There was recently a New World Community Q&A. In the Q&A there were several questions asked by the community and answered by the developers. Prior to the questions being asked, they stated that they will be cutting back on the Forged in Aeternum series. Specifically, the New World Community Q&A. They realize due to the big June announcement they can’t answer the questions people really want to know. There will be an Eye on Aeternum episode on May 13, and they are not sure when they will return after that.

Below you’ll find the summarized Community Q&A for April 29th, 2024.

Community Q&A

    • How come bugs and reported items from the PTR still make it to live?
      • There’s simply not enough time to get everything corrected. They are working on a backlog of items, so new items get added to the list. Items are prioritized to fix game breaking things.
    • Why remove the full season storylines?
      • They were designed to be one-off for each season. They didn’t want players to have to catch up each season with the story. There are no plans to change this in the future. The seasonal narratives are a huge investment so moving forward there will probably be less of them. Investment moving forward will be on repeatable content.
    • What options are being added to make competitive endgame PvP feel better?
      • Match making is coming to New World for PvP. You’ll begin playing against people of your own skill. Not anything planned for war to make it more competitive.
    • Is AGS taking action on the feedback given in the Discord PvE channel?
      • Staff monitors the feedback, but they have so many things they are working on that it may feel like they are ignoring suggestions. They are not. They take all the feedback into consideration.
    • How do you plan on regaining the trust of your community?
      • Scot Lane stated that the only way they can do it is by putting out quality releases. They have failed previously, and are working hard not to make the same mistakes moving forward.
    • Cooking ingredients now show where they are found in game via an in-game tooltip. Are QoL changes like this planned for other items in the game?
      • It’s a feature they like and they are looking into this for other items.
    • Can you give some insight on what quality assurance looks like prior to releasing an update?
      • They can’t get super detailed, but the overall QA approach is a risk based approach. As developers make changes, they need to communicate what those changes are to the QA team so they can test around those changes.
    • Are you ever planning on catching up with fixing the bugs in the game?
      • They are making a huge effort this year to raise the quality of the game. They are trying to catch up on the existing bugs and stay on top of them moving forward. Previously 20% of time has been spent on catching up on bugs, but this has gone up significantly. The whole team is working on the issues.
    • When will the 625 content be updated to 700 gear score content – AKA the PvE Trials etc
      • These are going to be updated in the upcoming year. The rewards are not up to date, and they will be updated. For example, the sand wurm trial. The rewards are not up to par. Elite chest runs will also be updated from 625 named items to include more updated loot.
    • When can we expect another round of fresh start?
      • No details on when, but there will be another round of fresh start servers.
    • Have the devs discussed limiting the amount of territory that can be owned?
      • Yes, they definitely discuss this. No concrete changes, but they are discussing it. It’s a difficult challenge and a complex change.
    • Are you happy with the state of wars? What does the data say on the number of players that get to experience that content?
      • They are happy with the war experience itself. Overall they aren’t happy with the amount of people that get into it. Around 2% of people get to participate in wars. There’s not an immediate initiative, and it will take a while to get it right. There’s is another PvP mode, OPR. 20% of the players engage in OPR. They don’t want to create queuing issues with the other PvP modes, but they would love to do casual wars.
    • Are you planning to add gathering tool artifacts to the game?
      • No, they haven’t thought about it, but they think it’s a fun idea.

    That wraps up the New World Community Q&A for April. For more New World content check out our complete New World guides library!