All of the perks in New World are categorized using perk labels. In our New World Amulet Perks and Perk Labels guide, we will cover all the perk labels for Amulets in New World.

When crafting an item in New World you can not roll multiple perks within the same perk label. For example, if you roll Refreshing in the Cool Down Reduction Perk Label you can not get any of the other CDR perks.

You could however roll an item that has something within the “CDR” perk label and within the “Buff Duration” perk label. For example, you could roll Refreshing and Empowered on the same Amulet. 

Below is a chart of all the Amulet perks and their associated perk labels within New World (You can use “CTL + F” to search for applicable perks and perk labels):

Perk LabelPerk Name
Buff DurationAlacrity
Buff DurationEmpowered
Buff DurationFortified
CDRRefreshing Evasion
CDRRefreshing Ward
Debuff DurationShirking Debilitate Cleanse
Debuff DurationShirking DoT Cleanse
DefenseArcane Protection
DefenseFlame Protection
DefenseFrozen Protection
DefenseLightning Protection
DefenseNature Protection
DefenseSlash Protection
DefenseStrike Protection
DefenseThrust Protection
DefenseVoid Protection
Gathering LuckAdored Harvesting Luck
Gathering LuckAdored Logging Luck
Gathering LuckAdored Mining Luck
Gathering LuckAdored Skinning Luck
Proc Fortified recovery
Proc Mana Recovery
Proc Purify
Proc Stamina Recovery
Proc (PVP ONLY)Shirking Empower

New World Amulet Perks and Perk Labels conclusion

That does it for our New World Amulet Perks Guide. For more on how to craft Amulets, check out our Jewel Crafting Guide.