All of the perks in New World are categorized using perk labels. In this guide we have an easy-to-use chart of all the New World Shield Perks and Perk Labels.

Most perks have 1 perk label, but a few have 2 perk labels. When crafting an item in New World you can not roll multiple perks within the same perk label. For example, if you roll Refreshing in the “CDR” perk label you can not also have the Refreshing Ward perk within the “CDR” perk label on the same shield. 

You could however roll an item that has something within the “Proc” perk label and within the “CDR” perk label. For example, you could roll Refreshing and Keenly Fortified on the same piece of armor. This rule applies to the 2nd perk label as well. 

Below is a chart of all the shield perks and their associated perk labels within New World (You can use “CTL + F” to search for applicable perks and perk labels)

Shield Perks and Perk Labels Chart

Perk LabelShield TypePerk Name
BlockingAll ShieldsSturdy
BlockingAll ShieldsSure Footing
CDRAll ShieldsRefreshing
CDRAll ShieldsRefreshing Ward
CDRAll ShieldsRefreshing Evasion
Damage Con (Crit Headshot)RoundVicious
Damage ConRoundEnchanted
Damage ConKiteRuinous
DefenseTowerStrike Shield Ward
DefenseTowerFlame Shield Ward
DefenseTowerFrozen Shield Ward
DefenseTowerNature Shield Ward
DefenseTowerVoid Shield Ward
DefenseTowerThrust Shield Ward
DefenseTowerSlash Shield Ward
DefenseTowerArcane Shield Ward
DefenseTowerLightning Shield Ward
LuckAll ShieldsLuck
On KillKiteMortal Lifesteal
On KillKiteMortal Siphoning
On KillKiteMortal Energy
On KillKiteMortal Fortification
On KillKiteMortal Power
On KillKiteMortal Refreshment
ProcKiteRefreshing Move
ProcRoundKeenly Jagged
ProcKiteKeenly Fortified
ProcRoundKeenly Empowered
ProcKiteKeen Speed
ProcAll ShieldsSturdy Energy
ProcRound, KiteEmpowering Breaker
Proc (PVP Only)All ShieldsSturdy Fortification
ElementalAll ShieldsFlame Conditioning
ElementalAll ShieldsFrost Conditioning
ElementalAll ShieldsArboreal Conditioning
ElementalAll ShieldsAbyssal Conditioning
Skill (Shield)All ShieldsRepulsing Shield Bash
Skill (Shield)All ShieldsFortifying Shield Rush
Skill (Shield)All ShieldsAccelerated Defiant Stance
ThreatAll ShieldsHated
Damage AbsorptionAll ShieldsAncient Ward
Damage AbsorptionAll ShieldsAngry Earth Ward
Damage AbsorptionAll ShieldsBeast Ward
Damage AbsorptionAll ShieldsCorrupted Ward
Damage AbsorptionAll ShieldsLost Ward