Recently, Throne and Liberty developers NCSOFT released an incredible Patch for the game. This Patch includes major changes, such as advancing the games Milestone state, changes to the early game & EXP – and much more! Check out our Throne and Liberty December Patch Notes rundown below for full information.

throne and liberty december patch notes

Throne and Liberty December Patch Notes

Please find below lists of extensive changes:

  • The scheduled end time for Chronicles of Monsters Bearing a Grudge has been adjusted to be an hour sooner.
  • A new regional event is now available.
  • Local events ‘Desert Caravan’ and ‘Blood Mushroom Harvesting’ with new rules are now available.
  • Local events take place in various types such as peace/conflict/guild.
  • There are new local events, including ‘Hidden Phlogopite’ in the Abandoned Stonemason Village. Please participate in the new local events that can be found in the Moonlight Desert area and Sandworm Hideout area.- Moonlight Desert: Desert Caravan- Sandworm Hideout: Collect Blood Mushrooms
  • Many new occupation battles (Invocation Stone/Dimension Stone) will be opened.

Origin stones

Origin stones and dimension stones from various regions will be released in earnest.

Challenge yourself to occupy various origin stones and dimension stones with your guild members and enjoy various benefits such as occupation buffs and guild resource production.- Origin Stone: Black Howling Plain / White Bear Field- Dimension Stone: Chernobog- Origin Stone: Dark Red Forest / Nest Meadow- Origin Stone: Wedge Desert / Abandoned Stonemason Village- Origin Stone: Moonlight Desert- Origin Stone: Sandworm Hideout- Origin Stone: Dawn Coast

  • Due to changes in the schedule of major events, the random time schedule for the conquest war will inevitably be reset, so all conquest wars that have been open to date will begin simultaneously on the hour, 24 hours after the end of maintenance. 

Open World Dungeon Notes

  • A new dungeon opens and a new boss appears.
  • Following the Abyss of Sileus and the Temple of Sylabeth, a new dungeon: ‘Ant Cave’ will be opened.
  • A new field and guild raid boss: ‘Talus’ appears.
  • You can check out the monsters and rewards you can meet in the new dungeon, and meet the new golem boss ‘Talus’ in the field and guild raids.- Dungeon: Ant Cave- Boss: Talus- Guild Raid: Talus. ​

Content Schedule Changes

Major content schedule is changing.

  • Adjusting the content schedule to adjust the pace of play.
  • The amount of compensation will also be adjusted so that expected rewards can be maintained regardless of cycle changes.
  • Local events has been changed from every 2 hours to every 3 hours.
  • Due to changes in the regional event cycle, the amount of compensation excluding experience points has increased
  • Field Boss- The schedule of appearing at 1:00/13:00/21:00/23:00 has been changed to appear at 1:00/13:00/20:00/22:00 KST.

​Occupation Stone Information

Guild Occupation Stone– The currently open occupation war will begin at the same time 24 hours after the end of regular maintenance .

After initialization and the first occupation war, it will occur again randomly within the original schedule interval of 40 to 56 hours.- The boss in the ‘Dimension Space’, which can be entered after occupying the Dimension Stone, appears every day at 6 o’clock KST.

Gigantrite Changes

  • Gigantrite– Gigantrite appearance interval has been changed from 4 hours to 3 hours.
  • Appears every 3 hours starting at 0:00.
  • The Gigantrites that appear always pass by the Starlight Observatory.

Experience and Growth Changes

  • Experience reward is added to the quest reward.
  • The probability of obtaining ‘Hero grade equipment, Parchment’ as a cooperative dungeon reward is greatly increased.
  • The balance of monsters has been adjusted, and level penalties have been greatly reduced.
  • The experience points and collection conditions for gathering items will be changed.​
  • Enhanced rewardsWhen completing a quest, you will gain experience points according to the region in which it is performed.- The probability of obtaining hero equipment and hero Parchment from boxes provided as cooperative dungeon rewards has increased significantly.
  • When killing monsters of a lower level than the character, the penalty for obtaining experience points, Solant, items, etc. has been greatly reduced.​
  • Monster balance adjustmentThe vitality and attack power of all monsters from levels 1 to 40 have been lowered by 10 to 15%.- Angry Tree Waste > The attack power of ‘Boss Stone Golem’ has been increased.​
  • Collection adjustments- The collection conditions for collected items have been changed from regional level -20 to -10.
  • Some of the experience gained when collecting items has been lowered.
  • The respawn time for collected items has been adjusted to 2 minutes.​​
  • Convenience for the gameplay experience has been enhanced.
  • Improved some of the areas that caused inconvenience during play.
  • Some UI visibility has been improved.

