We will inform you of the updates that will be applied through the maintenance on February 7th, 2024.

 What’s new?

When you reach level 50, you will automatically gain 7 types of “Special Growth Skills” (previously Resistance Skills).

– The 7 skills that can be obtained from the previous Resistance event have been changed to be automatically obtained upon reaching level 50.

– Existing related items can be changed to ‘Precious Forge: Omnipotence’.

※ Characters who have already acquired skills will be given as “Rare Forge: Omnipotence” items equal to the number of skills. (1 Skill for 2 Items)

– 7 active skills that were previously available as rewards from the Resistance event have been changed to be unlocked by default at level 50.

: If a character already has a skill and is below level 50, they will not be able to use the skill and will be able to use it when they reach level 50.

: Even if a skill becomes unavailable, the skill’s growth information is retained.

※ Characters who have already learned the skill will receive the “Rare Training Book: Omnipotence” item by mail after the maintenance.

※ The 7 types of skills can only be grown with “Precious Forge: Omnipotence” as before, and can only be exchanged between “Special Growth Skills”.

– Previously acquired items related to “Resistance Skill” can be replaced with “Rare Forge: Omnipotence” through the following methods.

: If you have a Skill Book, you can get 2 ‘Precious Forge Book: Omnipotence’ by dissolving the Skill Book.

: Characters who own “Precious Resistance Parchment: Forge” can be crafted into 2 “Rare Forge Book: Omnipotence” through the Skill Book Creator.

10 ‘Rare Resistance Parchment: Forge’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
‘A Chance to Win’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
‘Guillotine Blade’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
‘Frenzied Sword Dance’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
‘Wind Snatcher’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
‘Swift Conclusion’2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
Infernal Meteorite2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”
Calamity Rays2 “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”

※ The number of results will be displayed as 1 when crafting, but there is a 100% chance that you can get 2 from the ‘Jackpot’ result.

※ Crafting/dissolving of existing Resistance Skill related items will only be maintained until before the maintenance on March 6th, 2024.

Mastery has been expanded, and some combat experience has been improved.

– Increased the maximum achievable level of weapon mastery from level 7 to level 13.

– Restrictions on attack distance and range have been strengthened to allow for more intentional combat play.

■ Skill Expansion

– The maximum attainment level for weapon mastery has been increased to 13.

– Skill growth requirements have been relaxed.

: The accumulated proficiency after reaching the previous level 7 will be automatically reflected, and the skill level may increase after the update.

■ Common

– When successfully blocking, the ability to deal counterattack damage is now affected by the ‘attack distance’.
: Staff [Mystic Shield], Two-Handed Sword [Ironblade Counterattack], Crossbow [Momentum Roll], Wand [Chaos Shield]

– Fixed an issue where area-type non-defensible skills could be hit by crossbow [Momentum Roll] and dagger [Stealth Stance] even though they were out of range.

■ Longbow

– Nature’s Grace effect is now affected by the buff duration stat.

■ Action Mode

– Added the ability to hold the mouse cursor while holding down a hotkey in Action Mode.

: Provides the option to ‘hold cursor while pressing’ in Preferences > Character > Hotkeys > Operation Mode. (Default: Off)

※ Shortcuts that cannot be used to hold down: Alt, Ctrl, Shift

■ Operation

– Improved the ‘Prioritize nearby targets’ option to follow the settings of ‘Target selection method’ when activated.

: Basic attack while there is no target, press the skill key to affect the target that is auto-targeted.

Improved the experience of some content and systems.

– Improved the appearance of the ‘Infinite Gate’ monster skill.
– The Resistance event has been removed and will resume in a new format at a later date.

■ Gateway to Infinity

Enrage Skill Casting Directing
(Existing) Light Source Directing(Change) The whole body shines

– The display of the Enrage skill used by monsters in Infinite Gate has been changed.

: It has nothing to do with the timing of using the defense skill, but we have improved the part where the appearance is similar to the existing normal boss.

: When a monster casts a rage skill, you can gauge the timing of when to defend through the attacking motion.

– Fixed an issue with some ‘Infinite Gates’.

: [Maze of Approaching Death] Fixed an issue where the Roaring Avolos Darkmancer would not die intermittently.

: [Fall! Blitzkrieg! Doom!] Fixed light transfer to occur more quickly.

: [Taker and Reclaimer] Fixed an issue where health and mana were not restored after defeating Dren.

