What are the Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs

The ancient glyphs are items that are scattered all over Brimstone Sands. There are a total of 26 glyphs, and you can see all of them by pressing the default key of “J” and navigating to documents. From there, find Tales of Brimstone Sands and navigate to the chapter titled “The Ancient Glyphs. You can see which glyphs you have acquired, and how many you have left to find.

Acquiring these glyphs are necessary in order to loot the elite chests found in the area, and to open up certain portals in the zone. If you have not acquired the glyph that matches up with the marking on the chest or the portal then you will not be able to interact with them.

You will be able to see if you can interact with a chest if the glyph on the front of the chest is glowing blue. You only have to acquire the glyph one time and you will own it forever, and will be able to permanently access chests and portals that require the glyphs.

These chests act just like other elite chests in the game. They have a daily cooldown once looted.

There are portals scattered throughout the zone. When you interact with one you can teleport to another location within the zone. They act as fast travel points, but will send you to a specific destination versus you being able to pick your destination. You can see the portals marked by icons on your map that have a hollow circle in the middle.

Quest to Get Started

There is a side quest you can pick up in Brimstone Sands that will get you started on your journey to collecting the glyphs. The quest is titled “The Ancient Glyphs,” and can be picked up from the NPC William Heron. This quest will give you some back story on the glyphs and why you are collecting them.

It will take you a point of interest called Satet. Here you will collect your first glyph and open your first chest. There are several other quests throughout the zone that will lead you to some of the glyphs as well. You can obtain them anytime you find one. Below are the locations of all the glyphs in Brimstone Sands.

Locations of the Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs

Video of Locations

Map of Brimstone Sands Ancient Glyphs

Below is an interactive map that shows all the locations of the glyphs. You can hover over a glyph to see the name. There is also one rune located in the Ennead Expedition.

Glyph Chart by Name and Notes on How to Find Them

The numbers below correlate with the numbers listed in your journal in game. You can reference the map above, and hover over the glyphs to see the names.

PLEASE NOTE: Quite a few of the glyphs are locked behind the main story quest. It is highly recommended that you complete the MSQ first and then proceed to colleting the additional glyphs you are lacking.

NumberGlyph NameWisdomLocationAdditional Direction
1DINGTAAbovePalace of NekhbetGo to the edge with the eagles nest. Look down to see the ledges leading down. Use them as a stairway to get to the glyph.
2JIIBAShadowBeds of Ta-BitjetDo not go into the cave. You need to go up top and to the right side. You will see an ancient chest. Drop down the side of the mountain and find the secret opening in the mountain.
3KEYYA YIB’CrossroadsAtum’s WayRight in the middle of the area. There are many several mobs guarding the glyph.
4TEYIIJourneyGreat Shrine of ThothIf you’re standing at the spirit shrine simply go down the stairs to find the glyph.
5WETZUUGiftOasis SpontaneaGo the Aua Anuket point of interest and climb up on the structure. Use it as a bridge to go all the way to the Oasis Spontanea. At the end you can slowly fall off and find the glyph.
6CRUUJSunHeliopolisWork you way towards the back of the elite zone and up the stairs. There are a several elite mobs guarding the glyph.
7AMBAMountainDiospolisGo through the door. There are several mobs inside, kill them and go up the stairs. Go thought the next door straight ahead to find the glyph.
8PIMBIIDawnKephri ArenaYou will need to kill the boss and the glyph will spawn in the arena.
9D’UN-YICHOrdealPools of OrcusGlyph is located at the northeast side of the pools.
10HIMDEOceanTemple of IsisYou can find the glyph in the southern part of the area. There are several mobs guarding the glyph that you will need to kill.
11AABERDayLamp of OsirisOnce in the main room you will see a big mob in the center. You will need to go past the big mob and down the stairs to the right. Take another right at the end of the hallway to see the hole in the wall. The glyph is through the hole.
12ITKABelowPlace of PillarsJump up the pillars with the white markings to make you way to the glyph. Once you interact with the glyph a goat will spawn and can knock you off the platform.
13DZUUFirstHeru PlazaFollow the road into the entrance and then go north to find the glyph.
14J’IJSealedNecropolis of SutekhYou can access this glyph from the quest “A God Awakens.” You can also access it by climbing up the mountain the the area with the 3 travel points. From there run to the mountainside and follow the right side of the mountain down to the glyph.
15TSADZUIWallGreat Wall of Nebet-HetActivate the portal at the spirit shrine with the TEYII glyph. When there take the next portal to the wall. Climb up the wall to the top point to find the glyph.
16HIDHomeHermopolisTake the yellow teleporter to be transported underneath the area. There you will find the glyph.
17B’EYEGChaosEnneadLocated after the last boss in the expedition.
18RIIGAPersonaArit-en-GebLocated in the middle of the POI.
19EYBUEVirtueSatetLocated in the middle of the POI.
20CRUUJ’IIStrengthForge of PtahGo to the top of the main area. There are several mobs and a big mob guarding the glyph.
21D’UN-GADestructionCastrum PrincipiumSouthern part of the area. There are elite mobs guarding the glyph.
22TAB’NightOrdeal of the ScorpionYou will need to kill the boss and the glyph will spawn in the arena.
23B’ENGYINGShieldSerpent’s PassPOI in northern Brimstone. Glyph is in the southern part of the POI. Open your map, find the platform with the 3 segments. Glyph is there. There are some mobs guarding it.
24TSANGMIIJFoodCastrum VictualisDo not go into the POI for the glyph. It’s located in the ruins outside. Right in between the northern entrances.
25JICHWaterHeka’s CauldronIn the middle of the area.
26DUBUURiverSopdu Hot SpringsIn the middle of the area.

Location of the Chests

Below are the locations of every chest that requires a glyph to open. You can open these chests once per day. These chest act just like a normal elite chest once you have acquired the appropriate glyph to open them.