What is a Perfect Salvage in New World

Whenever you salvage an item you have a chance to perform a Perfect Salvage. Perfect Salvages can reward players with the following:

  • Research materials (such as weapon scraps) that can be used to gain crafting trade skill experience.
  • Special orbs that can be converted into gypsum casts which bypass the normal daily limit.
  • Materials to fabricate special items.

All tiers of gear have a chance for a perfect salvage. However, legendary gear will always salvage into fragments and yield 50 umbral shards. Outpost Rush caches and Gypsum casts are an exception this rule. Legendary items from those sources will not currently yield a perfect salvage.

Salvaging named expedition items do not fall under the perfect salvage system. You will receive a different material, called materia, when salvaging those. You can check out our materia guide to lean about that resource and how salvaging named expedition items work.

perfect salvage scraps

The main resources you will receive from a perfect salvage are scraps and fragments. You can receive both scraps and fragments for arcane, armor, engineer, jewelry, and weapons.

Scraps can be the following tiers:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Each tier of the scrap have similar uses, but will yield varying levels of resources and other benefits.

Fragments can only drop as legendary infused fragments, and have different uses from scraps.



If you land a perfect salvage and receive scraps you can salvage the scraps for a large amount of repair parts. You can also utilize the scraps to extract materials, fabricate items, or gain experience in the respective trade skill.

For example, if you received infused weapon scraps from a perfect salvage you could simply salvage them like you would a piece of gear to obtain many repair parts, or you could take them to a forge for additional options.

When at the forge you could then use the infused fragment to extract infused leather, orichalcum, or ironwood. If you choose to extract scraps for materials, you will receive materials relative to the tier of scrap that you are using.

You also have the choice to utilize the fragments to gain weaponsmithing experience, making this a valid way to level up your trade skills. You can also use this method to level up your trade skill aptitude if you are already at max level crafting in a particular trade skill. Simply find the research option at the applicable crafting station and craft the research notes to increase your trade skill experience.


If you land a perfect salvage and receive fragments you can salvage the fragments for a large amount of repair parts. You can also use the fragments to extract materials, fabricate items, or create gypsum orbs.

Unlike scraps, fragments can be extracted into cooldown materials such as asmodeum, runic leather, phoenixweave, and glittering ebony.

You can not use fragments to fabricate research notes for weapon experience. However, fragments have another use: You need them in conjunction with a runestone stopwatch to fabricate crafts for a guaranteed 598-600 gear score craft. You need 2 of the applicable fragment for the fabrication.

The final use of fragments is to create special gypsum orbs at a kiln, called infused orbs. These orbs allow you to craft an additional gypsum cast each day. This means you could craft 2 casts for one specific item. For example, you could craft 2 great axe casts and receive expertise bumps from both casts each day.

You will need varying amounts of fragments for each orb type.

Type of OrbNumber of Fragements