General Throne and Liberty Changes

  • BagsThe character’s bag slot is increased. (Previously 100 > 130)- When using the mouse wheel inside the bag, the list of bags can be moved more quickly.​
  • Item production formulaIn [Adventure Codex > The Three Musketeers of the Dark Red Forest], a crafting formula has been added so that all material items for the Parchment that require completion in [Appendix: Mysterious Rubbing Book Record] can be produced.​
  • Automatic logout – The automatic logout time for inactive characters has been changed from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.​
  • Battle operations- When switching weapons while approaching to use a basic attack or skill, the basic attack has been changed to immediately perform a basic attack if it is within an attackable range.
  • In “my character” information, the selection area where you can target “self” with the mouse has been expanded.- The clickable area of ​​the weapon switch button has been expanded.​  
  • Local events – Improvements have been made to show the rank and score difference above you in guild regional events.​
  • Improved UI convenience
  • Now, the appendix adventure codex is always printed below the main adventure codex.
  • An issue where the adventure codex would intermittently disappear from the content notification has been fixed.
  • The issue where it was difficult to distinguish content using the conflict/peace icons in the zoomed-out view has been improved.
  • The order of output content has been improved to be aligned in the same order as schedule notifications.
  • If you ALT + right-click another player, you can call a context menu where you can perform various actions.
  • The order of notification buttons displayed on the left side of the minimap has been changed.- NPC Merchant
  • The tax rate UI has been improved so that the tax rate UI is not displayed for merchants who are not subject to the tax rate.
  • Recognition has been enhanced by changing the font of local screen messages.
  • The size of the skill enhancement button has been increased and the recognition of the icon has been modified.
  • The expression of the equipped slot in the skill enhancement slot has been modified.
  • The icon representing the elite level on the world map has been modified to be more visible.​​

Exploration Codex Changes

  • Removed some of the difficult environmental conditions during the initial exploration to make progress smoother.
  • The performance goals and hints of some explorations have been strengthened to make them easier to proceed.
  • Common- [‘Harvest Spirit Tree’ > Small Spirit Tree] has been modified so that it cannot be interacted with on levels where the corresponding exploration codex cannot be progressed.- We have strengthened some of the exploration goals and hints for Raslan and Stone Guard to make it easier to proceed.
  • Golden Rye Farm > Retrieve sack of medicine, Rain of Curse
  • Wind Hill Coast > Unidentified pollutant
  • Black Howling Plain > Sunny Pilgrimage, hunter running through the plains
  • Ursa Field – Butcher of the Field – Defeat the Giant Goblin Butcher
  • Dark Red Forest – Friend of Morkus, the Stranger – Defeat Queen Clown Spider
  • Nest Meadow – Wide Nest Grassland – Defeat Captain Terror Bird
  • Fonos Basin – Wild Land, Ponos Basin – Defeat the Chief Orc Fighter
  • Turane Ruins – Slayer Returns from the Grave – Defeat the Giant Greedy Zombie
  • Purification Hill – Forest Ruler – Defeat Boss Mitran, Defeat Contaminated Boss Mitran
  • Destroyed Temple – Temple ruled by death – Defeat the corrupted evil wizard
  • Abandoned Stonemason Village – Menacing Breath – Defeat Giant Crystal Scorpion
  • Sandworm Hideout – Stronger Sandworm – Defeat the Boss Sandworm
  • Dawn Coast – Danger in Peace – Defeat the Pirate King’s Box Crab
  • Angry Tree Waste – War of Wood and Stone – Defeat Boss Timitran, Defeat Boss Stone Golem
  • Magical Wasteland – Magical Eyes – Defeat the Monster Eye Sentinel
  • Akidu Canyon – Stop the dark spell – Defeat the orc dark arts elder
  • Gray Claw Forest – Exposed Fang – Defeat Gray Claw Giant Butcher or Gray Claw Giant Lycan Butcher​

Golden Rye Farm– The goal of ‘recovering a sack of medicinal materials’ has been strengthened to make it easier to proceed.

