Attacks

  • Spinning Blade – Kyzra will summon 4 spinning blades on top of themselves that will move in a cone shape in front of them.
  • Triple Slash – Kyzra will swing thier blade in a frontal slash attack three times. Each time taking a step forward moving towards a target player.
  • Cleave – Kyzra will swing back their sword and bring it forward in a large cleave swing in front of them.
  • Distant Cleave & Fireballs – Kyzra will quickly swing their sword and generate a large cleave about 20 meters away from them. Shortly afterwards 5 Fireballs will spawn from the area hit and head towards the boss.
  • Fire Beam – Kyzra brings their sword in front of them to generate a beam. Small at first indicating the start of the attack and give players a chance to move. Then fills the attack with energy dealing damage to players in the way and knocking them upwards.
  • [Counterable] Ground Slam – Kyzra will quickly light up blue and then jump to lunge their sword into the ground. Dealing a large AoE earth-fire damage around them while knocking players upward. The counter window for this attack is really small and hard to hit.

Road of Lament Rewards

Some rewards are guaranteed (Artisan’s Faith) while others are a chance to obtain (Cards). There are also some limitations on some of the items if your item level at or above 1325.

  • Epic and Legendary Cards
  • Epic Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Ability Stones
  • 7x Artisan’s Faith (Crafting material for the Marvelous Earth set)
  • *Rare or Epic (Battle/Class) Engraving Recipe
  • *Gold
  • *Scar of the Abyss Chest (Purchase with 40 gold after the MVP screen)

*Items can only be obtained if you are below an item level of 1325.