The Lost Ark Collectibles Overview: Everything You HAVE To Collect

by | Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Greetings Heroes to this Lost Ark Collectibles guide that will teach you everything you need to know about collectibles. Here we will break down the 6 different collectibles that are in Lost Ark and explain why you should collect these collectibles.

What Are Lost Ark Collectibles

Lost Ark Collectibles are items for you to collect for rewards around Arkesia. These items will vary in form from unborn Mokoko childern (Mokoko Seeds) to the heart of giants. Additionally, you will only need to collect them once per Roster. So don’t need to worry about collecting them more than once with your alts.

There are currently 6 major categories of Collectibles (With links to our guides to them);

  • Islands Souls – A Collectible earned after finishing select islands
  • Giants’ Hearts – Hearts of Giant’s scattered around Arkesia
  • Omnium Stars – Tier 3 Star Collection
  • Masterpieces – A collection of scattered artwork
  • Mokoko Seeds – The lost seeds of Mokoko
  • Ignea Tokens – Completion tokens from Adventurer’s Tome
  • World Tree Leaves – Trade Skill collectibles
  • Sea Bounties – Secret Map, random adventurer related collectibles
Lost Ark Collectibles UI
The main collectibles UI that opens with hotkey [Alt + L]

Why Collect Collectibles

The big question of “Why should you collect these items?” – While these items alone will not help you in your journey, the rewards for collecting them will. Some of the reward players seek out are Stat Increase Potion, Vitality Increase Potion, Greater Skill Point Potion, and Special Equipment. So, if you are planning to min-max your character, then you will want to seek out Collectibles for these rewards.

Additionally, there are fun cosmetics, titles, and transformations you can obtain! So, for the casual or roleplaying style of players, these are a must.

It’s also something else to do in game. Sometimes we all reach that point where doing something else in-game helps break the constant grind for better gear. So, if you ever feel like you are starting to burn out on the killing grind, try switching it up to collecting collectibles!

Tracking Your Lost Ark Collectibles

With the amount of collectibles in Lost Ark, it will be very easy to lose track of what you do and don’t have. Thankfully, the game has a good tracking system in place to let you know exactly what you have, or in this case don’t have. To check it, simply open your Collectibles UI ([Alt + L] or select Collectibles in the menu) and select which collectible you want to know more about.

Interactions within the Collectibles selection
The red-outlines show everything that is interactable in the Collectibles UI – Click the “Collection Status” or “View Rewards Info” for more information about the selected Collectible.

In conclusion, that’s all for our Lost Ark Collectibles Guide. You now have all the tools you need to collect all the collectibles. So, make sure to get out there and collect all sorts of oddities. Also, feel free to join our Studio Loot Discord and talk with us!