In the latest Forged in Aeternum video the developers stated a ton of interesting information, including the massive news that the ward and bane perks are being removed from the game entirely.

Ward and Bane Perks are Being Removed From New World

Forged in Aeternum Recap – July 26th, 2023

Below you can find a recap of the latest Forged in Aeternum video.

Time to Kill

One of the questions asked was if the developers are happy with the current burst meta. The reply was that the time to kill is currently a little faster than what they are shooting for.

They stated they will be looking at increasing health and reducing damage a little over time, but nothing too fast.

Future Raid Plans

Are there plans to make more traditional raids in the future with multiple bosses, trash mobs, etc., similar to other MMORPG raids?

The devs stated they wanted to make sure expeditions are in a great place before they pushed forward with making a full blown raid. The sandwurm is the first raid type experience, but is only one boss fight. They want to get feedback on that boss fight and the mechanics. Once they feel like they are making goof raid bosses then they’ll transition into making full raids.

OPR Map Changes

Why don’t you add more cover to the OPR map?

The answer given was that they are looking into it. They feel like range is very strong in OPR, but not because of the strength of ranged but because of the design of the OPR map. That’s what they are going to be looking into.

Why didn’t you buff turret HP and damage when it is still easy to kill someone sitting on a turret?

Their high level goal is to make turrets a bigger strategic asset that you may want to go after, and as a part of those changes there is more damage resistance while using a turret now, so that should help alleviate some of this concern.

Separating PvE & PvP Perks

Are there any plans for PVE-only weapon perks for legendary weapon drops similar in concept to PVP perks where it can only work if you aren’t flagged for PvP to allow for more extravagant weapon perk, weapon perks or anything like that in the future.

In general, New World is moving away from very specific perks, perks that affect certain types or even perks that respect certain family types, things like that. But it’s important to be able to separate the balancing of PVE and PvP so that we can really push the PVP stuff, make it fun, make it a little crazy out there without affecting the balance of PVP.

We have some stuff we’re working on there we’re not ready to talk about yet, but we will soon.

So in general, I think we’re moving away from very specific perks, perks that affect certain types or even perks that respect certain family types, things like that.

Open World PvP / Territory Influence

Will there be an update in open world PVP or Territory influenced to make it more engaging?


Later this year we have some changes coming that are going to make open world PVP more engaging.

Ward and Bane Perks are Being Removed

Any plans to reduce, simplify, remove the ward system?

The developers response was as follows:

Yes ward and bane perks are being removed.

We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear. We agree with it. We think it’s overly complex. It creates too much of a gear chase. And the chase is not fun, right? Like, what we’ve talked about is like the classless system in New World is one of its greatest strengths.

It’s safe to say that these perks will be gone by the end of the year.

I like the ability to experiment, try different builds – like super, super fun. But the problem is people are so occupied with getting banes and wards and resilience stats for PVP, they can’t enjoy the fun stuff. So we want to remove this complexity and allow people to dig into the fun stuff.

As we discussed, wards and banes are going to be making an exit from New World and it will not resurrect like people do. But what we would do, we do still like the preparation loop, right? And I don’t think gems is the right thing. We’re currently thinking about using the ward potions and just increasing their time to last a full Expedition.