Mining is a gathering Trade Skill in New World that allows players to gather raw gems, ores, and precious metals from mining nodes that will be used in crafting trade skills; AmoringEngineeringArcanaCooking, and Furnishing. It will also be used in the smelting and stonecutting refining trade skills. Learn about all this and more in our New World Mining Guide.

Mining in New World

When first starting you will need a flint mining pickaxe to start mining nodes. This requires engineering level 0 along with 1 flint and 1 green wood to craft it. You can pick up both the flint and green wood without the need of a gathering tool by walking up to the respective bush/flint and pressing your interact key (Default “E). Once obtained, a tier 1 campfire or workshop is required to craft the flint mining pickaxe. Once crafted you will need to equip it and you can start gathering.

Higher character levels are able to use better tiers of Mining Pickaxes:

ItemLevel RangeTierGathering Speed
Iron Mining Pickaxe5II200% – 350%
Steel Mining Pickaxe20III350% – 450%
Starmetal Mining Pickaxe40IV450% – 625%
Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe45V625% – 850%
Mythril Mining Pick55V900% – 1100%

It is advised to use the highest tier possible followed by the best gear score possible to best increase your gathering speed. 

Mining Thresholds

As you level your mining you will gain the ability to harvest and track additional resources. The below chart outlines each mining level threshold.

ResourceGatherable at LevelTracked at Level
Alchemy Stones5075

You can also earn a Hidden Stash while harvesting any node. Opening a Stash will award you with Earth, Air, Water, and Life motes, gold, and other goodies like a Diamond Gypsum. 

Where to find Mining Nodes

There are no zone-specific restrictions like Harvesting, so you can find everything without having to worry about being in the wrong zone. The best farming path is one that you create using the interactive map as every server is going to differ for how busy/camped these nodes will be. 

Rare Gathering Items

Rare items can be found when gathering. These items, when taken to a corresponding refining station, can be researched to give the player a substantial amount of gathering tradeskill XP. These items are currently available in 3 rarities for Mining, Harvesting, Skinning and Logging. The mining variants consist of:

  • Common – Strange Ore
    • Found when mining Iron and Silver Veins
  • Uncommon – Abnormal Ore
    • Found when mining Starmetal and Gold Veins
  • Rare – Unusual Ore
    • Found when mining Orichalcum and Platinum Veins
  • Epic – Bizzare Ore
    • Found when mining Mythril Veins
  • These Ores can be researched at a Smeltery for a boost in Mining Trade Skill XP

How to Level Mining

The information contained in this section will assist you in leveling your Mining Trade Skill.

Level 1 – 250

The General rule while leveling mining is to gather everything that you can as you move through the world of Aeternum. The best tool to do so is our Interactive New World Map. Here you can filter by ore Type and plot your course as you move from node to node.

As you level up your Mining Skill, make sure to move to areas with higher-quality nodes. Nodes Like Startmetal and Orichalcum give significantly more XP than Iron or Silver. Once you hit Mining Level 205, you’ll be able to mine every mining Node in New World! Make sure to check above (or use your trade skill tab in-gam) to see what level each Node Threshold is.

Additional Tips

There is an experience perk that you will want to seek out on your pickaxe called Prospector’s Discipline. This perk increases your Mining experience based on the gear score value of the Mining Pickaxe. The perk is limited to only Mining Pickaxe. This perk is a must if you are trying to power-level Mining. At level 200 it’s great to have for pushing Aptitude Levels

Strength 300 points is ideal while leveling. See the Enhancing your Mining section for more information about the buffs this gives. 

Enhancing your Mining

Buffs and perks are the 2 main ways to enhance your harvesting. Below is a chart for the pickaxe perks and their associated perk labels. You can not have 2 perks with the same perk label on your item.

ToolPerk LabelPerk Name
All ToolsAzoth GainAzoth Extraction
All ToolsDurability Durable
All ToolsGatheringProcGathering Recovery
All ToolsGatheringProcGathering Alacrity
All Tools5th Perk, MotesFire Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesEarth Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesAir Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesWater Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesSpirit Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesLife Alignment
All Tools5th Perk, MotesDeath Alignment
Mining PickBonusProspector’s Discipline
Mining PickBonusMining Efficiency
Mining PickLuckMining Luck
Mining PickYieldMining Yield

Buffs can stack if they come from different sources. For example, you can stack yield increase buff from a Proficiency potion and territory control. If you attempt to stack buffs from the same source it will just refresh your buff timer. 

There is a Miner armor set that is ideal for players to use while Mining as it should always come with Strength and Reinforced Mining Luck. You can obtain this set from various mobs around Aeternum.  

There is also a gear score 700 version of the set. This set is very unique because it comes equipped with strength, mining luck, and mining yield. You can not craft an item with mining yield. The only way to obtain this combination is through the miner set. This set can only be obtained through tier III aptitude crates.

Other Mining Perks & Buffs

Armor PerkReinforced Mining Luck
Amulet PerkAdored Mining Luck
Bag PerkProspector’s Burden
Bag PerkExtra Pockets
PotionProficiency Booster
FoodMining Luck Food
TrophyMining Trophy

      Strength Bonus

      • 25 Point +10% Mining Speed
      • 50 Points + 25 encumbrances
      • 100 Points +50 encumbrance
      • 150 Points -10% weight reduction for Mining items
      • 200 Points +20% mining Speed
      • 250 Points +10% yield when Mining
      • 300 Points +25% chance to mine an Ore with a single swing
      • 350 Points +10% chance at finding rare items while mining

      Territory Buffs:

      • Cutlass Key Fort +10% to global gathering luck
      • Monarch’s Bluff Fort +5% Increase to all experience gains
      • Territory Control +10% Yield while gathering
      • Prospector’s Spirit +20% Yield while Mining for 3 days. (Settlement Quality of Life Buff)
      • Territory Bonus [5-37]% Gathering Speed – Varies based on how many points. Bonus decays at 86.5% per point


      • While Flagged +30% Gathering Luck

      Music Buffs:

      You can check our Music guide for a full breakdown of the music trade skill.

      • Decidedly Dexterous: Gathering speed increases by 75% for 30-90min.
      • Fortune’s Favor: Gathering yield increases by 3%-10% for 30-90min.
      • Luck’s Labor: Gathering luck increases by 2% – 5% for 30-90min.

      Mining Luck

      Luck is important for Mining is because it will increase the odds of you obtaining a rare Mining item and an increase to items gathered. There are some thresholds that must be reached in order to obtain the rare items. These thresholds can be obtained by just level Mining, but can be reached sooner with the help of the resources talked about not too long ago. 


      • +1,000 Points / 10.0% Ability to gather Tier 2 & 3 rare mineral materials.
      • +1,450 Points / 14.50% Ability to gather Tier 4 rare mineral materials.
      • +1,800 Points / 18.00% Ability to gather Tier 5 rare mineral materials.

      It is important to note that even though these are the thresholds to start seeing these items, it doesn’t mean your chances of seeing them are very high. 

      New World Mining Guide Conclusion

      That completes our New World Mining Guide. For all of the ore locations in New World, Check out our Interactive New World Map.