In this New World Void Gauntlet Guide, we’ll take you through the Void Gauntlet Mastery Tree, Recommended Roles, and More!

General information

The Void Gauntlet is a magic weapon that deals Void damage and is scaled off Intelligence primary and Focus secondary. It specializes in dealing damage over time, close-range buffs or debuffs, and healing depending on your build.  

The Void Gauntlet in New World uses mana when using both light and heavy attacks, and abilities. Light attacks cost no mana and Heavy attacks cost 5 mana. Mana does not regenerate while you are attacking. The block on the void gauntlet is converted to a harvest essence ability. Holding block will convert your health into mana over time.

Void Gauntlet Mastery Trees

The two skill trees for the Void Gauntlet are Annihilation and Decay.   

Annihilation Mastery Tree

The Annihilation tree is centered around getting up close and doing crit damage similar to your standard melee counterparts. 

Petrifying Scream

Petrifying Scream is the first ability in this tree, dealing 65% weapon damage and inflicting root on enemies within 5m in front of you. This gets upgraded to gain fortify for each enemy hit stacking up to 3 times and increasing the root duration by 1s if the targets are below 50% health.

Void Blade

Our next ability in the tree is Void Blade which summons a blade of void energy to do light and heavy melee damage. Light attacks do a slash dealing 100% weapon damage and heavy are a thrust attack dealing 140% weapon damage, both attacks inflict Disintegrate on successful hits dealing 5% weapon damage per second and reducing the target’s armor by 10% stacking up to 3 times. Upgrading this skill gives you fortify for 5s upon activating the skill, +10% critical damage on Void Blade attacks, and successful thrust attacks will heal the player for 5% weapon damage per Disintegrate stack on the target. This healing is scaled exclusively off focus.


The last ability in this tree is Oblivion. Oblivion summons a circular rift of void energy at the player’s feet that deals 28% weapon damage per second. It also grants Empower to self and friendlies increasing damage by 15%. This has a 5m radius and a 6s duration to start. Upgrading this will also give 25% Stamina regen rate for the player and allies inside the radius as well as inflicting Weaken on enemies inside the radius reducing their damage by 5% for 5s per hit with a max stack of 3. 


The key passive in this tree is Voidcaller. On successful ability hit gain a stack of Void Essence. At 6 stacks, consume all stacks and gain a 3m aura that heals self and friendlies for 30% weapon damage and deals 30% weapon damage per second to enemies within the radius. The healing scales exclusively off Focus and has a 5s duration and 20s cooldown.

Decay Mastery Tree

The Decay skill tree and its passives are centered around basic healing and buffing allies. 

Baleful Tether

Baleful Tether fires a projectile that tethers you to an enemy, weakening it and empowering you by 20%. The tether ends if the target moves beyond 20m and the duration is 10s. Upgrades apply 200% mana regen while the tether is active and 80% of weapon damage as health if the tethered target dies, scaling exclusively off focus. You will also have reduced cooldowns of other Void Gauntlet abilities by 5% for successful hits against a tethered target. 

Orb of Decay

Next up is the Orb of Decay which fires an unblockable orb that passes through enemies dealing 90% weapon damage and inflicting Disintegrate. This deals 5% weapon damage per second and reduces the target’s armor by 10% for 8s stacking up to 3 times. At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns, healing friendlies for 20% weapon damage per second for 5s. As before the healing scales exclusively with focus. You can upgrade this to gain 5% mana per enemy hit by the orb and slow enemies already afflicted by any debuff, reducing their movement speed by 30% for 3s. 

The final upgrade will allow you to press the ability again to detonate the orb with a 4m explosion radius. Depending on the orb’s phase the explosion will either damage enemies for 70% weapon damage and apply a stack of Disintegrate or heal friendlies for 70% weapon damage scaling exclusively off focus. 

Essence Rupture

The final ability in this tree is Essence Rupture firing a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture for 10s healing anyone that hits the target for 20% of the damage done. This does not apply to damage over time. Upgrades add 80% healing of your weapon damage when rupture ends to allies within 4m of the afflicted target and players receive 15 stamina when hitting the afflicted target. 

Key Passives

The key passive in this tree is Glimpse of the Void. This passive will grant a stack of Void Essence per successful ability hit. At 4 or more stacks your next successful ranged heavy attack will instantly reset all Void Gauntlet cooldowns and remove all stacks. This can happen once every 15s. 

Void Gauntlet Recommended Roles & Pairings

The Void Gauntlet can be utilized for both DPS and Support, as well as, a great pairing with some weapons in PvP.

The Void Gauntlet scales primarily off Intelligence and secondary off of Focus, so pairing the Void Gauntlet with another weapon that scales off Intelligence is recommended but the Life Staff is the only other weapon that pairs off Focus and this can be a great tool for the healer builds to have some damage when solo.

  • Life Staff – The Life Staff exclusively scales off of Focus making this a good pairing with the Void Gauntlet. The Life Staff can provide you with healing and buffs. 
  • Ice Gauntlet – The Ice Gauntlet primarily scales off of Intelligence, making this a good pairing with the Void Gauntlet. The Ice Gauntlet can provide you with additional AoE, mana regeneration, and crowd control. Chances are you will not use it for additional damage as much as the other aspects.  

You can reference our builds section for specific Void Gauntlet pairings and builds.

For Weapon Leveling locations check out our Weapon Leveling Location guide. 

Void Gauntlet Perks

Every Weapon Ability in New World has a corresponding Perk that can be found on armor and weapons. Most of the perks scale in power with the Gear Score of the item they are on. It’s important to note that you can only benefit from one instance of a weapon ability perk at a time. You can obtain the weapon perks randomly from drops or you can craft gear with the specific perk on it. You can enhance your chance at obtaining a specific perk by utilizing mods. Additionally, you can enhance your chance at obtaining your perk with the right stats by using the timeless shards.

The Ability perks for the Void Gauntlet in New World are as follows:

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Voracious BladeWhile below 50% Health, heal for X% of the damage dealt by Void Blade.34%54%Steel Void Gauntlet Charm
Nullifying OblivionWhen activated, Oblivion removes limited duration buffs from enemies within its radius and the cooldown is reduced by X%.10%15%Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Putrefying ScreamPetrifying Scream inflicts Disease on hit, reducing the target’s incoming healing by X% and outgoing healing by X% for 8s.32% / 16%43% / 21%Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm
Diminishing OrbOrb of Decay reduces the base duration of the target’s non-consumable buffs by X% on hit.36%75%Reinforced Steel Void Gauntlet Charm
Slowing TetherBaleful Tether inflicts Slow on hit, reducing the target’s movement speed by X% for 3s. Baleful Tether now inflicts Disintegrate on application.32%42%Reinforced Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Refreshing RuptureWhen you hit a target with Essence Rupture, reduce Essence Rupture’s cooldown by X%.26%43%Reinforced Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm

Recommended Void Gauntlet Gems

The type of gem you will want to slot into your Void Gauntlet is heavily dependent upon your build and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are pairing this with a Life Staff you would likely want to go with the Amber gem to get the extra damage from Focus. (You can check our quick reference guide for gems for a full list of gems and their effects).  

Enemy types the Void Gauntlet is strong/weak against

With a Void Gauntlet, the damage type you will be dealing is Void! Our Damage Type vs Mob Types Quick Chart guide as a complete breakdown for every weapon.

  • Ancients: Takes 15% MORE damage from void attacks

New World Void Gauntlet Guide Conclusion

That Concludes our New World Void Gauntlet Guide. For more on where to level your Void Gauntlet, check out our Weapon Leveling Locations.