New World’s first season is quickly approaching. It’s set to release on March 28th. Here are a few tips to help get you prepared for New World Season 1. 


Save you Gypsum. Not the gypsum orbs, but the actual gypsum itself. There are several objectives in the season that require you to craft a certain amount of gypsum orbs. Buying them from the faction vendor does not count, and already having them on hand doesn’t count either. 

Within the season journey, you will need to craft a total of 125 gypsum orbs to complete the tasks necessary to earn the season experience. There are also objectives within the activity card that will require you to craft a small number of gypsum orbs as well.

Cooldown Materials

There are a ton of changes coming with season 1, including a slew of combat changes. These are going to have a huge impact on the current meta which will also change gear requirements for certain activities. There’s also changes coming in that allow you to utilize scarabs and stopwatches to craft bags and tools.

Due to all of these changes it’s very likely that there will be a huge spike in prices for cooldown materials once season 1 hits live. Therefore, it’s recommended that you craft your cooldowns everyday and save them until the update. You could also place buy orders for the materials and get them for much cheaper now and then flip them later for some easy coin.

Umbral Shards

Another way to prepare for New World Season 1 is by being prepared for the upcoming changes to umbral shard requirements. These changes are going to adjust the amount of umbral shards needed to upgrade your gear.

Currently, on live, you need 205 umbral shards to upgrade a piece of gear from 590 to 600. The season update is going to increase that amount up to 400. Therefore, it’s going to cost 195 more umbral shards to upgrade your gear from 590 to 600 than it currently does on live.

It’s recommended that if you have any pieces of gear that need to be upgraded to legendary that are 590 and above you do that now to save yourself some shards. However, do not fully upgrade the item to 625. This is because upgrading from 601 to 625 currently costs 9,190 umbral shards on live. The season 1 update is changing this to be 8,710. This means you will save 480 umbral shards per piece of gear you upgrade from 601 to 625 if you wait until the update.

Repair Parts

As already mentioned, along with the season update you’ll be able to craft tools and bags using runestone stopwatches and golden scarabs.

To craft tools utilizing those resources you will need to have 250 repair parts. The maximum amount of repair parts you can have at any time is 2,000. Therefore, if you’re planning on rolling several tools with scarabs or a stopwatch it’s recommended that you keep some salvageable gear on hand. This way you will not get bottlenecked on repair parts as you craft.

PvE Arena Orbs

In the activity cards in season 1 there are several objectives to defeat the bosses in the PvE arenas. For example, if you defeat the Siren Queen you will be able to stamp one of your objectives and earn season experience.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you save up the materials necessary to craft the tuning orbs required to enter the arenas. The materials you’ll need are:


You are going to be able to upgrade certain items from certain reward cache’s from epic to legendary when season 1 hits live. It’s recommended that you hang on to these caches and open them post-update so you can receive the benefit of upgrading your items to legendary.

The direct quote from the developers is as follows:

In response to feedback we’ve received, we are enabling the Legendary upgrading behavior on more items in the game. It was previously only present on weapons coming from Outpost Rush rewards. It is now present on the following item sets (The name of the sets of items is being listed here for clarity, as well as their source):

  • War Item Rewards
    • ‘War’ Weapons/Trinkets
    • ‘Warmaster’ Armor
  • Invasion Item Rewards
    • ‘Invasion’ Weapons & Trinkets
    • ‘Champion Defender’ Armors
  • OPR Item Rewards
    • ‘Conqueror’s’ Weapons
    • ‘Rusher’ Armors/Trinkets

If these items roll as purple (and are 590 GS and therefore eligible for Umbral upgrades) they can be upgraded to legendary. Upon upgrading to 600 GS these items will gain a 5th, random perk. This behavior is not present on Shields, as Shields cannot be legendary.