Our Lost DPS build pairs the hatchet and the Great Axe together to excel at both AOE and Single Target DPS. Learn everything you need to know and more below for our New World Lost DPS Build..

*NOTE* This DPS build can be used in almost every expedition with a simple change of weapon gems.

Mastery Points


Berserk, Raging Torrent, Infected Throw

For your Hatchet Mastery, you will choose Berserk, Ragging Torrent, and Infected Throw. You will cast Berserk on cooldown as it increases both your DPS and survivability. Raging Torrent can be weaved in with your light attack chain, helping you break up and cancel it to increase DPS. Using Raging Torrent can also provide good AOE DPS if mobs are clumped well.

The infected throw is a situational attack that can decrease self-healing from mobs in mutations with vampiric etc. It can also help increase DPS with the Exploitation passive.

Great Axe

Gravity Well, Maelstrom, Whirlwind

The Great Axe is used for AOE pulls for non-boss mobs. Gravity Well and Maelstrom are used for grouping trash mobs up to light attack them down. You can use whirlwind to break CC and stack fortification on yourself with the Fortifying Whirlwind perk. Whirlwind can also provide good AOE damage with max stacks of Maulers Fury.


The Attribute Split for our New World Lost DPS Build is 300 STR 200 DEX 5 CON. While You’re learning to use the build, you can use a 300 STR 100 DEX 100 CON.


For this build, you will stay in the light equip load for the 20% damage increase. Below is the armor weight setup you’ll need to reach the optimal Light Equip Load.



Armor Perks

Your armor perks should resemble the list below. The perks are listed in order of importance from top to bottom. If you can only get access to purple gear, make sure to prioritize the Ward of your enemy type for that dungeon, etc.

  • Lost Ward (5)
  • Refreshing (5)
  • Enfeebling Maelstrom
  • Insatiable Gravity Well
  • Fortifying Whirlwind
  • Keen Berserk

Weapons and Weapon Perks

As with most builds in New World, a crafted weapon will be your BIS for this build. The perks are listed in order of importance from Left to Right. Two perk gear is very affordable atm so you should be able to get ahold of weapons with the purple perks listed.


Lost Bane, Refreshing Torrent, Rogue or Keenly Empowered

Great Axe

Lost Bane, Thawarting Strikes, Refreshing Move


Below are the recommendations for Jewelry. To get buy, prioritize two perk Jewelry until you can find access to Legendary gear.

Amulet – Health, Empowered, Refreshing

Ring – Keen Awareness, Refreshing, Leeching

Earing – Refreshing Toast, Refreshing, Regenerating


The Gems in your armor should be used to balance out the types of mitigation you have on your armor(and jewelry if possible).

For mutations, you will want to slot the appropriate gem for the mutation type.

For Weapon Gems, you will run a Runeglass of Punishing Amber in both your Hatchet and Great Axe.

Runeglass Gem Upgrades

You can upgrade your standard gems to the Punishing Runeglass gem variant to deal additional damage with your melee attacks. For Example, When running the Hellfire mutation, you can Runeglass of Punishing Ruby in your armor to increase your DPS.

Heartgem Rune

For this build, you’ll use the  Brutal Heartrune of Detonate. Detonate gives a passive increase to DPS without interrupting your DPS rotation. You will take additional damage while it’s charging so be aware when activating the ability.

How to Use Build

This DPS Build is pretty straightforward. You will use your hatchet for single and AOE DPS and your Great Axe to group up mobs. The Great Axe can also provide good AOE DPS with your cooldowns. We will break down your rotation for each situation down below.

AOE (large mob groups)

First, let your tank grab aggro and pull mobs to a location. Then cast Gravity Well on the mobs, then dodge in to cast Maelstrom in the middle of the mobs. This will deal Massive amounts of AOE damage and put the mobs in a tight pack.

Next, swap to your hatchet cast Berserk and then use Raging Torrent on the tightly packed mobs. This will also deal massive amounts of damage and, if there are enough mobs, should refresh the Raging Torrent cooldown with the Refreshing Torrent perk! Continue casting Raging torrent and light attacking with your hatchet until the mob pack is cleared!

Single Target DPS (Boss)

Single Target Damage in this build is very simple. Cast Berserk to start the fight then use Raging Torrent. From here you will light attack until Raging Torrent is back up, then cast Ragin Torrent. Whenever Berserk is available again, cast it, then rinse and repeat until the boss is down!

New World Lost DPS Build Conclusion

That completes our New World Ancient DPS Build Guide. For a complete walkthrough of the Ancient Expedition in New World, check out our Lazarus Instrumentality Guide.