The developers recently released the December developer update for New World. Below are all the notable things that were discussed in the video. The most notable item is the 2023 roadmap!

Winter Convergence

The winter convergence event will be upon us soon. This year will be similar to the previous, however there will be a new winter warrior boss!

The winter warrior is another large format enemy similar to the Halloween event. It will take 15-20 people to kill, and will spawn in the world in multiple locations. It will have some adds that spawn and unique mechanics including hellstones and shockwaves to make them explode. 

Starstone / Amrime Mashup Expedition

The Starstone Amrine mashup expedition will be coming with the December update. You will need to enter the expedition through the Starstone entrance. This will be a mutated expedition. It will be in the rotation of mutations when it goes live.

Territory Changes

There are some big territory and war changes coming to New World.

A 72 hour cooldown is being added to players when leaving a company. For 72 hours after you leave a company you won’t be able to participate in any territory control activities with another company. Territory influence race, wars, etc. 

War roster limitations are coming. You will only be able to slot a certain amount of mercenaries. The remainder must be from your company.

  • Defense: 10 mercenary limit
  • Attacking: 25 mercenary limit

The amount of times you can war is also being capped. The cap is 1 attacking and 1 defending war per day per account, per world.

High level goal is to allow more people to participate in war and not limited to small groups of people. 


  • Ungating recipes behind tiers
  • Tier 5 stations still something to strive, tier 5 potions for example can be crafted but special recipes cannot
  • A lot of the named items are still going to be locked
  • Azoth discounts as the stations upgrade 

Town Projects

  • XP for town projects were slashed and there was some unintended consequences. 
  • The impact was good but was side effect. 
  • A lot of territories were not upgrading due to not doing town projects
  • DRASTICALLY reducing the amount of contribution required to complete those town projects by roughly 70 – 80%


    • Empyrean Forge Expedition is the first part of a 2 part story. First part is Varangian based.
    • First time to fight humanoids as an enemy type. Could be coming with some new itemization – humanoid bane?
    • Didnt’ go in depth here just said it was coming
  • Springtime bloom seasonal event
    • Makeover of towns
    • Harvest springstide flowers and you have to repel the bugs to capture the flowers.
    • Turn them in for tokens and buy rewards much like other seasonal events. No mention of what the rewards will be
  • Improving main story quest
    • No specific details but it’s coming
    • 4 different groups of players to create 20 person groups
    • Will be a way to do larger scale content
    • Sandworm in brimstone sands
    • Hardest to date pve content
    • Fully coordinated group of 20 people to beat the worm
    • Can play against other people in your REGION
    • Gate to other cross world activities. Other game modes will be brought into cross world over time.


  • This is not the COMPHENSIVE list of new features
  • New heartgem runes
  • New quality of life changes constantly
  • New cinematics

You can watch the full video here.