In New World, there are two types of luck. Global Luck and Gathering luck. Luck affects different loot tables in different ways. Gathering luck has direct effects when getting low-drop-chance gathering resources, for example, increasing your gathering luck will increase your chances of finding cinnabar when mining orichalcum nodes or finding petrified wood when logging. In this guide, we’ll break down how luck works in New World.

How Global Luck Works in New World

Global luck has direct effects on your ability to find low-drop-chance and named items (items that have unique names, with fixed attributes and perks. Not every Named item, has a fixed gear score) from defeating enemies and opening chests.

It does not, however, affect crafting and there are other buffs that do impact a crafter’s ability to increase yield and quality. These are trade skill-specific.  

elite chest

When a player finds an item in a chest or gets a drop from a monster, global luck improves the chance that the item or items received will be named (applies to weapons and armor) or rare (applies to items such as schematics or storage chests). This methodology applies to all monster kills, opening chests, stockpiles, elite chests, and other containers. It also increases the chance for low-drop-chance items to be earned like furniture schematics, Named weapons and armor, and high end storage chests.

There is statistically no guarantee that you will obtain a specific item drop based on a specific number of attempts, and each chance to earn something is independent of all others. However, increasing your luck will make earning those items more likely.

Luck does not affect the rate at which items are dropped, but the quality of the item when a drop is triggered.

Therefore, players who kill 1,000 enemies with max luck bonuses have the same chance to get a number of item drops as players without luck bonuses. However, the quality of the item drops for the player with max luck should be overall of better quality.

Luck does not affect items within loot buckets, but it helps the chances of rolling a specific bucket. If a creature only has one named item they are eligible to drop then luck would help get that specific item. If the creature has 10 named items, it would help you get any of the 10 items at equal odds.

It’s also important to note that luck does not increase an item’s reliability to roll a non-named legendary item.  

Luck also is NOT a factor in determining the rarity of a non-named item. 

As an example, If you had a sword equipped that provided you a 2% bonus Luck, a ring that added 3% bonus Luck, and a bag with 3% bonus Luck, then your additional Luck would be 8%. This would raise both the floor (shortening the roll possibilities for that roll) and increase your luck ceiling by adding additional luck to your rolls, which would provide a better chance for you to earn named items from enemies when an item is dropped. This only improves your odds and is not a guarantee that a rare item will drop.

Global luck in New World will increase your chances at the following low-drop-chance items

  • Named Weapons
  • Rare resources (crafting materials and perk items etc)
  • Recipes
  • Schematics
  • Trade Skill Armors
  • Trophy Materials
  • Unique Armor from Expedition Bosses

There is an exception to this rule, however. Global luck does not apply to inventory caches you earn when completing war, invasions, outpost rush, or corrupted breaches. 

How to Increase Your Global Luck

There are several ways to increase your global luck. This can be done by the following:

  • Luck Trophies in your house(s)
  • Luck perks on your gear (These will stack with the luck perk on your gear and will not override it)
  • Luck Gem slotted into your gear (Pearl)
  • Flagging for PvP (increases monster/chest luck by 1%)
  • Luck Consumables such as a Rabbit’s Foot

How Gathering Luck Works in New World

Gathering luck differs from global luck. Neither has an effect on the other. Gathering luck in New World applies only to gathering such as logging, mining, harvesting, and skinning. When performing these activities having more gathering luck will improve your chances at receiving additional rare components.

It’s important to point out that your gathering luck does NOT affect the yield of items while gathering

There are rare resources that can ONLY be obtained when you have any amount of gathering luck, such as, Phase Fiber, Cinnabar, and Wyrdwood Sap just to name a few. 

How to Increase your Gathering Luck

There are several ways to increase your gathering luck. This can be done by the following:

  • Gathering Trophies in your house(s) – There are specific trophies for each gathering profession
  • Gathering luck perks on your gathering tools 
  • Gathering luck perks on your armor and jewelry
  • Flagging for PvP (increases gathering luck by 3%)
  • Gathering Consumables such as Biscuits and Gravy

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