Once you hit max level in a Trade skill, there are several steps you need to take to be able to craft max level items! We will cover everything you need to know, including how to craft the best items and gear, in our Crafting for Gear Score and Yield Chance Guide.

How Does Crafting Work

Crafting is set up in 5 tiers that are split every 50 levels each making it easy to keep track. Each tier also has a starting gear score assigned to it. 

  • Tier 1 [GS 100] Recipe level 0
  • Tier 2 [GS 200] Recipe levels 1-49
  • Tier 3 [GS 300] Recipe levels 50-99
  • Tier 4 [GS 400] Recipe levels 100-149
  • Tier 5 [GS 500] Recipe levels 150-200

These tiers are the item tiers and the required station tier needed to craft it. So if you want to craft a Tier 5 item you will need to craft it at the appropriate Tier 5 station. 

There are 3 major types of crafts; the first kind is recipes that have a defined list of items you must use to craft, the second is artifact crafting which requires you to have a specific item in your bags to see the craft, the final kinds of recipes are ones that have a set list of items you can use to craft. The items that require specific items are ones that have set values to them. Things like-named weapons, potions, and ammo. Items that are more dynamic and have a variety of options will generally have multiple different crafting options to them: 

New World Refining Material

The gear score impact of the secondary item will depend on what tier you are crafting. When crafting an item of tier 5 rank and you use all tier 5 materials then the gear score should be at the default 500, however, if you use lower-tiered materials for the secondary items the base gear score value will drop. The same applies to the other direction; if you are crafting a tier 2 item and use a tier 5 material the gear score will increase.

The breakdown:

  • Every tier decrease with secondary material, the minimum gear score will decrease by 5
  • Every tier increase with secondary material, the minimum gear score will increase by 5
  • Using rare raw materials will increase the min/max gear score by 5
  • Using rare refined materials will increase the min/max gear score by 15
  • Above rules can stack; meaning a rare material 1 tier lower will provide 0 min / 5 max gear score and 1 tier higher would give 10 min / 5 max gear score

General item rules:

  • Uncommon (Green) items reduce level requirements by 2
  • Rare (Blue) items reduce the level requirements by 3
  • Epic (Purple) items reduce the level requirements by 4
  • Legendary (Orange) items reduce the level requirements by 5

In addition, your min/max gear score value for each tier gradually increases as you level up the respective trade skill. The reason all of this matters is so you can craft either some really high gear score items or some low-level gear to be used. For example, the Starmetal Tools are targeted to be level 40 items for their tier, however, you have the ability to lower the required level to 32 by lowering the gear score and making it rare; however, you can only do this between the Engineering levels of 100-140. 

Azoth Pumping

Azoth is the blue resource that you can use in crafting or fast traveling. When you use this in crafting it basically guarantees the item will roll the possible Attributes/Perks/Gem Slots onto the item when possible. Adding Azoth wont allow you to go above what is needed to max it all out so you don’t have to worry about overspending. 

Adding Azoth to your Craft increases the Quality of the item.

When using a crafting mod alongside Azoth, the maximum required azoth will decrease as you guarantee a perk slot using the mod. This is helpful in fine-tuning any crafts and saves you azoth over the course of trying to craft a certain item with a set of perks.

This option is only available on items that have dynamics/variances to the possible outcomes in the craft. Static items do not have this option as you are always guaranteed to get the same thing out of those crafts. 

How to Craft Gear Score 600 Items in New World

In order to craft gear score 600 items, you will need to first reach level 200 in the applicable crafting skill. When crafting, you will need to use cooldown materials such as asmodeum, runic leather, and pheonixweave.

You must be at a tier V crating station to craft gear score 600 items. You will also need to obtain 3 major trophies of the applicable crafting trade skill and have them active in your houses, obtain all five pieces of the applicable crafting gear and earring, consume the crafting trade skill food, and own a home in a settlement that has the appropriate crafting town buff active.

With all of the above requirements met you will be able to craft gear score 595-600 items. Without the town buff you will still be able to craft 590-600 gear score items. Therefore, your chances of rolling a 600 would be reduced without the town buff.

You can also utilize Timeless shards or a Golden Scarab to craft an item. Below are the benefits of each item while trying to craft a piece of gear.

  • Timeless Shard – Allows you to choose a single attribute + 1 perk
  • Golden Scarab – Allows you to choose a single attribute and choose 2 perks (requires 3 timeless shards as well.

Increasing Your Yield Chance In New World

Yield chances are the probability of an item duplicating while crafting/refining. Yield chance is mostly affected by the refining trade skill, but you can see the effects in crafting stations as well.

Your Trade Skill level in the respective skill affects your yield chances. [Trade Skill Level / 10 = % Yield Chance] Meaning if you are Smelting level 200 your yield default chance is 20%. You will see this when refining a tier 2 item while at a crafting station. When above tier 2 there is a decrease in the yield chance per tier.

Tier Decreases:

  • Tier 2: 0% Reduced Yield Chances
  • Tier 3: 2% Reduced Yield Chances
  • Tier 4: 5% Reduced Yield Chances
  • Tier 5: 7% Reduced Yield Chances

Gems do not make use of the tiered system and the yield chance is only connected to your stonecutting level. This includes the decreases from the higher tier meaning you will have a 20% chance to craft an extra tier 5 gem when cutting. 

Crafting a gem using New World Stone Cutting

The user interface likes to round up your chances. When looking at the above screenshot you can see the stonecutting level is 86 and the chance to craft an additional item is 9%. Using the previously mentioned formula the chance to gain an increased yield is actually 8.6% chance in this example. 

There are some special items in the game such as your daily cooldown mats (phoenixweave, runic leather, etc) that have a 100% reduced chance to yield more. The only way to increase these chances is by obtaining refining gear.

Refining Gear

When Crafting for Gear Score and Yield Chance, it’s important to maximize your efforts! Throughout the world there exists some gear that increases the chances of Yield. These are limited to just 1 trade skill but can increase your odds by 10% by having the complete outfit.

Each item will increase the Yield Chance by 2% while equipped, except for the Cooking Outfit which is 4% each. You can check our Trade Skill clothing guide for more information. You can also check our interactive map for specific spawn locations of specific enemies.

Crafting for Gear Score and Yield Chance Guide Conclusion

That completes our Crafting for Gear Score and Yield Chance Guide. For Guides on all the specific crafting Trade skills in New World, check out our other crafting guides.