: [Vengeance and Resurrection] Improved the Vengeance Skull Commander to use the Resurrection skill immediately after the first death.

■ Special Dungeons

– Added recommended level information to Paola’s Dimension Circle List.

■ Resistance Event

– Removed the Resistance event that was scheduled to take place on February 7th.

※ The Resistance event will be restarted in a new form with sufficient improvements in the future.

■ Items

– The amount of stacks in the Bag and Storage of some items has changed. (The amount of stacks of existing items will be retained.)

itemExisting stackableNumber of changes that can be stacked
Magic Powder200pcs500pcs
parchment100 pcs500pcs
Stellaboom Elements200pcs500pcs

Improved the experience of some content and systems.

– Guild identification and recognition have been strengthened, and the guild system has been partially improved.

■ Guild Crest

– 13 new Guild Crests for level 30 guilds.

■ Guild Request

– Guild Quests have been changed to use Guild Resources instead of the Guild Leader’s personal currency.

■ Guild Rewards

– In the Peace Zone event, Marind, which was awarded as a Guild reward when entering the ranks, has been replaced with Refining and Grinding.

■ Guild EXP

– Guild XP growth has been changed.

> [Hunting] Each person will be capped at the amount of Guild XP that can be earned from daily hunts.

> [Guild Quest] The XP weight of ‘Normal Hunting’ quests will be lowered, and the XP weight of ‘Dungeon’ and ‘Area Event’ quests that require cooperation will be increased.

> [Regional Events] The higher the regional events, the higher the amount of experience. In addition, in order to increase the proportion according to the number of participants, the proportion of acquisition by effort rewards has been increased.

> [Guild Raid] experience ratio has been increased than before, and the amount of experience gained will increase based on the unlock level.

■ Guild Directing

– Removed the Guild Resurrection-affected street expression from the world.

Transformations, emotes, and the use of the Mirror Boutique will be more convenient.

– Increased usability to transform and emote faster.

– Improved the convenience of the Mirror Boutique.

■ Transformation

– Instead of entering the transformation menu, you can enter ‘/transformation transformation name’ in the chat window to transform directly into a game or camouflage.

: e.g. / transformation box lobster

※ The convenience of Yugi transformation and camouflage transformation will be continuously improved.

■ Emotes

– Added a button to the HUD to make it easier to use emotes, and removed them from chat.

– Improved the ability to edit the position of the emote button in the HUD.

■ Mirror Boutique

– ‘Hair dye’ and ‘Sewing thread’ items can now be stored in storage.

– When changing the appearance and dyeing the costume, the items in the warehouse can be used immediately.

– Fixed the size of the drop point in the appearance list to enhance the recognition of the drop point.

Improved some adventure and exploration codexes.

– Improved some of the inconveniences between the adventure and exploration codexes.

■ Adventure Codex

– [Act 8: The Devil’s Smile]

: Habres’ health is reduced by 40%, and the last heart appears at 25% health.

– [Act 9: A Pact of Fire and Darkness]

: Zarek’s health has been reduced by 30% and Arthur Talon’s health has been reduced by 20%.

: The bomb appears at 40% of Zarekh’s health, deals increased damage to Arthur Talon, and has an additional ‘Increased Damage Taken’ debuff.

: Zarekh’s Wrath skill has been changed to a single projectile attack.

■ Exploration Codex

– Fixed an issue where the gauge would not appear properly when using a wooden bucket of rain during the Golden Rye Farm > Cursed Rain.

– [Abyss of Sileus Level 3 & 4 > Army of the Dead > Unleash Bound Souls] Reduced the respawn time of Bound Souls.

– [Tyrant’s Island > Mighty Over Strong] Changed “Defeated Enhanced Raptillion Brawler / Defeated Raptillion Spearman” to “Defeat Berserk Raptillion Swordman / Defeat Berserk Raptillion Shaman.”

– [Tyrant’s Isle > Boiling Blood] Changed “Escape from the Bindle of the Berserk Raptillian Executor” to “Destroy the Rampaging Raptilian Gladiator by colliding with him.”

– Changed to expose only for items that have not yet been done.

: If you clear the ‘View incomplete items’ checkbox at the top, all items in that area will be displayed.

: If all the items in the region are completed, all the lists will be printed.

: When there are rewards available for completed items in an area, you can use the ‘Get All’ button to get all the rewards.

Improved UI quality-of-life.

