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In Nightingale, a huge part of your experience is travelling between realms. You do this by playing a particular realm card combination at a realm card machine located at a portal. Which realm you visit is determined by the card combination that you play. Each realm you visit will have different resources, monsters, and challenges for you to overcome.

In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about the different realms in the game, their difficulty, how to access them, and more.

Types of Nightingale Realms

A realm is essentially a different world or map that you travel to in Nightingale when you play a specific set of cards at a realm card machine. You open a realm by playing both a biome card and a difficulty card. This combination will determine the type of biome you travel to and how hard that biome will be. This also determines the types of enemies and resources you’ll encounter within that realm. You have the option to travel between 3 different biome types. These biome types include the following:

  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Swamp

In addition to the biome type, the major card you play determines the difficulty level of the realm. For example you could play the Desert and Astroblade card combination for a moderate danger desert realm. You can also add an additional difficulty modifier to the realm by selecting the difficulty from the drop down box while you’re in the portal interface. You can choose between easy, medium, hard, and extreme difficulty levels. Once the realm is created you can not change the biome or difficulty. However, you can utilize the Realmic Transmuter to add certain modifiers and buffs while you are within a certain realm.

Bear in mind, each realm is procedurally generated. However, you can play the same cards in order to access a realm you have previously visited. If you would like to visit a new procedurally generated realm with the same card combination you simply need to select the reset realm option in the lower left of the portal interface.

Nightingale Realms Guide

Once a realm has been reset you will never be able to visit that exact realm again. So, any structures or items you may have there will be lost forever. The only exception to this rule is your Estate Realm. You can always travel back to your Respite at any time.

Difficulty of Realms & Levels

As mentioned above, playing a major card will determine the level and difficulty of the realm you visit. The biome card will determine the biome type Below are the major cards (difficulty cards) you will need, along with the item level needed for that realm difficulty.

CardItem LevelDangerHow to Unlock
N/A – Tutorial0MinimalStart the Game
Abeyance10MinimalComplete the Tutorial
Antiquarian20MiddlingComplete the Antiquarian Site of Power
Astroblade30ModerateComplete the Astroblade Site of Power
Provisioner40ModerateComplete the Provisioner Site of Power
Herbarium50ConsiderableComplete the Herbarium Site of Power
Gloom60ConsiderableComplete the Gloom Site of Power
Hunt70GreatComplete the Hunt Site of Power

How to Keep Access to Nightingale Realms

There are few different ways that you can keep access to Nightingale Realms that you have previously visited. First, if you open a realm and return back to your Respite that realm is put in standby mode. You can then go back to the same realm by simply selecting the “Reopen Portal” option within realm card machine interface.

Nightingale Realms Guide

If you wish to play other cards and visit a different realm you need to select the “reset portal” option. You will then be able to play more cards. However, you can still return to that realm again by playing the same cards as you did previously.

For example, if you wanted to visit an Astroblade Desert realm you could play the Astroblade and Desert Cards. If you decided you wanted to move to a Provisioner Forest realm you could then reset the portal and play the Provisioner and Forest combination. This would open an new realm to a Provisioner Forest world.

However, you could then play the Astroblade and Desert combination again to return to the previously visited Desert Realm. If you wanted to spin up a new Astroblade and Desert map you would need to select the “Reset Realm” option in the bottom left of the realm card machine’s interface. Be aware that when you select this option everything in that realm is then lost forever. Next time you play the Astroblade and Desert cards you will see a completley new map. Any structures or items you had would be gone forever.

You can also build and utilize your personal crude portals. The build a crude portal you will need the following:

  • 10 Lumber
  • 7 Ingots
  • 3 Wire
  • 1 Synchronous Lotus

Building a crude portal acts the same way as another portal. However, you can build as many as you like. Which means you could have a portal for every realm you visit if you wish. This would allow you to keep access to every realm you ever visited.

Nightingale Realms Guide