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There are endless realms to explore in Nightingale. However, only one of those can truly be your home. This guide will walk you though how to fast travel in Nightingale and quickly get back to your home base. This is primarily done by building and utilizing what’s called an Estate Cairn.

The Estate Cairn

In order to build an Estate Cairn simply press the default key of “B” to bring up your building menu. From here, navigate to Estate and select the Estate Cairn. It will cost you 20 rocks and 5 stone blocks to build.

how to fast travel in nightingale

Once you place your Estate Cairn and activate it, the Abeyance Realm that you placed it in will become your home realm. You can open your map by pressing “M” and see where you home is located by looking for the house icon.

Once you have successfully built the Estate Cairn you can then fast travel back to it by opening your map and clicking the “Travel to Respite” button. This can be done from any realm. However, bear in mind that you might not be able to return to the same world that you’re leaving if you play a different realm card combination at the realm card machine.

How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

Tips for Fast Travel in Nightingale

Some additional notes and tips regarding fast trave in Nightingale include:

  • This is currently the only form of fast travel in the game. Once you fast travel back to your respite you’ll have to run back to whatever location you’re trying to visit.
  • You can build multiple Estate Cairns. However, you have only have one active at a time. If you build an additional Cairn and want that location as your Respite point (fast travel location) you will need to walk up to it, hold “e” and select the “Create Respite Point” option. Doing this will overwrite the previous location. You will still have your previous base, but your fast travel point will have moved to the new location.
  • Be aware that if you use a portal to go a different Abeyance Realm to create a new base you may lose your old base forever. If you do this and then change your portal’s location by playing new cards you will not be able to get back to your old realm.
  • Think about you location when placing your Estate Cairn and setting up your home base. A good location is near the Portal in your Abeyance Realm. You will be utilizing the portal quite a lot. Having your home next to it will save you quite a bit of hassle running to it. At least until you can build portals of your own.
  • If you die in a world that you do not have an Estate Cairn you will respawn at the nearest Faerie Ring.

Estate Cairns & Multiplayer

Once you complete the tutorial in Nightingale you will then have the ability to play with other people. You can invite friends to your realm or set your realm as public if you want random people to have the capability of joining. The new players can build Estate Cairns in the same Abeyance Realm as you. This will then make that realm their home realm as well. This basically allows multiple players to have the same shared realm. Fast Travel in Nightingale works the same way in multiplayer. Open your map and click Travel to Respite.