■ Common

– When dragging the item skill icon, an emphasis has been applied to the designated slot to make it easier to recognize the registration replacement range.

– Improved the display of information for period-based items.

■ Map

– Removed the function that displays the map in the center when clicking on the teleportation stone, so that the teleportation pop-up window can be executed immediately even when the last state is maintained.

■ Event Calendar

– If the progress schedule and reward exchange schedule are separated, they will be displayed separately.

■ Codex

– Growth log, click the hyperlink in the main menu to highlight the location of the selected list when entering the Codex window.

– When entering the Exploration Codex window by clicking on the content details view of the content alert and the list in the pop-up window, the selected area has been improved to be displayed on the screen.

■ Battle Pass

– Improved the expression of the buttons to make it easier to recognize the Premium Pass purchase and Pass Shop functions.

– The design of the top of the Battle Pass has been redesigned. A banner has been added for Battle Pass merchandise, and you can purchase the Battle Pass by clicking on the banner.

■ Special Shops

– When the Details button is inactive in the product details, it is hidden.

■ Party

– Improved [Party Recruitment] to display the recommended levels for each dungeon.

– Posts registered in [Party Recruitment] will be notified via a system message before they are deleted.

■ Character information

– Removed the unused stat ‘Global Skill Cooldown Speed’.

– Changed the tooltip description of hits from ‘Normal Attack’ to ‘Attack’.

: ‘Hit’ and ‘Dodge’ affect both normal attacks and skills.

– Added the ability to hide wearing equipment view.

■ Coupons

– Coupon reward pop-up window has been improved so that you can check the coupon reward list.


– Improved the expression of the button to make it easier to recognize the Leave Instance Space button.

Improved gamepad usability.
※ For other gamepad-related error fixes, please check “Fixes”.

■ Friendship Objects

– Fixed an issue where it was difficult to select an attack target when an attack target and a friendly target overlapped.

> Preferences > Gamepad > Other offers a ‘Choose Favor’ option. (Default: Off)

■ Glide operation

– Slowed down the L-stick rotation speed when gliding to improve glide control.


■ Fix system errors

– [Campfire] Fixed an issue where attempting to crouch would occasionally jump over a campfire.

– [Party Recruitment]

: Fixed an issue where when the window was reopened, the selected category would not be retained intermittently.

: When changing the recruitment post of a registered party, the issue where only the category could not be changed and registration was fixed.

: Fixed an issue where when changing the recruitment post of a registered party, the category would be reset intermittently.

: When selecting a different dungeon, the list must be refreshed.

: Fixed an issue where the party count of your party would not be displayed intermittently.

– When typing in [Chat], the content of the input was not reflected normally intermittently.

– Fixed an issue where [Lobby] – [Character Creation] – [Select Server] were displaying the communication status (ping) 1 level lower.

– [Mystic Key] “Guild Quests,” which were missing from the guide, have been added to the main drop-off point.

– Fixed an issue where siege distribution would not proceed properly if there were departed guild members.

■ Correction of content errors

– Fixed an issue that prevented Siege Golems from descending from the top of castle walls or Battle Carriers.

– Fixed an issue outside of Stoneguard Castle where the ‘Isolated Area Warning’ tutorial was constantly exposed.

– Fixed an issue in the Regional Event “Caravan of the Desert” where the Delivery Vendor would not appear intermittently.

– Fixed an issue in the Regional Event “Requiem of Light” where Requiem Rain would not activate at all intermittently.

– Fixed an issue with local event rewards.
: Fixed an issue where Guild rewards were not distributed when obtaining ranked rewards.

: Fixed an issue in ‘Stop Magic Runaway’ that caused certain rank rewards to be awarded incorrectly.

– Fixed an issue where retrying the special dungeon [Infinite Gate] would not restore HP/MP to maximum.

– In Paola’s Dimension Circle [Abyss of Demons], the enhanced Archeum Swordsman no longer uses AoE skills.

– In Paola’s Warp [Temple of Slaughter], the second Mana Stator will now play a water sound effect.

– Fixed an issue in the Field Dungeon [Sanctum of Desire] where players would not die immediately after taking fatal damage.

– [Guild Raid]

: After maintenance, the last Guild Raid Boss was automatically selected and unlocked.

: Fixed an issue where ‘Adentus’ and ‘Azrael’ were incorrectly guided among the bosses.

※ ‘Adentus’ and ‘Azrael’ can challenge Guild Level 17.

