This guide is going to cover what there is to do once you reach level 60 in New World, and what the next steps in your progression should be. You will ultimately need to progress your gear score from 500 to 600 and then work on obtaining level 625 gear sets for all the activities you are interested in.

Difference in Expertise and Gear Score

There are two critical systems you need to be aware of for your character progression beyond level 60. These are expertise and gear score. You can see your current expertise and gear score on your inventory screen. You should take note that expertise and gear score are not the same thing in New World.

Your expertise is a permanent form of progression that is tied to your character. Once you have increased your expertise for a particular gear slot it is a permanent increase. Upon reaching level 60 in New World your expertise will be 500 and you can push it all the way up to a maximum of 600 using the expertise system, and then from 600 to 625 with the umbral shard system (more on this below).

Your gear score is tied to a particular piece of gear, and is averaged out based on the gear score of all of your currently equipped items.

It’s very important to increase your expertise versus simply equipping high gear score items because your expertise dictates the power you will receive from a particular item that you have equipped. For example, if your expertise is 510 for your great axe and you purchase a gear score 580 great axe from the trading post then your gear score for that item will be downscaled to 545. However, if your expertise was 580 for your great axe and you purchase a 580 great axe then you would be able to utilize the full power of the 580 item.

Level 60 in New World Now What?

The Solo Method

Now that you have reached level 60 in New World the first thing you’ll want to focus on is increasing your expertise from 500 to 600. If you’re solo, the most effective way to accomplish this is by utilizing the gypsum system. There are several gypsum orbs that are very easy to obtain. These can be obtained every day within an hour and can then be used to increase your expertise for whichever slot you choose. It’s recommended that you prioritize getting these 4 gypsum everyday:

  • Diamond Gypsum – You can obtain Diamond Gypsum by gathering any type of node in Aeternum. This usually changes during Seasonal Events such as the Winter Convergence.
  • Topaz Gypsum – Requires consuming a special Attunement Potion. This potion can be crafted at an Arcana Station or Tier 5 camp. Once consumed, you simply need to kill level 55+ mobs and pick up the loot containing the gypsum.
  • Emerald Gypsum – found in Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers (Must have an applicable trade skill to 200 to obtain aptitude crates and your emerald)
  • Obsidian Gypsum – defeating level 60+ open-world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks

Where to get the Gypsum

A great place to obtain all 4 of these within an hour is in northern Ebonscale Reach. You can teleport to the Lover’s shrine and make your way up to the Skysong Temple point of interest. On your way make sure to gather a few herbs for your 3 diamond gypsum. You can also farm the Ironwood Trees in the area (you need to be level 200 logging for this to work) to get your aptitude crate for logging. You will only need a few trees to hit the aptitude mark everyday. If the ironwood trees are contested you can cook a stack of hearty meals once you’re back at the settlement to quickly obtain your emerald gypsum (You need to be 200 cooking in order to gain aptitude)

Once you have made your way to the Skysong Temple point of interest you will need to consume a topaz potion. Take down the mobs along the way the maiden boss to get your topaz gypsum. You will be able to get 10 topaz which can be converted into 2 gypsum orbs at the kiln.

Once your at the maiden you will need to kill her in order to obtain an obsidian gypsum. You can opt to stay in this area to kill her a couple more times for 2 more obsidian or you can head north to Skysong Crypt. Here you can take down Ivan the Inevitable for your remaining obsidian gypsum.

From here make sure you purchase your 2 gypsum orbs from the faction vendor each day. If you do not have the required faction tokens simply run a few quick PvP missions to obtain them to purchase the orbs.

Gypsum Orbs

Doing this everyday will net you with 7 gypsum orbs that you can turn into gypsum casts for expertise bumps.

  • Diamond – 1 orb
  • Emerald – 1 orb
  • Obsidian – 1 orb
  • Topaz – 2 orbs
  • Faction Vendor – 2 orbs

You can also exceed the daily limit of one cast per day for a particular item by utilizing the perfect salvage system.

Chest Runs

If you can manage to get into a chest run train each day this is optimal for expertise increases. If you can only do one thing a day this is what you would want to shoot for. You will see people posting things like “X in chat for train or world tour”. Just join the train and follow them around.

During the chest run you can use a topaz potion to obtain your topaz gypsum, but the success varies depending on the train (some skip mobs, some might have too many players to get any loot). You can also obtain your 3 obsidian gypsum during the run. However, the reason chest runs are still great is for the random expertise increases you will receive from looting the elite chests as well. Therefore, you can get a few gypsum to increase the specific gear you want, and quite a lot of random expertise increases. As a fresh level 60 there are a few spirit shrines you will want to obtain for these chest runs:

  • Imperial Shrine – Southern Ebonscale Reach
  • Mountainhome Outpost – Southwest Shattered Mountain
  • Elysian Shrine – Eastern Edengrove
  • Cleave’s Point Outpost – Western Great Cleave
  • Lazarus Shrine – Northern Reekwater
  • Crossroads Shrine – West Shattered Mountain (For Brimstone Sands Chest Runs)
  • Shrine of the Nine – Brimstone Sands


You could also opt to run expeditions. However, this is not recommended at 500 gear score.

