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New World Jewelcrafting Guide


The Jewelcrafting Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft rings, amulets, earrings, and gemstone dust. We will cover all this and more in our New World Jewelcrafting Guide.

Jewelcrafting in New World

To get started with Jewelcrafting you will need to gather resources to craft, mostly gems and precious metal. Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Outfitting Station (Spool of Thread icon on map) to craft. Walk up to the crafting station and press your default to interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

When you are at the crafting station and have the resources, you will want to open the crafting menu and select what you want to craft. Once you’ve selected the item to craft, you can click the blue CRAFT button to craft the item. If you wish to craft more than one you can move the slider above it and select how many you wish to bulk craft. If you are unable to craft the item you want, you will see red text indicating that you do not have enough of the required materials to craft the item and it will say CAN’T CRAFT on the bottom right. 

When crafting any jewelry at the Outfitting Station you are awarded with Jewelcrafting experience. The amount of experience for crafting an item can be found under the crafting button on the crafting screen. The jewelcrafting level cap is 200. Once your level 200, you can start earning aptitude levels. For more information about that please check out the aptitude guide.

When crafting an item Tier 2 or higher, the first item in the craft must match the same tier as the item you are crafting. For example, a Brilliant Ruby Amulet (seen below) is a Tier 4 item so it requires a Tier 4 Gem, Cut Brilliant Ruby, to craft it as the primary material. The secondary materials are not restricted to the tier requirement making it so you may use lesser or greater tiered materials in the craft. (See our Crafting & Yield Chances guide to see how it affects Gear Score)

Leveling Jewelcrafting

Information in this section is a recommended way to level your Jewelcrafting. It’s expected that you will diverge from it depending on material availability, refining proc chances, and market price values. Chances are you will diverge based on the information provided in the Fused Gems section below. 

Proc chances are not taken into consideration for the refining process as it is not the only method of obtaining the materials to craft and the proc chance depends on level & resources used. Some players may want to spend gold to buy all/some of the materials from the trade stations.

First Craft Bonus

Once a day you get a “First Craft” double XP bonus for each unique item you craft. Be sure to utilize this when possible as you level Jewelcrafting! For Instance, make sure to craft a necklace with multiple types of gems as you start the day leveling, THEN, switch to the cheapest gem possible. You will still need to be aware of the cost of the gem and make sure the gems aren’t double the price of the cheapest gem possible.

Don’t Fuse Gems

When fusing Gems it will increase the tier for the gem fused. By doing so you lose out on the Jewelcrafting experience. It’s only worth fusing gems if you are trying to get Tier 5 Gems for rolling 600 GS jewelry. For example, T2 Gems when crafted are worth 48 experience each and T3 gems are worth 168 each. To fuse into a T3 gem you will need 4 gems which is worth 192 experiences over the 168, thus losing out on 24 experiences for fusing. On top of this, you have to use additional elemental materials (Motes, essences, etc). 

Only Silver

Since the secondary materials can be all silver, it will be your ticket to leveling jewelry. Gold and Platinum both require flux and excess mining that doesn’t give much extra experience when crafting them as Trinket Components. Once you are 200 you will be using Asmodeum for 600 GS rolls. Northern Everfall has a great spot for Silver. There are also some Ironwood/Starmetal nodes nearby if you are waiting on respawns. 

Salvaging Jewelry

Salvaging for Jewelry is a bit different than other items. You have a small chance of getting the same-tier gem back and a high chance of getting a lower-tier gem back. It is only 1 tier lower than before if it is not the same tier salvaged. For example, salvaging an item that used a Tier 5 gem you will likely get the Tier 4 version of that gem back. 

Using Scraps to Level

You can utilize scraps from a perfect salvage to quickly level any applicable trade skill. This is a great way to obtain a boost to your trade skill experience. To learn all about perfect salvages and how to use scraps you can check out our Perfect Salvage Guide.

Levels 1-50

You will need a total of 11,995 experience to reach level 50.  

The recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 30 Amulets for 10,680 experience, 30 silver settings for 720 experiences, and 30 silver chains for 900 experiences for a combined total of 12,300 experience. Crafting an amulet takes 1x T2 Cut Gem, 1x Trinket Chain, 1x Trinket Gem Setting, and 1x Silver Ingot to craft.

Total required materials:

  • 30x Tier 2 Cut Gems
  • 30x Silver Chain
  • 30x Silver Gem Setting
  • 30x Silver Ingot

Levels 51-100

You will need 111,760 experience from level 50 to reach level 100.

The recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 87 Amulets/Rings for 108,228 experience, 87 silver settings for 2,088 experience, and 87 silver chains/bands for 2,610 experience for a combined total of 112,926 experience. Crafting an amulet takes 1x T3 Cut Gem, 1x Trinket Chain/Band, 1x Trinket Gem Setting, and 1x Silver Ingot to craft.

Total required materials:

  • 87x Tier 3 Cut Gems
  • 87x Silver Chain/Band
  • 87x Silver Gem Setting
  • 87x Silver Ingot

Levels 100-150

You will need 634,210 experience from level 100 to reach level 150.

The recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 250 Amulets/Rings/Earrings for 622,000 experience, 250 silver settings for 6,000 experience, and 250 silver chains/bands/hooks for 7,500 experience for a combined total of 635,500 experience. Crafting an amulet takes 1x T4 Cut Gem, 1x Trinket Chain/Band/Hook, 1x Trinket Gem Setting, and 1x Silver Ingot to craft.

Total required materials:

  • 250x Tier 4 Cut Gems
  • 250x Silver Chain/Band/Hook
  • 250x Silver Gem Setting
  • 250x Silver Ingot

Levels 150-200

You will need 2,595,220 experience from level 150 to reach level 200. 

The recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 414 Amulets/Rings/Earrings for 2,575,080 experience, 414 silver settings for 9,936 experience, and 414 silver chains/bands/hooks for 12,420 experience for a combined total of 2,597,436 experience. Crafting an amulet takes 1x T5 Cut Gem, 1x Trinket Chain/Band/Hook, 1x Trinket Gem Setting, and 1x Silver Ingot to craft.

Total required materials:

  • 414x Tier 5 Cut Gems
  • 414x Silver Chain/Band/Hook
  • 414x Silver Gem Setting
  • 414x Silver Ingot

Jewelcrafting Gear

To Craft Max-level Weapons in New World, you must first obtain the Jewelcrafting gear. Jewelcrafting Gear can be looted from the appropriate boss OR be purchased from the auction house. Below is a list of each piece of crafting gear and where you can find it in the open world:

NOTE – You can also craft them from a pattern located in Tier III Aptitude box from Jewelcrafting.

Jewelcrafting ArmorHow to Obtain it
Artisan Jewelcrafting HoodPutris
Artisan Jewelcrafting TunicIvan the Inevitable
Artisan Jewelcrafting GlovesPalace Maiden Xiao
Artisan Jewelcrafting PantsAdjorjan
Artisan Jewelcrafting ShoesTerror of the Mountain

You will also need an Earring with the weaponsmithing mastery perk on it to complete the set. These are cheap to craft or buy from the Auction House.

How to Craft 600 Gear Score Items with Jewelcrafting

When crafting, you will need to use cooldown materials such as asmodeum, runic leather, and pheonixweave. You will also need to obtain 3 major Armorsmithing trophies and have them active in your house, obtain all the Jewelcrafting gear above, and consume the appropriate crafting trade skill food.

Finally, you’ll need to own a home in a settlement that has the appropriate crafting town buff active. Below is a summary of everything you will need to craft a 600 Gear Score item:

  • Jewelcrafting level 200
  • 5 pieces of Jewelcrafting Gear
  • Earring with Jewelcrafting Mastery Perk (cheap on Trading Post or craft your own)
  • 3 Major Armoring Crafting Trophy +5 Min Gear Score for Armoring/Jewelcrafting (Artifact)
  • Glazed Melon Bread +15 Min/Max Gear Score for Jewelcrafting (Recipe)
  • House in a Settlement with the Armorer’s Inspiration +5 Min Gear Score for Jewelcrafting/Armoring

Artisan Items

The Artisan line has a few select crafts for Engineers, Weaponsmiths, Armorers, Jewelcrafters, Arcanists and Chefs that allow them to craft an array of Bind on Pickup items to allow them to be more self sufficient and to have even more reasons to celebrate hitting 200 in a Trade Skill. Below are the items that can be crafted using the jewelcrafting profession:

  • Rings – Gear Score 600 and Bind on Pickup
    • Artisans Ring of Desolation
    • Artisans Ring of Mending
    • Artisans Ring of Defiance
    • These rings feature perks based around DPS, Healing and Tanking with a main attribute perk of Constitution to promote build flexibility.

New World Jewel Crafting Guide Conclusion

That concludes our New World Jewel Crafting Guide. For more on the Gems and Jewelry, you can find in New World, Check out our Database.

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