– The performance goal of ‘Rain of the Curse’ has been strengthened to make it easier to progress.​

Wind Hill Coast– To make the ‘Coastal Pollution Survey’ process easier, the location of Pollution Investigator Calem has been adjusted to be near the Wind Hill Coastal Teleportation Stone.

  • To make the progress of ‘A Sailor’s Letter’ easier, locate the bottled letter and the treasure chest in the shipwreck in the second act of the adventure. The Gray Fang’s End has been adjusted to be near the shipwreck.
  • To make it easier to proceed with ‘Unidentified Contaminant’, treatment of stone crabs that have become wet due to rain or sea water has been modified.
  • To make the ‘Unidentified Contaminant’ process easier, the application time of the magic reagent bottle has been adjusted to 1 minute.
  • The progression route for ‘The Truth in the Back Alleys’ has been changed.
  • The progression of ‘A Sailor’s Side’ has been changed.​

Ursa Field– One-Eyed Hawk > Fixed an issue where progress was not made intermittently in the internal space while performing ‘Check Star Energy’.

  • One-Eyed Hawk > While performing ‘Check Star Energy’, the player’s range of movement in the internal space has been adjusted.
  • One-Eyed Hawk > Fixed the player character’s basic attack and defense skills not being activated in the inner space while performing ‘Check Star Energy’.​  

Dark Red Forest– ‘Goblin’s Important Work’ has been modified so that it can be carried out even in non-rainy environments.​ 

Nest Meadow– The goal of collecting wild flowers that bloom when it rains in ‘Wide Nest Meadow’ has been changed to collecting wild flowers or wild flowers that bloom when it rains.​  

Ponos Basin– The explanation has been strengthened to make it easier to proceed with the step of acquiring Ponos Orc accessories while performing ‘Paragon of the Resistance’.​ 

Turane Ruins– Fixed an issue where only some players could operate the pollution survey device on the northern crater side during the ‘Ruins Pollution Survey’.​ 

Destroyed Temple– Fixed the phenomenon of ‘Corrupted Evil Wizard’ and ‘Evil Spirit Wizard’ monsters appearing even during the day.​  

Wedge Desert– In Treasure Exploration in the Dawn, we have modified the loot box key to be obtainable when defeating the Flame Fighter even during the day, and have increased the drop probability.

When exploring relics in the sand, the Resistance Mark has been modified so that it can be collected without being affected by the wind.​  

Abandoned stonemason village– ‘Successful bid! In ‘Golem’s Magic Stone Exploration’, when defeating a giant crystal scorpion, a flawless crystal has been modified to be sure to drop.

  • ‘Successful bid! In ‘Exploration of Golem’s Magic Stone’, entry to the secret auction house has been modified to allow entry into the secret auction house even during the day.
  • In ‘Exploration of the Little Friend Who Lost His Power’, it has been modified so that a lump of vitality can be obtained when defeating Mandragora even if it is not raining.​  

Dawn Coast– The survey time limit for ‘Surveying Collaboration Exploration’ has increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds.

Adventure Codex

The difficulty level has been adjusted to make the adventure codex progress a little more smoothly.

An error was corrected during the battle with Lyciet in ‘Act 8: The Devil’s Smile’.​  

Act 1. The Custle Street Tragedy– The option to select a password when entering Casler Medical Center during the ‘Tightly Closed Medical Center’ process has been removed.​

Act 6. Vienta Dwarf’s Song– To adjust the play difficulty of the old chapel, the placement of one Archeum archer has been removed.​

Act 8. devil’s smile– The duration of ‘Liciet’s ignition debuff has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds, and the number of stacks has been changed from 10 to 5.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Lisiet’ could not be defeated because its HP was not deducted intermittently.
  • The stamina of ‘Habreth’ has been lowered.

Act 9. Contract of Fire and Darkness– ‘Zarek’s’ stamina has been lowered.- The attack power of ‘Arthur Taron’ has been lowered.​

Act 10. nightmare of déjà vu– During the progress of ‘In the Lycan’s Corridor’, the return location has been changed from ‘Greyclaw Forest’ to ‘Fang Village’.

During the battle with Berge, the pattern has been modified to not attack the PC when a hint is displayed.

Dungeon Changes

The difficulty of special dungeons has been partially adjusted.

– The difficulty of some special dungeons has been lowered.

– Problems with some boss patterns that occurred in special dungeons have been resolved.

