There was recently a developer Q&A held on the official New World Discord. The Q&A covered various topics ranging from invasions to gear changes. Below you can find the entire April Q&A from the Discord.

New World Q&A May 2023

New World Q&A May 2023

Alani asked
Will we get Paid Name change service?

This is something we are working on, but no ETA to provide at this time.

HippieStench asked:
Will there be a fix to the Dearly Beloved quest sometime soon?

Yes! This was fixed (again) within our Tuesday evening (5/9) patch. Our apologies that this was a
repeated bug — we’re looking into our internal processes for what caused the regression so that we can prevent this type of problem from happening again.

Lnathan9129 asked
Are there any plans to add logs for company treasury transactions (deposit/withdraw) and how much gold was transacted?

No plans right now, but we are discussing this so hold tight.

Jhyro @Siaaah both asked about company progression systems:
when we will see company updates like the mission progress of the company and stuff like that?

Is there any additional content for the company system inbound that is not PvP focused? Things like company housing, company quests, things like that.

I think @17thCenturyCableGuy answered it well in the last Q&A so reposting here!
“We have a number of improvements in mind for the Company systems, big and small. We want to add a transaction log for the Treasury. We’d like to raise the member limit more, but we need to ensure we keep balance on the number of territories a single company can hold, as well as solve some back-end tech before making that change.

Longer term, eventually we want to build a Company Progression system that allows Company leaders to set goals and track contributions from each member. We would like to get at least some QOL items out to players by the end of 2023, but the larger items will need to wait until after our Cross-World Activity Finder feature is complete around the holidays. “

Ice Mike asked
I feel like we are adding a lot and not fixing what we have. When are you going back into the old QoL and making that better? Specifically things like: Groupfinder, Housing/trophy system (along with crafting gear), Storage system, and now the red enemy indicators along with gearsets.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve existing systems while balancing work on new content. As an example – regarding Group Finder, we are working towards Cross World Expeditions and improvements to Group Finder are being considered as part of that effort. Storage, trophies and other existing features are also being looked at as we make overall improvements.

Scanar asked
Please can we get some incentive for higher level players to do lower level mutations because currently new players cant get expedition runs and higher level players are dis-incentivised from low level runs because they provide no benefits to them?

We have some plans related to this, but can’t share much right now. We should have more to share with you later this year.

Mr. Robot asked
Any plans to add “actual” matchmaking to OPRs/3s when cross-server for both modes come out? Probably some hidden MMR system that would benefit players who engage in those activities to be matched against players of equal skill. One-sided games have been going on since launch, it’s time to rework the matchmaking system especially since cross-server is coming out in next 2 months

We won’t have improved matchmaking when cross world OPR releases, but we are investigating ways we can improve this short and long term.

Tamim asked
in the game, there is a housing item called “Ottoman Tea Set” while this item appears to be very boring, its description is very interesting: “This beautiful mixed metal tea set was crafted in one of the finest workshops in Damascus” Well Damascus a real city and is the capital of Syria but it was once part of the ottoman empire. Are we going to see Damascus in the game? or Are we gonna see “Real life regions”? such as the real world continents (Europe/Asia/Africa etc) in the game?

I had to reach out to our lore team to get this totally correct. So Aeturnum is not so far removed from the real world, and there are numerous references in game. I’m pretty sure Grace has some comments about her homeland, Ireland, and other NPCs have mentioned where they are from, such as the Roman Legion in Brimstone.

Aeternum is a mystical island where once you find yourself on its shores, the island is not going to let you go. Currently there are no plans to visit anywhere that is tied to the real world, though all the characters in game came from real countries originally.

Jay Oddity asked
OPR feels like it has become heavily filled with pre made groups since the leaderboards were introduced. Would it be possible to make victories only count for the leaderboard if not in a pre made? The leaderboard itself is a solo leaderboard

We do not want to discourage group play since that is healthy for the game mode, but we are also introducing Cross World OPR and regional leaderboards (with increased reward tiers) which will increase the competitive pool. Hopefully you’ll start seeing a lot of new faces soon to compete against on the Leaderboard!

MamaNostariel asked:
Are there any plans with the Fresh Start servers? Population is dwindling now that server transfers have been made available and we are fighting to keep our server alive. With only two servers on the West coast, one being FS and one being legacy, it doesn’t leave players with much choice, therefore we keep losing even more to East, and our numbers dwindle even more.

