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New World Support Mage

Support Mage PVP – Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet


The New World Support Mage Build combines the Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet to debuff enemies and lock them down for kills. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to use the Support Mage in New World’s PVP.


  • Elite Group Support
  • Elite Crowd Control


  • Lacks Burst Damage
  • Moderate Mobility

Mastery Points

Void Gauntlet Mastery Points

Void Gauntlet Active Abilities – Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, Orb of Decay

The Void Gauntlet has two of the strongest Utility Spells in the game: Petrifying Scream and Oblivion. Oblivion and Orb of Decay will be used to debuff targets to set up kills for your group. Petrifying Scream is used to root enemies in place. You’ll want to upgrade all 3 abilities.

The Rest of the passives you’ll choose involve crit chance and cooldown reductions.

Ice Gauntlet Mastery Points

Active Abilities – Ice StormIce ShowerEntombed

Ice Shower is the key ability of the Ice Gauntlet and one of the best CC abilities in New World. Learning how to land Ice Shower on targets is key to setting up kills for your group. Ice Storm provides good AOE damage that can be used as zone control or pressure targets.

Entombed is the final active ability in the Ice Gauntlet Mastery tree. It is a Utility spell that can help you survive the pressure and minimize damage taken if used correctly.

Below is how you’ll invest the rest of your Ice Gauntlet Mastery Points


The attribute split for the Support Mage build is 250 INT, 50 FOC, 200 CON

The purpose of this build is to support your group and set up kills, not to deal damage. You will be getting into the fray and setting up kills in melee range for your team. 200 CON will give you a massive health pool and tons of perks that will help you survive in group fights.

250 INT 50 DOC still provides good damage while getting access to key INT perks such as 15% more elemental damage.


For the Support Mage build, you will be in the Medium Equip Load. Next, There are two ways to obtain this equip load, while maximizing your resistance

  • HEAVY CHEST, LIGHT PANTS, any combo of 1 HEAVY and 2 MEDIUM for your Helm, gloves, and boots
  • HEAVY CHEST, HEAVY LEGS, any combination of 2 LIGHT and 1 MEDIUM for your Helm, gloves, and boots.


All of the Armor you will want for this build will be custom-made through crafting or bought from the Auction house. Below is the ideal perk spread you will want across all of your armor pieces. They are listed in order of importance from top to bottom. Start with armor with 2 perks on it and work your way up to three!

  • Unending Thaw
  • Nullifying Oblivion
  • Diminishing Orb
  • Resilient (5)
  • Refreshing Ward (2)(2)
  • Elemental Aversion (3)


Your Weapons for this build will need to be crafted. The Perks listed are in order of importance from left to right. The MOST important perk on these weapons are the ability perks (Putrefying Scream and Deadly Frost) so make sure that your gauntlets have these perks on them at a minimum. Having these perks on your weapons as opposed to your armor gives them increased effectiveness.

Void Gauntlet Putrefying Scream, Refreshing Move, Keen

Ice Gauntlet Deadly Frost, Keenly Jagged, Keen


All of your jewelry will need to be custom-crafted. The perks for each piece are in order of importance from right to left so you can prioritize obtaining them

Amulet – Champions Amulet or Health, Shirking Empower, Divine

Ring – Invigorated Punishment, Keen Awareness, Refreshing Ward or Champions Ring

Earring – Refreshing Toast, Healthy Toast, Refreshing Ward


The Meta and your resistance division will determine what gems you use in your armor. Runeglass of Frozen Malachites or Runeglass of Frozen Diamonds is the recommended gems to balance your armor as these provide the most amount of resistance possible.

In your weapons, you’ll want to use the following gems:

Heartgem Rune

The Recommended Heartgem for this build is the Brutal Heartgem of Grasping Vines. This gives you another Root and allows you to apply Weaken to targets. The Brutal version of Grasping Vines also applies a 20% rend to targets as well. You need to be aware this also reduces your stamina regeneration for 5 seconds.



Consumables on this build are pretty Strait forward. You will want one of each type of Infused potion on your bar (Health, Mana, and Regen) and a Stack of Hearty Meals. When your Health pots are on cooldown, you should use an Infused Regeneration Potion and Hearty Meal together while kiting away to increase survivability and reduce time out of the fight.

Food and Utility

You will use food to balance out your gear to your desired Attribute Thresholds. The cheapest food available with the appropriate stats is most likely:

Tier V Honing Stones and Incense can also be used In Wars or other PVP situations. You can also use GemStone Dust to avoid spike damage when in bad situations.

How to use the New World Support Mage Build

The Support Mage Role is to set up kills for your teams. First, you will use Petrifying scream or Ice Shower to root the target in place. Next, Drop Oblivion and Weapon Swap to your Ice Gauntlet to apply Ice Shower. At this point, your target should have the following debuffs:

  • 40% Disease (Healing Received reductions)
  • 10% Rend
  • 50% Slow
  • X% of Weaken (5% per hit while in oblivion)

Not only will you be debuffing your enemy, but Diminishing Orb and Oblivion will be Stripping the Buffs that your enemy has on them as well.

The Strength of the Support Mage lies in how quickly they can create this “kill” window. With access to Refreshing Move, Deadly Frost, Void Gauntlet Passives, and the cooldown reduction from your gear (refreshing) you’ll be setting up your team’s next kill in no time!

New World Support Mage Conclusion

That’s it for our New World Support Mage Guide. For more New World Builds, check out our New World build sections!

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