There was recently a developer Q&A held on the official New World Discord. The Q&A covered various topics ranging from questing to the season pass to invasions. Below you can find the entire April Q&A from the Discord.

New World Q&A April 2023

New World Q&A April 2023

“Will there be more story quests for this season, or upcoming seasons? 1 hour of quest content for 90 days seems a little sparse.”

We’ll be adding a new storyline in Season 2 with the Silver Crows assisting a new client! We’ll have more details on this to share closer to the start of Season 2, but we’ve taken a lot of the feedback we received from Season 1 and applied it to that storyline. One of the notes we saw from you all was that you wanted a longer quest line, so we took that to heart when developing that quest line. At this time, we do not have plans for more story quests to unlock throughout a season.

“Could we get “aptitude” for season pass? Even very small rewards for levels past 100 would feel really nice.”

This is something we’ve talked about internally and like. It won’t be coming for Season 1 or Season 2, but we are interested in bringing this to the seasons experience long term so that you can continue to earn rewards from things like the Actviity Card and Journey once you’ve reached season level 100.

Any chance we could see more five player trials? It would be great to see at least one for each mob type

While not 5 player trials, Season 2 will introduce the concept of Seasonal Trials which are 10 player instanced content. More on that soon!

Are there any plans for invasions? Would love to see other mob types or increasing the difficulty proportional to town level! Such an under-explored mode. There’s a ton of potential for great PvE interactions, but it falls short. Shortening buy phases? Less time at the start? Improving difficulty to better match players current gear score? Fixing the various bugs?

DonkeySlayer responded: We have some upcoming changes to Invasions in Season 2 to streamline the experience and reduce downtime with the goal of constant action! We have made the following changes: – The pre-match time has been drastically reduced – We have shortened the total duration of the invasion itself – Earlier waves are now shorter, but have increased their intensity for a smoother ramp in difficulty – The time between the final spawn in a wave and the start of the next wave has been shortened as well

What plans do you have for improving the guild system? If you have plans, when will they come?

17thCenturyCableGuy responded: We have a number of improvements in mind for the Company systems, big and small. We want to add a transaction log for the Treasury. We’d like to raise the member limit more, but we need to ensure we keep balance on the number of territories a single company can hold, as well as solve some back-end tech before making that change. Longer term, eventually we want to build a Company Progression system that allows Company leaders to set goals and track contributions from each member. We would like to get at least some QOL items out to players by the end of 2023, but the larger items will need to wait until after our Cross-World Activity Finder feature is complete around the holidays.

Are there any plans to add a “Sandbox Mode” so players can run in depth tests? Allowing players to generate specific items, armor, weapons, and target dummies in a player controlled environment.

We do not have plans to create a “sandbox mode” nor give players full developer-like abilities to create items or content on demand. However, we have a system in place on the PTR, which we call backstories, that set players up with predefined templates that can help players get set up for quick testing.

We know that the current implementation can be fairly chunky and unintuitive at times, as it can issue a large number of items, but we’re constantly doing work to try and smooth out the process. A large update to what we provide and how we organize it was done late in S1 PTR testing, as we will continue to iterate based on your feedback. If you have any suggestions for specific items that you feel are missing, or other particular minor features in support of, please let us know what you’d like to see! But again, a sandbox mode is likely not something that’s going to be realized as New World is not intended to be a UGC focused game.

At some point in the future, we would like to offer a character copy service, which would duplicate one of your live characters on the PTR for testing, but this isn’t something that we’re actively working on yet.

Have you given any thought to updating other weapon animations as you did for the bow to make them more fluid?

DonkeySlayer responded: We are always on the look out for issues with animations and blending between animation states in order to make the feel of navigation and combat better. We have nothing specific to call out at this time, but over time we intend to smooth out the rough edges in our animations. In addition, as we re-work weapons in the future we will be focusing on making their animations more fluid and responsive as we did with our recent Firestaff changes.

Are there any plans to add company housing? With housing already in the game the system is there and this would do wonders for building more community within the game for both pvp and pve players.

17thCenturyCableGuy responded: We talk about it often, and along the same lines here. We feel this would work best paired with a Company Progression system, which could hook into the Season structure in really cool ways. Right now this is in the long-term category on our list.

Text Chat especially in Multi-Lingual servers can be hard to convey tone, Would AGS ever consider in game chat emojis? Based on in game characters/events?

17thCenturyCableGuy responded: It’s on our backlog, we totally agree we’d love them. Time horizon for these is long term.

When are offensive and defensive siege weapons going to be viable again? They’ve been effectively obsolete for well over a year.

We are making a some changes to siege weaponry in OPR in S2 with our OPR Refresh. Siege weapons will be buffed, especially the independent ones in the center. We hope this creates more interesting strategic decisions with them. We’ll see how these changes play out and then decide if we want to make further changes in OPR or bring them into war.

Can you give us a time estimate as to when we can expect new OPR maps and game modes? The end game is OPR for a lot of people I know, and I know it’s been getting stale for a lot of us as well, so having an idea of when we could expect this could help adjust our expectations. If it’s something we can expect this year, or if we have to wait until 2024.

We have some updates for OPR planned for S2. These focus mostly on the game mode and improving the scoring system, increasing strategic options with some changes to turret balance and the portal event, and adding a barrier to the Baroness event. No plans we can discuss around a second OPR map or new mode yet.

Are we going to see new Perks being introduced with the upcoming ‘Perk Rebalance’ or just old ones being changed? Or are we going to see any other major changes to general gearing any time soon?

The main goal of the S3 perk rebalance is to bring up perks that are not in contention in their perk buckets to make them viable options. We may add 1 or 2 more perks during the period, but that is not the main goal. We may also potentially rework a perk also if we find that necessary to make it competitive. There will be some major changes to gearing coming in S3 with the gear score increase, but we’re not ready to discuss those changes yet. We are timing the perk rebalance to occur with those changes, so we can combine the “gear disruption” to a single event.