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New World Life Staff Build

Acolyte PVP – Life Staff/Void Gauntlet


The Acolyte New World Life Staff Build uses the Life Staff and Void Gauntlet to provide Amazing Group Support in PVP. In this New World Build Guide, we will go through everything you need to know about the Acolyte New World Healer build.


  • Amazing Group Support
  • Elite AOE Healing
  • Ability to set up Kills in Group Setting


  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Requires Good Group Coordination.
  • Only Works with Melee-based groups.

Mastery Points

Life Staff Mastery Points

Life Staff Active Abilities
PVP – Sacred GroundBeaconOrb of Protection

For the Acolyte build, you will use the classic AOE healing Set up. Beacon and Sacred Ground will be used to for AOE healing during group fights. Orb of Protection is your single target heal, which can also be used as a group heal if used effectively.

Void Gauntlet Mastery Points

Void Gauntlet Active Abilities – Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, Orb of Decay

The Void Gauntlet has two of the strongest Utility Spells in the game: Petrifying Scream and Oblivion. Oblivion and Orb of Decay will be used to debuff targets to set up kills for your group. You’ll use Petrifying Scream is used to root enemies in place or to escape bad situations. You’ll want to upgrade all 3 abilities.

The Rest of the passives you’ll choose involve crit chance and cooldown reductions to help with skill up time.


The attribute split for the Acolyte build is 300 FOCUS and 200 CON. If you start to feel more comfortable with the build you can titrate your con down to 150 and run 350 CON.


In this Section of the Acolyte – New World Healer Build, we will break down what equipment you will use. This includes armor and weapon perks and equip weight

For this healer build, we will be in the light equip weight category. It is hard to pass up the 30% increased healing, especially with the changes coming in the May update. The best way to obtain this equip load is with the following armor setups:




Most of the armor you need to run with this New World Life Staff Build will be obtained through crafting or random drops. Below is the ideal perk spread you will want across all of your armor pieces. In order to get this, you will need Resilient on all of your gear. The order of importance of perks is from top to bottom. As you build up your gear set, make sure to prioritize these perks:


As with most builds in New World, a crafted weapon will be your BIS for this build. The perks are listed in order of importance from Left to Right. Two perk gear is very affordable atm so you should be able to get ahold of weapons with the purple perks listed.

Life Staff – Blessed, Refreshing Move, Mending Orb or Will of the Ancients (will need to swap out a Refreshing for Mending Orb on Armor)

Void GauntletPutrifying Scream, Refreshing Move, Keen


Your jewelry will need to be custom-crafted.. The perks are labeled from left to right in order of importance. As you build up your gear set, you should prioritize obtaining jewelry with these perks in this order.

Amulet Health, Divine, Refreshing

RingSacred, Hearty, Refreshing

EarringRefreshing Toast, Healthy Toast, Refreshing


The Meta and your resistance division will determine what gems you use in your armor. Runeglass of Siphoning Malachites or Runeglass of Siphoning Diamonds is the recommended gems to balance your armor as these provide the most amount of resistance possible.

In your weapons, you’ll want to use the following gems:

Heartrune Gem

The Greater Heartrune of Stoneform is the Heartgem we recommend with this build. This creates a “trinket” like PVP ability that allows you to escape heavy amounts of CC and Pressure.



Consumables on this build are pretty Strait forward. You will want one of each type of Infused potion on your bar (Health, Mana, and Regen) and a Stack of Hearty Meals. You will want to save your health pot cooldowns for the windows you get pressure from enemies. When your Health pots are on cooldown, you should use an Infused Regeneration Potion and Hearty Meal together.

Mana Potions are pretty straightforward, just make sure to not potion during your burst window with Void Blade as you get 10% increased damage below 50% mana.

Food and Utility

The food slot for most builds is flexible. You should use the cheapest Attribute food possible that allows you to hit your Attribute benchmarks. Some of the cheaper foods with the stats you will need for the Acolyte build include:

For Utility, you should use Powerful Oakflesh Balm or Powerful Gem Stone Dust to help provide increased survivability while under pressure from your opponents. These options are pricey, but you can use the cheaper version of them if needed.

How to Use the Acolyte New World Life Staff Build

In this section of the guide, we will break down the key strategies of using the Acolyte Build. These strategies include healing and supporting group kills.


Your main role is to provide group healing. This can be done effectively by managing your cooldowns and knowing when to use your abilities. The most important ability you have is Sacred Ground. Casting Sacred ground in areas where your team fights can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you are calling out your Sacred Ground casts and the area in which it is to help teammates be mindful of its location. You can also use Sacred Ground on yourself when the other team targets you to “dance” in to avoid death.

Beacon is used in a similar way as Sacred Ground. Adding a Beacon to your Sacred Ground creates one of the best Defense environments in the game. You can also continually add Orb of protection to the fray for the ultimate AOE healing Combo.

If you have Ranged DPS, you will need to use Beacon and Orb of Protection cooldowns effectively to keep them healed on the move.

Supporting Group Kills

This New World Life Staff Build provides a deadly combo to help set up group kills in PVP. This combo does require good group communication and coordination to pull off. First, your group must choose a target. Once chosen, cast Petrifying Scream on the Target and drop Oblivion. You can use Orb of Decay to slow and debuff targets to set up the combo as well. This should debuff targets and prime them to be killed by your team.

It is, again, important to remember your healing role throughout this window. Once you lock down your target, don’t forget to place a Sacred Ground in the Area to provide an extra amount of defense and survivability for your team as you go for the kill.

New World Life Staff Build PVP conclusion

That’s it for our Acolyte Build Guide. Remember to keep your teammate’s health topped off and keep your eyes open for opportunities to set up kills using Petrifying Scream and Oblivion and you’ll have no trouble mastering this New World Healer Build.

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