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New World Fort Buffs

When your faction takes control over a fort in any territory there is a global buff that will be rewarded to your faction. Once you lose control of that fort your faction loses the global buff. Below is a quick reference chart for the global Fort Buffs in New World. 

New World Fort Buffs Chart

Territory Faction Control Bonuses
BrightwoodCamping no longer costs resources
Brimstone SandsGathering quantity +10%
Cutlass KeysIncrease global gathering luck by 1%
Ebonscale ReachDecreases the cost of items in the faction store by 5%
EverfallIncreases the amount of Azoth Salt gained by 10%
First LightNone – See more info below
Monarch BluffsIncreases all experience gains by 5%
MourningdaleIncrease the gear score ceiling of crafting by 5 (Max gear score of 600)
ReekwaterIncreases the amount of PVP Experience gained by 10%
Restless ShoresAll fast travel is now free
Weaver’s FenGlobal refining yield boost of 10%
WindswardIncreases the chance that a consumable isn’t consumed on use by 10%

Along with the global buff, your faction will receive a territory-specific buff for each fort that is owned. Each fort you capture will provide you with a bonus influence of +20% and a bonus Experience of +5% in that specific territory.

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First Light Rework

Along with New World Season 2, Blood of the Sands, the First Light zone was closed. This was done in preparation of a complete rework of the zone coming along with the expansion in late 2023. Due to this, the first light fort buff of a refining yield increase was transferred to Weaver’s Fen. The old Weaver’s Fen fort benefit of decreasing global tax values by 10% was removed from the game.

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