Within every realm you encounter in Nightingale you will be able to apply minor cards in order to receive special buffs. These buffs only apply to the realm you in. You can do this by finding and utilizing the Realmic Transmuter within that realm.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Realmic Transmuter in Nightingale.

Nightingale Realmic Transmuter Guide

How to Find the Realmic Transmuter in Nightingale

The Realmic Transmuter is a machine that’s located in random locations within a realm. In the the forest Abeyance realm pictured below it was located in the southeast corner of map. However, because each realm is procedurally generated the machine can be located in a different location, even within another Abeyance Forest realm.

You can located the machine in your Abeyance realm by opening your map and looking for the card symbol. However, in some realms it’s located on the top of the Fae Tower. Once you complete the Fae tower you can then access the Transmuter.

If you do not locate the Transmuter at the top of the tower you will be able to locate it once the tower is complete by looking for the card icon on the map. Completing the Fae Tower reveals all the other points of interest on that map.

Nightingale Realmic Transmuter Guide

How to Use the Transmuter

Once you locate the transmuter you simply need to interact with it to use it. Opening a portal to another realm requires the use of Biome / Major Cards. However, the transmuter only uses minor cards.

Once you interact with the machine you can then place a minor card in it to active the benefits of the card. You of course must have acquired the minor card you want to use in order to utilize it at the transmuter. You can purchase quite a few of the minor card recipes from the essence traders located within each realm. Once you have the recipe you will then need to craft the card.

Once you use the card you will then be granted to modifiers of that card within the realm that you are in. Those modifiers do not carry over to any other realm. You must use another minor card at a transmuter in a different realm to receive the benefits there.

However, whatever modifiers you receive will be active anytime you are in that specific realm. If you reset the realm and go the same biome / difficulty the card you played will no longer be active. You can only play one minor card at a time. You can however replace a card with a different card if you want to change your modifiers for that realm.

Minor Cards & Their Uses

Some examples of the minor cards you can acquire in Nightingale are listed below. This not an all inclusive list, but intended to examples of some of the modifiers you can obtain and use.

Card NameEffectsAcquired
Alchemistncreases the yield of crafted potions, increases the chance of finding Essence, and increases the magick power of crafted items.Recipe sold at the Ascended Swamp Astrolabe Essence Trader.
ArtisanImproves crafting stations and augments all crafting stations to the ideal environment. Refinement time is also decreased by 10 seconds and increases comfort rating by 1.Looted from Fae Chests. The recipe is available from the Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader.
Deep Fae WildsDecreases the damage you deal, but increases your health, stamina and the rate your health and stamina recover.The recipe can be unlocked by completing POIs and getting it as a random reward from Puzzle Cores. Recipe is also purchased from the Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader
DuelistSlight increase to the damage you deal and the damage you take.Looted from Fae Chests. Recipe sold at the Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader.
Estate Address CardPlay this card to go to a specific player’s Abeyance Realm. Gift the card to other players and allow them to visit your estate even when you’re offline.Can be acquired from POI rewards, and the recipe can be purchased from the Abeyance essence trader.
FarmIncreases the speed of crop growth, improves the yield and increases the chance of finding Essence when Harvesting.Recipe sold at the Forest Hunt Essence Trader.
MaleficiatePlunges the realm into eternal night and increases the yield of Bound resource drops.Looted from Fae Chests. Recipe sold at the Desert Gloom Essence Trader.
Tempest ApogeanEven further increases to magickal damage, along with perpetual rain.Recipe sold at the Ascended Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader.
Weighted EminentIncreases the damage and efficiency of your harvesting tools while altering gravity and lowering your stamina.Looted from Fae Chests. Recipe sold at the Swamp Gloom Essence Trader.