Tidal Tower– Fixed an issue where some movement skills behaved abnormally when escaping the maze summoned during the battle with Roaring Aboloth Dark Wizard on the 11th floor.

The difficulty has been lowered by increasing the skill delay (dash attack and soul blow) of the 10th floor Oblivion Skull Commander.

Paola’s dimension– Cursed Wasteland

  • The number of whirlwinds summoned by Abolos Typhoon Weaver has been lowered from 2 to 1.
  • The flame blanket used by Abolos Pyromancer on all targets has been downgraded to only be used on a single target.
  • The grace time between specifying Shaikal’s breath target and casting the breath has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

Butcher’s Canyon

  • Fixed an issue where Magnaduk did not attack normally in certain situations.
  • The explosion damage of the Burning Sheep transformation has been increased by more than 2 times.
  • Fixed an issue where a player tied to the center would not be freed even if Magnaduk’s first special pattern was destroyed. – Abyss of evil spirits / Abyss of the Reaper
  • Fixed an issue where the restraints would not be released if the boss was defeated at the same time as being attacked by the Death Sentence skill.
  • Some differences between the names displayed in the progress guide and the names of NPCs have been corrected.- Temple of Roar / Temple of Slaughter
  • When returning from a dungeon, it has been modified to return from ‘Stone Guard Castle’ to ‘Vienta Sanctuary’.
  • Keymarking / Chimarex has modified the pattern of using Solitaire only on the one person furthest away to use it on three distant people.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Dark Wizard of Ancient Madness’ would use the summoning skill twice in a row if he was stunned while speaking at the start of the battle.- Underground Cave of Destruction
  • The movement of the Recurus larva has been enhanced.- Tyrant’s Island
  • The Raptillian Executioner has been modified to be immune to restraint before and after using the Wave Raising skill.​​

Weapon Skill Changes

The effects of some skills are changed.

– Adjusted the balance of some skills and fixed an issue where they were working differently than intended.

Long sword– Fixed an issue where [Reply Strike] would intermittently attack other targets.

Two-handed sword– The maximum vitality increase of [DaVinci’s Spirit] has been lowered and the vitality regeneration effect has been increased.

​ Before changeafter
maximum vitalityLife Regenerationmaximum vitalityLife Regeneration
Rare Level 150028600160
Rare Level 260021640170
Rare Level 370022680180
Rare Level 480023720190
Rare Level 590024760200
Hero level 1100025800210
hero level 2110026840220
hero level 3120027880230
hero level 4130028920240
hero level 5150029960250

Dagger – [Ankle Strike] has been changed to a rage skill.- Fixed an issue where the [Ankle Strike] skill was applied with a high critical hit chance to targets with health below 50%.

Crossbow– Fixed an issue where the distance of the [Ruthless Fire] skill did not increase depending on the wind.- Fixed an issue where [Slow Bomb] could not be used even if you successfully defended with [Elastic Roll (Rare, Heroic)].

Staff – Fixed an issue where [Fire Wound] mastery did not increase ignition damage.- The expression for the increased activation probability of [Mana Ball Eruption] has been changed from per 1000 mana to per 1 mana.- Fixed an issue where the ignition icon was not displayed when an ignition effect was applied to a target in the ‘wet’ state.​

Wand– [Merciless Ghost] mastery has been modified to increase short-range and long-distance hits.​

Equipment skills– Fixed an issue where the taunt of ‘Magnaduk’s Taunt Sword’ did not work properly.- The duration of sleep applied to monsters with ‘Chernobog’s Decapitation Blade’ has been changed to 6 seconds.​​

Other production enhancements and improvements

– The presentation of the camera and some effects has been improved.

– Some visual elements have been improved.

​- The appearance of the Morrigan Raven has been modified to differentiate it from the Monarch Raven.- A wind-shaped visual effect has been added to the Longbow Wind Demonstration skill.- We have improved inconvenience by removing the camera action that zooms in when landing on the ground in a gliding vehicle transformation state.- The brightness and size of the effect when Nirma is hit have been corrected to increase recognition and the effects exposed in the skill area have been modified to reduce visual fatigue.- The brightness of the dirt effect exposed when using the Ascension Slash skill has been modified to be similar to the brightness of other effects.​​

Gamepad Improvements

Problems have been corrected and usability has been improved to enhance the convenience of play through the gamepad.

