Lost Ark fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the game’s western launch in 2022. With the beta over, there’s not much to do but wait for more info. Luckily, a new December team update has revealed a very juicy update, starring the Lost Ark Sorceress.

Lost Ark Sorceress Confirmed For Launch

In their latest update, the Lost Ark team has confirmed that Sorceress will be available on launch for Lost Ark’s western launch!

The class embodies the ‘Mage’ fantasy, being a powerful and versatile spellcaster. As a master of the elements, the Sorceress let players feel like a true Mage, taking down enemies with a wide arsenal. The Sorceress does come at a cost, however, replacing the Summoner to keep us at 15 classes on launch.

Lost Ark Sorceress Leaks

We already had hints at the class, with a couple of ‘leaks’ in the past week. First, we saw a Twitter post from the official Lost Ark page, which listed Sorceress as a class in a fun ‘what is your Mokoko name’ image. 

After players pointed this out, the image was deleted. Some fans theorize that this could be a leak, while others claim it may just be a simple mistake, as the Summoner was missing. We now know that this was intentional, much like previous leaks from the team.

Another leak came in the form of the official Lost Ark website source code. A fan discovered the following line “”/sorceress”: s.default.MageSorceress,” which highlights the Sorceress as a Mage class. To add to that, the Sorceress logo was also discovered on the website on November 22.

Sorceress Release Date

The Sorceress is set to be available and ready to go alongside Lost Ark’s western launch, as confirmed in the latest update.

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently any concrete info (or a specific date), so we’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t worry though, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground to bring you any news as soon as it becomes available!