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New World Status Effects

New World has many status effects that can change the outcomes of battles in both PVE and PVP. The charts below are quick-reference guides to all Buffs, Debuffs, and Damage Over Time Effects in New World. 


EffectsIconDescriptionEffect Cap
Cleanse Removes and provides immunity to all debuffsN/A
EmpowerIncrease attack damage50%
FortifyIncreases damage absorption200%
HasteIncreases run and/or sprint speed50% *
HealRestores health over timeN/A
* Haste Cap does not apply to the Haste Elixir from the Siege Armory in Wars


SlowReduces run and/or Sprint Speed50%
RendReduce damage absorption70%
WeakenReduces attack damage of enemy50%
DiseaseReduces healing50%
ExhaustReduces stamina regenerationN/A
SilenceDisables abilities but allows basic attacksN/A
RootDisables movement but allows basic attacks and abilitiesN/A
StunDisables all actionsN/A
**In the Season 1 update, the Rend Cap on players was increased and rend now directly scales to the player’s Armor Rating.

Debuffs are extremely important in both New World PVP and PVE. Keeping max Rend stacks on your target is extremely important in expedition boss fights, increasing your group’s damage significantly.

Along with rend, disease can help weaken your target in PvP, making killing them more likely through healing and heavy mitigation.

Damage Over Time Effects

BurnFire damage over time
BleedPhysical damage over time
PoisonElemental damage over time
Shock Stamina damage over time
DisintegrateWeapon damage over time and reduces damage absorption

Damage over time is an easy way to increase the overall damage you can deal to a target. Keenly Jagged is one of the best weapon perks you can obtain due to the amount of overall DPS it adds. It’s important to note that the reduction of damage absorption from Disintegrate counts towards max rend stacks.

New World Status Effects Conclusion

That concludes our New World Status Effects guide. Make sure you optimize how you use and apply buffs, de-buffs, and DOTS in all of your New World Builds.

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