Today, New World released a ton of news on what to expect in 2023! This new included a New World Seasonal Pass, New Expansion, Mounts, Combat updates and More!

Seasonal Pass

The biggest announcement of the day was that New World would be implementing both a free and paid seasonal pass. This pass will include in-game cosmetics, items, emotes and more! The Team reassured that there would be no “pay-to-win” features in the Season Pass and that all in-games items on the reward track would be obtainable for free as well. Here is a summary of the Season Pass from the official New World Website

“The Season Pass introduces new ways for players to earn meaningful rewards, just by playing New World. Players will earn Season XP, level up, and unlock rewards as they progress through their seasonal activities. Our goal with seasons is to provide something fresh for every type of player consistently”

Season XP

Each Season, players will be able to complete Challenges to gain Season XP. Season XP will be rewarded through Seasonal Events, Quests, Faction Missions, Town Projects, Expedition Bosses, Outpost Rush, 3v3 Arenas, and more.

Each Seasonal Pass will last about 3 months. Both the Free and the Premium Pass will have 100 rewards

Season 1 – Fellowship and Fire

With the announcement of Seasonal Events, the New World team revealed the First Season, Fellow Ship and Fire. This Season will include a ton of new features including a New Story Line, Gear Set Storage, New Expedition and More! The Team also stated that there would be another update to the Main Story Quest Line with this update that should include the quests in both Brightwood and Weavers Fen.

With the New content also comes the much-anticipated Combat Balances and a way to identify enemy player spells in combat. All of these changes will be on the next New World PTR update which will be available on 2/23/2023!

New World 2023 Road Map

A new New World 2023 Road Map was also dropped today with details for the entire year. There were some bombshells in this Road Map including the Anncounments of a New Expansion for the Fall of 2023, Mounts, Transmog, and a whole lot more.

Below is an image of the 2023 Road Map

New World Expansion

New World will see its first expansion in Fall of 2023. Not a lot of details are currently known about this expansion but there was a list of features that it would include:

  • New Story
  • Mounts
  • Gear Score Increase
  • A Zone Transformed
  • New Weapon
  • New Heartrune
  • New Expedition

As we get closer the Expansion date, more details should surface with the Expansion price, content and more! We’ll keep you updated here!