On October 7th, redbyrd and newworldfans.com will be hosting a New World Housing Competition live on twitch at twitch.tv/redbyrd! Redbyrd, along with 2 special guests, will judge your New World house on stream with prizes going to the top 3 houses!

Here are the Prizes for the Event!

  • 3rd Place – Copy of New World on Steam
  • 2nd place – Copy of New World + $25 Dollar Steam Gift Card
  • 1st Place – Copy of New World + $50 Dollar Steam Gift Card

How To Enter The Competition

There are many ways to enter the competition! Below are the ways you can join in!

  • Walk redbyrd through your house live on twitch if you are on the Orofena server!
  • Be present in discord and stream a live walk-through of your house – if not on Orofena
  • Post a Youtube Video with a tour of your house and link it in our Discord under the New World Housing competition channel.

House Scoring

Below are the 4 categories you will be scored in from 1-10 giving you a total score out of 40 possible points. You will earn the average of your score from the 3 judges.

  • Style – Layout of Furnishings and Room Design
  • Rarity – Overall level of rarity of furnishings in the house
  • Uniqueness – Does your house’s Design and theme stand out above the rest.
  • Theme – Overall Theme that Ties the Style and Uniqueness of your house together.

Look forward to seeing all of your houses in New World!

NOTE – We will try to get through as many houses as possible. If the event is well received, and there are a lot of houses, we can have more events in the future!