Elemental aversion gear is going to be more sought after once the new update hits live on March the 28th. There are a slew of combat changes taking place, and these changes are going to shift the meta quite a lot. Most players are now considering replacing shirking fortification on their gear with elemental aversion.

This is due to the nerfs that shirking fortification is receiving. If you want to see more about those nerfs you can check out this video which tests the changes to shirking fort.

Elemental Aversion & Other Perks

Most of the pieces of gear that you can farm that include elemental aversion do not include resilient. However, you could opt to slot one of these pieces and run 4 pieces of resilient and still be fine, or use one of the farmable pieces as a temporary fix until you obtain a better piece.

Some of the pieces listed also include shirking fortification. Shirking fortification is not going to be a very sought after perk especially on light gear, but again you can utilize these pieces until you find replacements.

Also, most of the gear listed is going to be obtainable via expeditions. However, there are a few very good pieces that you can farm in the open world. We’ll start with those first.

Open World Elemental Aversion Pieces

Item NameDropped From:
Charioteer’s BootsDawn’s Chariot Khepri
Shadowed HandsGrave Offerings & Ancient Offerings Brimstone Sands
Protective CowlGrave Offerings & Ancient Offerings Brimstone Sands
Gossamer Scorpion Egg RobeGrave Offerings & Ancient Offerings Brimstone Sands
Joyful GlovesOphois the Joyful

Expedition Elemental Aversion Gear

Item NameDropped From:
Honorable ShoesThe Ennead – Shai
Zealous EmbraceDynasty Shipyard – Zhou Taiying – Mutated
Shoes of SeineBarnacles & Black Powder – Expedition Wide
Lost Souls GlovesBarnacles & Black Powder – Expedition Wide
Waterlogged ShirtBarnacles & Black Powder – Expedition Wide
Masquerade MaskStarstone Amrine Mashup – Greundgul the Regent – Mutated
Conqueror’s GauntletsTempest Heart – Crewman Alvaro, Cutthroat Eduardo
Raider’s BootsTempest Heart – Crewman Alvaro, Cutthroat Eduardo
Wizened PantsTempest Heart – Uzret
Wizened ShoesTempest Heart – Crewman Alvaro, Cutthroat Eduardo
Wizened GlovesTempest Heart – Crewman Ruiz
Wizened ShirtTempest Heart – Ekheke
Wizened HatTempest Heart – Vroeg
Sagacious ShirtTempest Heart – High Priestess Ifel
Sagacious HatTempest Heart – High Priest Basir
Sagacious ShoesTempest Heart – Headman Pang
Sagacious GlovesTempest Heart – Headman Pang
Tactician’s PantsTempest Heart – High Maiden Lai
Honest Thief’s HatTempest Heart – Isabella
Neishatun’s BootsTempest Heart – Neishatun
Neishatun’s GauntletsTempest Heart – Neishatun