Lost Ark’s western release is fast approaching as we all eagerly await the Fall launch for Europe and North America. While we wait, there are a ton of creators, communities, and fans making our lives just that much better by providing us with a place to take in and share our Lost Ark excitement. The developers, Smilegate RPG, are keen to work with creators and their creator program is now live!

If you’re a creator of any kind with a passion for Lost Ark, make sure to sign up. 

What is The Lost Ark Creator Program?

The creator program is a way for Smilegate to give back to the community and reward creators of any kind. By signing up (and being accepted) for the program, Smilegate will be aware of your interest to make Lost Ark a better place and will help you along the way.

At the moment, the Lost Ark creator program is live for: 

  • Streamers
  • YouTubers and video hosts
  • Wiki authors
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Fan site admins
  • Guild and community leaders
  • Gaming mentors

How to Sign Up For The Creator Program

Signing up for the creator program is very simple. All you need to do is head to the official Lost Ark page, click on creator program, and then click sign up at the bottom of the page.

This will lead you to some questions where you simply have to share some details about what you create and the size of your operation. For example, streamers need to share their schedule, viewer count, etc. 

Benefits of The Lost Ark Creator Program

The creator program is hugely beneficial for anyone who is accepted in. It gives you a direct line to Smilegate, who promise to ensure creators will have “the opportunities, access, and tools to do your best work.” 

This includes working directly with Smilegate to improve content, as well as the following benefits: 

  • Giveaway codes 
  • Exclusive partner swag 
  • Social media promotion 
  • Access to special events 
  • And much more!

It seems like a sweet deal and there’s no reason for anyone who is a creator to not sign up! Now, all we need is a beta date.