Human ward and bane gear are highly desired in New World when facing varangian enemies in the game. They are particularly sought after when putting together gear sets for the Empyrean Forge Expedition.

In order to craft human ward and bane gear you will need acquire a couple different craft mods. To craft human ward you will need to obtain a vial of lost essence, and for human bane you will need an urn of lost essence.

These craft mods are dropped almost exclusively by lost enemies within New World. However, named lost enemies have a better chance of dropping loot which also increases the chance of obtaining craft mods from them. Below are the 3 best places in New World to farm for hum ward and human bane craft mods.

Rabbit Island

You can make your way to rabbit island, located in Restless shore. Once on the island you will need to kill the white rabbit named Stanley. Once you kill stanley, a named lost mob named the Harekeeper will spawn. This mob has a decent chance to drop both vials of lost essence and urns of lost essence.

Stanley will respawn very quickly, so there’s not much downtime for this farm.

vials of lost essence farm new world

Skysong Crypt

Another great farm for human ward and bane craft mods is Skysong Crypt. It’s located in northern Ebonscale Reach. There are 5 named lost mobs in this area that make this a great farm.

The five named are as follows:

  • The Cursed One is located in the southern section of the area within the crypts.
  • Mordici the Mortician is located in the courtyard near the center of the area.
  • Slayer Rosellen is located in the northern part of the area right below the mountain.
  • Ivan the Inevitable is located inside the church.
  • Farley is located at the northernmost point in the area. You can find him by looking at the map and finding the circular shape in the north.

A good loop to run in this area is to start in the church and take out Ivan, then rotate to Slayer Rosellen, rotate to Mordici the Mortician, and then down in the crypts to the Cursed One. If there are large groups, or if you can’t get the rotation you can opt to go up the stairs and take out Farley while the rest of the mobs below respawn.

There are also several ironwood nodes near Farley that you can farm while you’re there.

Amrine Expedition

The final place on our list is the Amrine Expedition. The Amrine expedition is full of lost enemies, including several named enemies throughout the dungeon. This is a low-level expedition making it a very easy farm. However, the downside is that you will need 3 players to complete the expedition. There are plates that you must stand on within the dungeon and you can’t progress further into the dungeon without 3 players standing on the plates.

vials of lost essence farm new world