The most recommended expedition to run as a fresh level 60 is Barnacles and Black Powder. This is doable with a group that has roughly 530 gear score. This expedition is recommended because you can take the repeatable quest on the dock and get a gypsum orb every time you run the expedition.

A topaz potion can be used in the expedition to obtain your topaz gypsum as well. You can obtain sapphire gypsum from running the expeditions, and will receive 1 sapphire for each end game expedition that you complete each day up to a maximum of 2.

You will also receive random expertise bumps from the bosses and chests within the expedition, making this a good way to gain expertise.

PvP – Outpost Rush and Arenas

If you enjoy PvP you can also obtain gypsum from Outpost Rush and Arenas. You gear score will be scaled up to 600 while participating in the games modes, so you don’t have to have max expertise in order to join.

You can obtain 2 garnet from arenas each day, and 2 rubies from Outpost Rush each day. Outpost Rush will reward you with a crate that will give you a random expertise bump as well. However, the matches can take a while so this not a very efficient way to increase expertise.

Arenas are much faster, but if you are losing quite a lot there is a chance you will not receive your gypsum from the game mode. Therefore, chest runs, expeditions, and solo gypsum farming are superior methods of expertise increases.

Ways to Obtain Gear as a Fresh 60

There are several options to obtain gear once you hit level 60 in New World. It’s unlikely that you will have the necessary trophies and gear to craft gear score 600 items when hitting 60. Therefore, you could purchase the gear from the trading post or farm the gear.

If you purchase the gear from the trading post it is downscaled to the average of the gear score and your expertise level. For example, if you are 500 expertise and purchase a 600 gear score item the effectiveness will be downscaled to 550 gear score. As your expertise increases the power of the gear will increase as well, up to the gear score of the item.

If you have 200 in a particular trade skill you can also opt to craft the Artisan Gear at the applicable crafting station in order to get a guaranteed 600 gear score item. Crafting Artisan gear does not require trophies, food, or any other buffs. You simply need to be max level in that particular crafting profession. When you equip artisan gear it does not downscale like other gear in the game. You will receive the benefits of a gear score 600 item. However, this will not increase your expertise for that gear slot.

Farming Gear

If you farm the gear then the gear will maintain it’s gear score. There are several great options for farming gear as a fresh level 60 to get into some high gear score gear. However, bear in mind this does not increase your expertise. Below are a few examples of enemies you can farm for a chance at up to 600 gear score items:

  • Edengrove – Baines, Cael, Adjorjan
  • Old Myrkgard Forest – Unhallowed Soul of Myrkgard
  • Nihilo Visage – High Priest Oseguera
  • Balebane Maw – Articulon the Unshackeld, Mozrul the Herald
  • Caminus – Caminus Gate Lord, Overseer Levy
  • Spilaio Cavern – Tzi-Wang the Immovable, Dau-Shen the Unstoppable
  • East Illurmin – Corrupted Excubitor Luca
  • West Illurmin – Pit Lord Daehi
  • The Congregation – Mirepaw
  • Lambent Muskeg – The Blight Bringer
  • Maria’s Rest – Smoothbore Samuel
  • Ska Makogai – Thorn of the Heartwood
  • Serenity Monastery – Gnasher
  • Skysong Crypt – Ivan the Inevitable, Mordici the Mortician, Slayer Rosellen, Farley

The above is not an all encompassing list. There are quite a lot of named mobs that can be farmed in order to obtain decent gear as a fresh 60. You can utilize our interactive map to find the location of each of these enemies.

Corrupted Portals

Another option to obtain PvE specific gear is by farming Corrupted Breaches. As a fresh level 60 you would want to focus on the level 60+ breaches. These guarantee drops with a enemy ward and bane perks on them. You will also get gypsum for completing breaches, as well as, some other decent items.


After 600 Expertise

Once you have reached 600 expertise, you will then want to shoot for getting gear sets up to 625 for activities that you are interested in participating in. You can do this via the umbral shard system. It’s recommended that you find an all-around decent set of gear to push up to gear score 625 before min-maxing and pushing for best-in-slot gear.

You will want to do this so that you can participate in level 10 mutated expeditions and once you have gear score 625 gear the gypsum cast for that gear slot will yield you with 400 umbral shards.