  • Common– Fixed an issue where the confirmation button had to be pressed twice to run the pop-up that required confirmation.​  
  • Targeting– Fixed the issue of auto-aiming at NPCs that cannot be attacked.​  
  • Lobby– Added a guide on how to select gender. Fixed an issue where focus was not displayed when manipulating the face shape/color wheel in customization. Fixed an issue where the operation guide disappears when switching pads in customization.​
  • Skill– Fixed an issue where the “Confirm” button was not displayed in the weapon proficiency confirmation window. Fixed an issue where the “duplicate” mark did not appear on the same skill when registering the skill.​ 
  • Character information– The stat list has been modified to be recognized better when it is in focus.
  • Improvements have been made so that when opening the character window while holding stat points, the stat list is in focus. Fixed an issue where the stat increase pop-up was not displayed. Fixed an issue where a long press was performed when using the cross keys in a specific area. Fixed an issue where the stat details button did not lose focus.​  
  • Bag– Fixed an issue where the melt/destruct function did not work.- Fixed an issue where the focus would move in an unintended direction when moving from the bag to the melting window. Fixed an error where the page indicator icon in the context menu appeared large.​  
  • HUD– Fixed an issue where the environment presentation icon was displayed outside the skill slot area.- Fixed an issue where the maximum number of notification group icons was exceeded. The location of the PvP message displayed at the bottom has been changed to be displayed in the item acquisition message area.​  
  • Battle Pass– Fixed an issue where the gamepad key guide was displayed when using the keyboard and mouse.​ 
  • Map– Fixed an issue where the “Zoom in/Zoom out” key guide was not displayed when switching gamepads. Fixed an issue where map movement was not possible under certain conditions.​  
  • Tutorial– The tutorial image that explained the operation method differently has been corrected. Fixed an issue where the “Tutorial” and “Overlay Operation Guide” operations overlapped.

​Other Fixes

System error correction– Fixed an issue where equipment dropped by some monsters was not displayed in the list of obtainable items and where to obtain them.

  • Wasp, Goblin Fighter, Goblin History, Goblin Stoner, Goblin Butcher, Goblin Shaman- Items that cannot be acquired in-game have been modified to not be displayed on the exchange.
  • Rare Rubbing Paper: Great Sword of Savage Cult, Rare Rubbing Paper: Magnaduk’s Provoking Blade. The skill book setting has been deleted from the – Guild – Management – Guild Distribution section.
  • Skill books are not dropped in the world. Fixed an issue where the crafting formula for some of the rubbing paper obtained as a rubbing book reward was missing. Growth Log > Level 35 – An issue where “Sandstorm Master” could not be completed was corrected and the performance level was changed to level 34. Growth Log > Level 10 – The issue of “Army Toy” not being completed has been corrected and the performance level has been changed to level 8.​
  • Correction of content errors– Guild Raid > When using ‘Morkus’ ‘Multiple Lightning’ skill, the part that could not be avoided due to electric discharge has been normalized. The dialogue in Guild Raid > ‘Morkus’ has been modified to be displayed normally. Fixed an issue where damage was given to petrified characters during the Battle of Field Boss > ‘Kingmine Boom’.​ 
  • Text error correction– The text has been modified to refer to affiliated PC rooms as premium PC rooms. The description of ‘Fruit of Abundance’ in Loti’s Star Shop has been changed from ‘hunting’ to ‘hunting field monsters.’ In the Cursed Wasteland and Butcher’s Canyon Exploration Codex, the color of the name of the slain target has been changed from blue to orange. Extracts with different names from the original item have been modified to have the same name.
  • Worshiper’s Rod, Fate’s Worshiper’s Rod, Aridus’s Dark Rod, Immortal Cleaver, Immortal Destroyer’s Blade, Barbarian’s Cloak
  • Touch of Deep Desire, First-Class Resistance Iron Gloves, Pitch-Black Night Welcoming Clothes, Pitch-Black Night Pants, Pitch-Black Night Silent Shoes King Mine Boom’s Mystery Hole tooltip error has been fixed.
  • Modify King Mineboom-9 to King Mineboom-09- Fixed a typo in the Cursed Wasteland Exploration Codex.
  • Aboloth Hale Weaver > Abolos Tide Weaver- The tooltip that appears as if there is a probability reward in the local event stage 1 reward box has been modified.
  • Regional event level 1 boxes consist of guaranteed rewards only. Incorrect spelling in the collection codex ‘Eastern Watch Post Work Record’ has been corrected. Incorrect letters and spaces in Clay’s dialogue in the adventure codex ‘Nightmare of Deja Vu’ have been corrected.​
  • Adventure Codex Modifications – Adventure Codex Act 2. Gray Fang’s End