■ Item error fixes

– Fixed an issue where some equipment items were not exposed to suppliers.

: ‘Spider Web Clothing’ will now be displayed in the list of obtainable items in ‘Worker Spider’.

: ‘Spider’s Web Cloth’ will now be displayed in the list of obtainable items of ‘Poisonous Worker Spider’.

■ UI bug fixes

– Fixed an issue where clicking on a teleportation stone would not cause a pop-up to appear intermittently.

– Fixed an issue where the check was not enabled or disabled in the legend window.

– Fixed an issue where the current number of cosmetic modifiers could not be loaded in the appearance change window.

– Fixed an issue where the list and details tabs were not syncing in costumes.

– Fixed an issue where the scrolling UI would not disappear from the warehouse.

– Fixed an issue where you could not drag on the Battle Pass screen.

– Fixed an issue where items locked in the upgrade window did not appear dark.

– Fixed an issue where searching for players in a group chat could not be initialized.

– Fixed an issue where the input box disappeared after leaving a party or guild in chat.

– Fixed an issue where the focus changes when opening a box in the crafting screen.

– Fixed an issue where when the Stellar Boom slot is empty, the image of the previously worn Stellar Boom is displayed.

– Fixed an issue where clicking on the Chronology icon would not load the Chronology window.

– Fixed an issue where the text of the ‘Delete All Marks’ button in the Token UI was always exposed.

– Fixed an issue where setting the combination key in the main menu caused the UI to go out of bounds.

– Fixed an issue where the endurance and evasion stat values of the equipment rubbing paper were displayed differently from the actual equipment.

– Removed the incorrect endurance reduction phrase on [Status Ailment: Bleeding] applied by monsters.

– Fixed an issue where other characters who reached Hero Level 5 would incorrectly display their Skill Level information in chat.

■ Graphics & Presentation Improvements

– The Restoration Coin Chest item icon has been changed.

– Fixed an issue where Paola’s Dimension Circle was displaying the wrong rank display image of boss monsters.

■ Gamepad error fixes

– Fixed an issue where the R3 control menus and the control guide overlapped in the bag.

– Fixed an issue where the focus panning operation in the box result pop-up was not smooth.

– Fixed an issue that prevented Stellar Vision from being used in Safe Zone.

– Fixed an issue where the screen was enlarged when operating the R-stick up/down in ‘Investigate’.

Events & Promotions

[Promotion] Wednesday, February 7 New Product Information

– The Sunrise Headdress Costume has been added.

– New Amitoys ‘Pang Pang Ogi’ and ‘Kokaot Inky’ will be added.

[Promotion Details]

<Legendary Magic, Arteo> Weapon Appearance

– 7 new Arteo weapon cosmetics.

[Promotion Details]

Sunrise Happiness Prayer Festival

– <In the New Year, you can complete Paola’s Dimension Circle > Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup and craft a Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup.

– Find < lucky bag! > You can get lucky bags scattered around the field to get Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup and Soland.

– <Lucky New Year’s Coins> You can complete Resistance quests and collect New Year’s Coins to exchange various festive items.

[Event Details]

The New Year’s card has arrived!

– February 9~12 (4 days in a row) You can receive greeting cards and craft items.

[Event Details]

[attendance book] magpie magpie New Year’s Day

– During the New Year’s Eve Happiness Festival, a special roster will be held every day.

[Event Details]

Known IssuesWe will do our best to fix any anomalies that are occurring in the game below.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

■ Combat
– [Frenzied Sword Dance] When the target is attached to a wall or object, it may be interrupted while using the skill.
– The Wand [Corruption Fill] effect may now apply to players other than the caster.

■ Arc Boss
– Tevent’s rage attack is now shown in white.

■ System
– “Option to not show other players’ skill performances” does not work properly.
: You can change it in [Preferences> Gameplay> Character> Attack], and the default setting is ‘Output All’.
※ Fixed the issue where other users’ skill animations attacking the target of the target are displayed, but some range notations are displayed, so we plan to fix them further.

■ Items

– The item category of “Five-Colored Rice Cake Soup” that can be obtained as an event item is incorrectly labeled as “Elixir”.

> ‘Five-colored rice cake soup’ is in the ‘Food’ category and cannot be used at the same time as other ‘Food’ items.

> will be fixed during the next routine maintenance.

We’ll see you with more exciting updates in the future.

Thank you.