New World Season 2 is set to release on July 6, 2023. Along with season 2 comes a new season story that builds on the story of season 1. This New World Season 1 story recap will get you caught up with the story and prepared for the season 2 story.

New World Season 1 Story Recap

The New World Season 1 story begins with you having an encounter with an old friend, Grace O’Malley. Grace has had a change of heart and now wishes to stay on Aeternum. However, she’s wanting to start a heroes for hire business with the help of you and your reputation as a hero. She wants you to be the captain and her to be the first mate of the new found operation she calls the “Silver Crows.”

New World Season 1 Story

Your first task is to set out on a journey to create the camps called Crow’s Nests. You’ll have to clear out some corrupted camps surrounding the area in order to begin establishing your base camp of operations.

Once you’ve built the Crow’s Nest you’ll then need to start expanding your crew. However, you find out that Grace has already lined up your first client, a speardaughter named Skye. Skye and her partner were cursed by a Varangian Warlock, named Faceless, and need the Silver Crows help. Skye is needing the Silver Crows to help regain her and her partners powers and take out the Warlock.

Your First Client

When you go to meet your clients for the first time you find Skye injured and alone. She’s begging for help and explains that they were trying to give the Silver Crows a starting point but the Varangians caught on. Sky and her partner Aidyn were ambushed, and Aidyn was taken captive by the Varangians. You then head out to find her.

All you find of her is a brooch, and a message to Skye. When you return it to Skye she says that Aidyn has gone to fight Faceless on her own. Skye then becomes incredibly worried. So, it becomes the Silver Crows mission to find Faceless before something happens to Aidyn.

In order to do this, Skye wants her curse lifted first so she can have the strength to fight. To lift the curse you have to find a soreress named Shailyn.

LIfting the Curse

Shailyn confirms she’s familiar with the warlock’s powers. She says that you must collect some talismans from some of his victims and destroy them. That’s the only cure she knows of. Once you’ve acquired the talismans you then take them back to the Crows nest to destroy them.

However, once you show the talismans to Skye she confirms there’s not a direct match for her or Aiyden. This means their powers can’t be restored by smashing these talismans. However you smash them anyway in order to restore the power to those that were matched with the talismans you acquired.

After doing so you talk with Grace. Grace decides it’s time to recruit some new Crows to help the endeavor.


After posting flyers in Mournigdale you get a few applicants. However, the applicants are terrible and no fit for the Silver Crows. So, Grace has an idea to recruit someone, a fellow named “Zander the Undying.” Zander got his name because unlike most other residents of Aeternum he has never once died.

So you set off to find Zander. He agrees to be a member of the Silver Crows, but requests something first. He has rescued a sick kitty, named dog. Zander wants you to find a cure for the kitty and bring it to him. To do this you have to find Eynon the Druid for the cure.

Once you acquire the cure you take it back to Zander you learn that not only is he a fierce warrior, he also loves to bake. He’s pleased that you found the cure, but has one other problem that needs solved before he can join the Silver Crows. His current employer, Granny Pike won’t let him leave. It’s up to you to change her mind so Zander can leave and join the Silver Crows.

Granny Pike

When you approach Granny Pike she wants a favor before she releases Zander. She says there’s a church being built in Brightwood, but someone’s skimming gold so it’s not getting completed. It’s up to you to find the thief.

You travel to Brightwood and learn that the person stealing is one of the priests, Dicun Hobday. Once he’s caught he gives you the location of all the hidden coin. You then go retrieve all the stolen gold and give it back to Granny Pike. This pleases Granny enough to earn her permission to recruit Zander.

This news makes Zander ecstatic. He’s incredibly happy to be out from under Granny and happily joins the Silver Crows.


Once you recruit Zander you’re then off to locate Aidyn. In order to do this you find a smuggler helping Faceless named Frank Doyle. You convince frank to give you the location of some kidnapped warriors that faceless is trying to recruit. Then, go save those warriors and learn that Zander has convinced Frank to tell him everything he knows.

You learn that Aiyden was captured and taken to a cave in Edengrove. So, you travel to the Edengrove cave to find Faceless taking Aidyn’s powers, and turning her into one of his servants. You then encounter Aidyn and have to kill her before she kills you.

Skye learns of what happened to Aidyn and heads out to fight Faceless on her own.

New World Season 1 Story


Once you make your way to the location of Faceless you find Sky, Zander, and Dog outside of the Varangian camp. Skye says she fought Faceless, but lost. You let her know that you’ll deal with him and get her fire back. Zander assures you that he’ll keep her safe while you head out to fight Faceless.

You then go defeat Faceless and return to Skye. She thanks you for avenging her and tells you she will never forget. You then give her a talisman that matches her and Aidyn’s talismans. The group heads back to the Crows Nest to destroy the talismans in hopes of returning Skye’s fire.

Destroying the talisman works and her fire is restored. Skye heads off to the mountains to figure out her future. Zander parts ways by telling you one day you’ll enjoy one of his lemon cakes. Dog looks at you in a manner that makes you realize he’s smarter than you think and parts ways. Grace is pleased that the first job was a success, and ends by saying she hopes you like hot weather.

This of course hints at the Season 2 story that will take place in Brimstone Sands.