  • After completing ‘Infinitely Warm Hug’, an issue where the names of some lines were incorrectly set has been corrected.
  • While performing ‘Appendix ▶ How to make armor’, we have corrected an issue where the adventure codex marker was not displayed to the armor maker Rachel when making armor.
  • The performance goal text in ‘Appendix ▶ How to make armor’ and ‘Appendix ▶ Improving armor performance’ has been modified. Adventure Codex Act 3. old soldiers never die
  • We have corrected an issue where, if you only activated one magic trap trigger and died while performing ‘Collapsed Starlight Observatory Shooter’ > ‘Activating a magic trap trigger to eliminate goblins’, you had to re-enter to proceed.
  • During ‘Appendix ▶ Accessory Crafting’, an issue where the adventure codex marker was not displayed to the accessory maker Marianne when making accessories has been corrected.
  • The performance goal text for ‘Appendix ▶ Making Accessories’ and ‘Appendix ▶ Growing Accessories’ has been modified. Adventure Codex Act 4. The Three Musketeers of the Dark Red Forest
  • Fixed the issue where children who escaped from the wooden prison were moving abnormally while performing ‘Rescue Operation’ > ‘Conversation with Da Vinci Aaron’.
  • While performing ‘Rescue Operation’ > ‘Find and kill Archeum Commander with Da Vinci Aaron’, when Archeum Commander Zaros and the player enter the battle before DaVinci Aaron, you can sometimes talk to Da Vinci Aaron after the battle is over. A phenomenon that did not exist has been corrected. Adventure Codex Act 5. Holy Blood Oath
  • ‘Eskel and Leonard’ > Fixed the phenomenon of the space-time ring floating in the air while performing ‘Witnessing something that happened in the past through a nearby space-time ring.’- Adventure Codex Act 6. Vienta Dwarf’s Song
  • Fixed the issue of receiving high damage from the self-destruct skill when defeating the Archeum Golem while performing ‘Defeating the Archeum Knights who attacked the underground temple of the Old Chapel’. Adventure Codex Act 7. Lord of the Sandstorm
  • Fixed an error where the voice was not heard correctly when talking to the camel merchant after completing the adventure.- Adventure Codex Act 8. devil’s smile
  • Fixed an error where motion was not displayed when talking to Eleia. Adventure Codex Act 9. Contract of Fire and Darkness
  • Fixed an error where, when completing the conversation cutscene with Taron after reconnecting within the Taron guild, Jarek next to him would be floating in the air. Adventure Codex Act 10. nightmare of déjà vu
  • Clay’s directing motion while performing ‘In the Lycan’s Corridor’ > ‘Exiting the Lycan’s Corridor’ has been modified.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of some objects floating inside ‘Guild Meeting Hall in Confusion’.
  • ‘Guild meeting hall in chaos’ > Fixed an issue where some cameras in the dialogue were set incorrectly while performing ‘Conversation with Clay’.
  • The issue where Clay’s motion was somewhat awkward in ‘Attacked Purification Tower’ > ‘Conversation with Clay in the upper floor’ has been corrected.
  • ‘Attacked Tower of Purification’ > Fixed the issue where a penalty was applied upon death in the upper levels of the Tower of Purification.
  • Fixed the issue where Sophia’s appearance would occasionally disappear while performing ‘Gather’ > ‘Select a companion to go to the second temple in the destroyed temple’.
  • Act 10. Fixed an issue where the audio for some lines was not output during Nightmare’s Deja Vu.
  • Act 10. During Nightmare’s Deja Vu, typos and spacing in some lines were corrected.​

Exploration codex modifications– During ‘Wind Hill Coast > Unidentified Contaminant’, when using a magic reagent bottle on an unidentified contaminant, the appearance of the contaminant has been modified to look normal.

