New World Factions Seals are items that you can buy from your faction vendor to change the stats on your faction Armor. In this guide, we’ll cover where to find Faction Seals and how to use them to change the attributes on your armor.

Faction Armor

One of the ways to get new gear in New World is to get it from your faction vendor. In any town look for your faction representative and talk to them.

When buying rewards you can select one of the armor types; Light, Medium, or Heavy to pick from. Each armor type is set up with a default attribute of constitution.

You can buy Seals from the faction merchant to change the stats of the armor sets to something suitable for your build. Each seal has its own stats to go with it that correspond to the other named sets in the game. Each seal also follows the naming convention of “[Faction] [Type] Seal”.

  • Soldier – Strength
  • Ranger – Dexterity
  • Scholar – Focus
  • Sage – Intelligence
New World Faction Seals

How to Use Faction Seals

Once you have selected the type of armor that is best for your build you would then grab the seal to match what you want. If you would rather have a stat other than constitution on your armor the seal can change it.

All you need to do is take that piece of gear to the appropriate crafting station with the appropriate seal. (Heavy at Forge, Medium & Light at Outfitting Station) It does cost you azoth to convert the gear into the new version. You only need to be level 0 in Armoring to craft these changes onto the gear.

WARNING: You can only convert your gear with a seal once. Applying the craft will finalize the gear and prevent you from changing it again. Additionally, you will lose any gems you have in the item when you craft the new version of it, so make sure to add gems after you have the version you want. 

Once at the appropriate station with your seal, you will see the option to craft appear just like an artifact craft. For this example, I bought heavy gloves that come with constitution by default. If I wanted to change these gloves to strength I would use the soldier seal. Only the attributes will change, everything else will stay the same ( Armor, Weight, etc).

New World Faction Seals Conclusion

That’s all there is to it! If you ever have any questions or comments, join our Discord and feel free to ask us.  For more on the factions of New World, check out our Faction Guide.