We will have some news for low-population Fresh Start worlds soon, likely sometime next week! Please look forward to it.

higurashi asked:
On behalf of Asian players, I have a question. Is there a possibility of implementing servers specifically for the Asian region?Due to the high ping to the Australian server, it is difficult for us to play NW.

This is something that we want to facilitate, and talk about regularly, but we need to ensure there is sufficient player demand for opening a new region. It’s not easy to spin up a datacenter in a new region, even when leveraging AWS (though AWS does help). In addition to spinning up new worlds themselves, backend services that support the game need to be recreated and ensure seamless communication with the rest of the global technology stack.

Furthermore, there’s also regional legalities and other aspects of territory publishing to consider. But all of this work is definitely achievable, and ultimately we simply need to ensure that the long-term player interest is there because no one wants a glut of empty words! So please continue to let us know if you want an Asia-located world (and have your friends who play who are also interested share their desires, too)

EpilepticFB asked:
Can we please get a fishing overhaul, the vibe of it can be really nice, but it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game, from legendary fish that don’t have a purpose to treasure chests that are the worst item you can collect.

Many of us also love fishing and an update to the experience is actually coming fairly soon with room to possibly expand in the future. Part of the upcoming changes do deal with treasure chests, so we hope you’ll enjoy it!

NordishBen asked:
When will you overhaul the ward/bane system? The grind for the different ward sets and to get them all to 625 is extremely tiresome, mainly because the drops in mutations as well from global bosses are way too low in quality

We understand it’s difficult to get the ideal pieces of loot sometimes. There are current discussions about perks and loot luck, but they aren’t specifically regarding bane/ward perks at this time.

Token asked:
Will the new max gear score increase obsolesce our current gear? Will our current 625 be upgradeable into the new gear score max?

Yes and no; 625 will not be upgradable to the new Gear Score max since new systems that adjust Gear Score will be coming later this year. More detailed information will be revealed in the future.

Landi [Utopian Organ] asked:
Gear sets are awesome. Do you have any plans to add the option to save attribute and/or skill tree respec loadouts as well?

There are discussions about this very idea but they’ve yet to be finalized.

Tam Toucan asked:
Are we getting Fashion Sets in the same way Gear Sets work? With transmog people will have even more different sets of skins they like to wear, having a way to store multiple would be very handy (as well as being another source of income since paying for a fashion set is less controversial than paying for a gear set).

This is a really cool idea! We’ll bring it up with the team.

Magnus O’dair asks:
Just wondering if [The Old Hermit’s Pasttime fishing pole not providing sole motes] was on the radar for bug fixes? It’s a super unique fishing pole that I’m still looking forward to using.

This is still on our radar! A partial fix was introduced in our 4/11 patch, but a second part for those that still have a broken or missing pole will get a restoration soon! There’s a technical hurdle we’re working through internally to get this resolved, but we’re still pushing for it and will likely have a fix next week or shortly around there.

xBP New Life asked:
Are there going to be perks for stats like attack speed and movement speed?

There have been no discussions for Attack Speed perks and Movement Speed is somewhat limited by hardware. If just you’re eager to get around Aeternum faster, Mounts will do just that!

Mendrizzle asked:
Are there going to be any updates soon on the release of a new weapon?

We have announced a new weapon arriving in the Fall, with the coming expansion (matching timing for Season 3). Expect more details to be shared as we get closer to that window!

Lennart asked:
Azoth engine vs O3DE what is the difference? Will NW ever use O3DE?

They share the same beginnings, but the Azoth Engine is a forked and heavily modified version at this point, customized for the needs of New World. We have maintained our own internal engine team that continues to develop new tools and technology for our developers. We do not have plans to re-merge into the O3DE branch at this time.

Landi [Utopian Organ] asked:
Are there any plans to allow us to reset Territory Standing cards? Some of us made poor choices in our youth

Youth is the spring of adulthood, a time to explore the world and eagerly engage in our surroundings with curiosity. Any choices made in naivete were not inherently wrong; we all learn from the results of our actions, taking each moment irregardless of its outcome as a valuable learning opportunity to guide as we become wiser and more experienced. That said, yes, there are plans to enable Territory Standing card resets.

Vesstan/Bastian asked:
any chance to reduce the amounts of refining / crafting gear ? Like making a Master Refining Set/Master Crafting Set, which u can get by combining all other pieces / set parts ? Also the Concoter Set, has the same effects as the Arcanist Set ( which should increase ur Yield at the arcana station )

This may be something we could address in the future but it’s not currently on our radar. As for the Concocter’s set, I’ve made a direct bug report for you!