New World has revealed the contents of the Fall update! In our Brimstone Sands First Look, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the New Zone, the Great Sword, and everything else coming in New Worlds Next Update.

Brimstone Sands

The Brimstone Sands Zone lies on the Northwest side of the current map. It will be home to many new mob types, features, and items! Here’s a quick list of features that will be coming with the Brimstone Sands Zone:

  • New Settlement to Capture and Control
    • Brimstone Sands can be captured by Player owned Companies
  • New Gathering Nodes
    • More Gathering Materials are coming to New World including Cactus, Sandstone, Brimstone, and more!
  • New Mob Types
    • There are tons of new mob types coming with the Brimstone Sands update including Scorpion, Lions, New Lost, Corrupted, and Ancient Mobs, Hellmouths, and more!
  • New Status Effect – Acid Burn
    • There are Acid pools located within the Brimstone Sands. If you stand in Acid too long, you’ll be affected by the “Acid Burn” effect that deals MASSIVE amounts of damage over time.
  • More Aeternum to Explore
    • Brimstone Sands is 3 times as large as most of the current zones with 9 Fast Travel Points in Brimstone Sands and tons of New POIs to discover.

Great Sword

The Great Sword is a 2 handed weapon that scales equally from both DEX and STR. The Great Sword has 2 Mastery Trees: Onslaught and Defiance. Each Tree is tied to a passive ability called a Stance. Stances activate once you use an ability from that Mastery Tree. Stances last for 10 seconds. Below are the two stances of the Great Axe

Path of Onslaught (Onslaught Stance)

  • Increases Damage Output by 20%
  • Increases Damage Taken by 20%
  • Quick Charge – Heavy attacks charge twice as fast but consume 10 stamina with each Heavy Attack

Path of Defiance (Defiance Stance)

  • Decrease Damage Taken by 20%
  • Decrease Damage Output by 20%
  • Guard Point – Block incoming damage while charging Heavy Attacks.

Heartgem Runes

Heartgem Runes are a new, equitable, item that grants your character a powerful New ability called a Rune Ability. Below are the 5 Rune Abilities that we know so far!

  • Cannon Blast – Summon a Cannon and Fire a powerful long-range shot that deals 100% of Rune Damage
  • Detonate – Charge yourself with explosive energy for 3 seconds and then detonate, dealing 100% Rune Damage within a 5m Radius
  • Heretics Fall – Fly up into the Air then Plummet back down to the ground, staggering and dealing 100% rune damage within a 3 m radius. Press the button again while in the air to slam to the ground
  • Stone Form – Harden yourself with layers of stone, cleansing all crowd control debuffs and granting immunity to both stagger and crowd control for 5 seconds
  • Grasping Vines – Summon vines around you that deal 100% rune damage and root enemies within a 4m radius for 3 seconds.

Heartgem Runes also have a unique pool of perks that can change the way the rune performs! These perks will change the Heartgem ability in different ways. For more on Heartgem Runes, check out our Heartgem Rune Guide!

The Ennead Expedition

“Investigate The Ennead and discover what secrets the Ancients hid in this timeless place”

The Ennead Expedition is the 5 man Expedition coming with the Brimstone Sands update. The Expedition is located in the Giant Pyramid Structure in the “Valley of the Gods.”

Visual Updates to Everfall and Monarchs Bluff

The New World Team has revealed that they have done a complete overhaul of Everfall and Monarchs Bluff. Monarchs Bluff now has the appearance of an old Castle or Medieval Settlement. Everfall will have a more unique Colonial appearance. We’ll have more on the changes to these Settlements soon!

New Gem Types

There is a New Type of Gem that can be obtained from upgrading current gems. These New Gems are called Runeglass Gems and will be obtained through the stonecutting profession. At this time there seems to be two types of Runeglass Gems: Punishing and Sighted.

Punishing Runeglass Gems appear to give the same benefits as a Tier V Gem but with an additional benefit. Punishing Gems increase the amount of Melee Damage you deal by an additional 50%. Sighted Runeglass Gems increase the amount of Ranged Damage you deal by 50%. There is still more to know about Runeglass gems and how they work but it’s clear that they will shake up the way we use gems in New World.

Legendary Gathering Tools

In the Brimstone Sands update, you will now be able to obtain Legendary Tools! It is not yet known how these will be obtained.

Revamped New Player Experience

New World has teased a completely revamped version of the New Player Experience including new cutscenes, quests, and more!