This New World Rapier PvE build utilizes the bleed tree, and uses the Void gauntlet as a back bar utility weapon. This build deals a tons of DPS. It’s a very fast playstyle, and rotates through abilities very quickly.

You can check out our Expedition builds info guide for the full breakdown of damage types versus mob types and consumables you should utilize within each expedition.

In this guide, you find information about the abilities you should take, your attribute distribution, gear, consumables, and how to play the build.

Mastery Points

This New World Rapier PvE build is going to utilize the rapier for massive amounts of DPS. You will want to switch to the void gauntlet for utility for yourself and your team. You’ll go through the void gauntlet rotation, and then immediately switch back to the rapier to continue to DPS.


You will want to utilize the following active abilities for your rapier

  • Tondo
  • Flourish & Finish
  • Flurry
New World Rapier PvE Build

You will only want to upgrade tondo twice. This will leave an additional point for an extra needed passive. The other two abilities, flourish & finish and flurry, will be upgraded fully.

By upgrading those two abilities fully you will obtain a ton of cooldown reduction, extra damage, grit on flourish and finish, and an additional bleed with flurry.

The remaining passives for the rapier are going to support additional damage output.

Void Gauntlet

You will want to utilize the following active abilities for your void guantlet

  • Petrifying Scream
  • Oblivion
  • Orb of Decay / Essence Rupture
New World Void Gauntlet PvE

You will want to upgrade both petrifying scream and oblivion fully. This will give you a little additional tankiness when utilizing scream, and will provide your team with a nice weaken to enemies inside your oblivion, as well as, giving some stamina regeneration to your allies as well.

For your last ability you can utilize either orb of decay or essence rupture. Orb of decay will provide you with additional damage. The heal will be negligible because it scales off of focus, and this build will not be utilizing the focus attribute.

Essence rupture will provide a little more utility to yourself and your team. It will heal anyone that deals damage to the target for 20% of their damage dealt. When fully upgraded you will also receive an additional heal when essence rupture ends. This ability does not scale with focus, but rather with damage.


The following attributes should be utilized in order to maximize the effectiveness of this build:


The additional attribute points come from pushing your gear up to 625 gear score utilizing umbral shards.


For this build you will want to be in the light armor category. This means you will need to be wearing a combination of the following:



In conjunction with being in light armor you are going to want to shoot for having the following perks:

  • Ward (Depending on Enemy Type)
  • Skill Perk
  • Refreshing

The following skill perks are recommended:

  • Leeching Flurry (desired)
  • Putrefying Scream (desired)
  • Nullifying Oblivion (desired)
  • Keen Tondo (optional)
  • Refreshing Rupture (optional)


The optimal setup for your rapier is the following:

  • Bane (Depending on enemy type)
  • Vicious
  • Keenly Empowered

The optimal setup for your void gauntlet is the following:

  • Bane (Depending on enemy type)
  • Vicious
  • Keen / Putrefying Scream


Amulet – Health, Elemental Protection (dependent upon expedition / mutation), Refreshing

Ring – Thrust Damage, Leeching, Keen Awareness (Can farm the Heart of Aviva Ring for this build)

Earring – Refreshing, Refreshing Toast, Purifying Toast (Could go beloved in place of refreshing)


For your rapier, you will want to utilize an elemental gem or a diamond. If you can keep your health a full or are in a premade with a good healer then a diamond is optimal. Otherwise, utilize an elemental gem for the appropriate mob type.

For your void gauntlet an elemental gem for the appropriate mob type is what you will want to slot.


The heartrune you choose will be dependent upon the expedition and your team composition. For example, there are expeditions where a bile bomb rune would be great. The Empyrean Forge has mobs that heal and utilizing bile bomb in this situation could help your team greatly. If someone else is already applying the disease, however, then you may want to opt for the brutal heartrune of detonate for additional burst damage.

How to Use Build

You will be utilizing your rapier for massive DPS with this build. To start the fight you will want to lay down an oblivion in order to gain empower for yourself and your team. This will also weaken the targets inside. Right after the oblivion you should utilize essence rupture to ensure your team is healing when damage is dealt to that mob.

Scream can be utilized for CC if needed. If you have Putrefying Scream you will also be utilizing this ability for utility in order to reduce the mob’s healing by a good amount when needed.

After your void gauntlet rotation you will immediately switch to rapier. You will want to use tondo into a flurry. Using flurry with also reset it’s cooldown very quickly. You will then be able to use another tondo and flurry very quickly after the first rotation.

Once you have 3 bleeds stacked you can then utilize flourish and finish for some great burst damage.