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New World Timeless Shards


New World Timeless Shards allow you to craft armor and weapons with more Customization. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to obtain and use this end-game crafting item.

What are New World Timeless Shards

A Timeless Shard is a crafting artifact that enables you to craft an item with a specific Attribute bonus on it while still being able to use a crafted mod to guarantee a perk. This crafting ingredient can be used to guarantee specific stats on both weapons and armor. 

timeless shards
New World Timeless Shard for light pants is called Timeless Leggings Shard

This allows you to control two variables on the crafted item vs one variable when not using a Timeless Shard. For example, you can now roll a guaranteed strength great axe along with a guaranteed perk on the great axe, and the other perks would then be random. 

How to Obtain Timeless Shards

Timeless Shards are guaranteed to drop from Expedition Bosses and have a chance to drop from the Elite Chests in Expeditions and Elite POI’s. They also have a chance to drop from any named monster above level 60. You can search for these named monsters by utilizing our interactive map.  

When dropped, the type of Timeless Shard you receive is random. Each type of weapon, shield type (round, kite, tower), jewelry type, and armor slot have their own timeless shard. 

How to Use Timeless Shards

When at the applicable crafting station for your specific armor or weapon you will need to select the type of attribute you are wanting on your gear. The crafting station will list the various Timeless Shard categories, for example, Timeless Shards – Strength. 

In order to craft leg wraps with the strength attribute, you would need to obtain the Timeless Shard for Leggings and 10 iron battle medals. You can then use both of those to guarantee that the item rolls with strength, and you would still have your specific resource to use (just as you would if you weren’t using a Timeless Shard) to guarantee a perk. 

It’s important to point out that utilizing a timeless shard for a specific attribute will always require 10 of the crafting mods for that attribute. 

You can check our Affix Chart for a full list of the specific attributes by name of the Affix. For example, an affix of “of the Soldier” will be solely strength and an affix of “of the Ranger” would be solely Dexterity. Each of the different attribute combinations has its own crafting mod that you will need to craft those specific attributes. 

New World Timeless Shard Guide Conclusion

That does it for our New World Timeless Shard Guide. For more on Crafting Weapons and Armor, check out our Armoring and Weaponsmithing guides!

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