  • Fixed an issue where the name of the NPC being performed was not the same as the name in some games while performing ‘Black Howling Plains > Ghost Story of the Castler Inn’.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s portrait was not displayed properly when entering the inner space while performing ‘Ursa Field > One-Eyed Hawk > Checking Star Energy’.
  • While performing ‘Ursa Field > One-Eyed Hawk > Check Star Energy’, the player character’s vitality has been modified so that it is not exposed in the internal space.
  • When proceeding with ‘Wedge Desert > Qualifications for the Top’, when opening a luxurious box, a codex marker was created for both the box and its contents, which resulted in a double marking error, which has been corrected.
  • When progressing through ‘Akidu Canyon’, the name of the instant space under the canyon has been changed from Devil’s Test to Infiltration Path Pioneering.
  • We have corrected an issue where it appeared that the exploration codex was progressing since you could talk to the Tower of Purification wizard Suri even if you were not at the ‘Hill of Purification > Lighthouse of Solicium’ level.
  • Fixed an issue where the elevator was exposed as if it could be hit while performing ‘Hill of Purification > Lighthouse of Solisium’.​​

UI Bugfixes


  • The party leader assist button has been changed to not display when you are the party leader.
  • The issue where you could not select yourself using the party member selection shortcut has been fixed.
  • Fixed an error where the personal relationship setting status was not updated in the name plate and target UI.
  • Fixed an error where unaligned space was left between the viewer and exploration notifications when all pins were released.
  • Fixed a bug where the chat window did not open when sharing chat using the context menu in the entire window.
  • The awkward presentation when hovering over the tab button has been corrected.

Skill Window

  • When 2 sets are worn with the same weapon, the guide text has been changed to be centered.
  • Fixed an error where the set number would disappear from the skill set selection pop-up when two sets were worn with the same weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where icons in the skill window overlapped when two sets were worn with the same weapon.
  • The growth button has been changed to not appear on the unacquired skill icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill icon remained in the skill window when disarming or replacing equipment with a skill.
  • Fixed an issue where growth information was not visible in the skill window after the skill level increased by growing the skill.

Mirror Boutique

  • We have solved an issue where the tooltip of the selected list in the costume list obscured the contents.
  • The phenomenon of social motion’s favorites guide and tooltips not being output has been normalized.

Character information

Fixed an issue where my character would turn left and right on the detailed stats page.

Character card

The location of the report pop-up button has been modified.


Fixed an issue where unacquired guardians did not appear to be inactive.

Graphics/direction modifications– An issue where the armor originally worn was exposed when wearing a costume and strengthening armor has been corrected.

  • Fixed an issue where the enhancement emphasis for parts other than armor parts was not applied when strengthening armor.
  • Fixed an issue where facials did not work when equipped with some helmets.
  • An issue where the wet expression applied to a character in a rainy environment was not applied after transformation has been fixed.
  • The positions of bonfires and braziers that were incorrectly placed and floating in the air in Blackhowl Plains and Lizard Island have been corrected to their normal positions.
  • An issue where weapons penetrate certain doubles has been corrected.
  • The issue where some stones and cliffs in the Nest Meadow did not appear wet in rainy environments has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the ground near the moving stone in the White Bear Field appeared to be broken.
  • An issue where, when a female character wore the Phantom Stalker costume and the character’s customization maximized the size of the ears, the ears would stick out through the costume has been fixed.
  • The issue where the motion blur function in the configuration options does not work properly has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon of doubles digging in during social motion (sitting on a chair) has been corrected.
  • Fixed the issue where the visual effect of the boss omen production was displayed incorrectly depending on a certain distance.
  • An issue where the two-handed sword drop item was buried in the ground and was not visible has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the barrel worn by Bimmertz’s assistant was lowered and exposed incorrectly.- An issue where the male character’s hands looked angular when wearing the Lottie double costume has been corrected.
  • Fixed the part where water was exposed through the cliffs in Akidu Canyon.
  • We have corrected the problem of incorrectly printing shadows on the sea surface to prevent awkward parts from being printed.
  • Fixed an issue where the end of some male social motions suddenly stopped (Greeting / Smiling / Angry / Positivity / Cheering / Sadness / Gratitude)

Known Issues


1) Common– After using a skill on yourself using ‘Alt + shortcut key’, you cannot use normal attacks, and even if you click the mouse on the skill in the quick slot, the skill will not be used.> When using a skill through the skill shortcut key, it will be normalized.

– When the guardian ‘Dantalux’ becomes stunned while summoned, the stunning effect is not displayed properly.

2) longbow– The ‘Movement Speed ​​Increase’ effect that exists in the [Containment] and [Support] branches of ‘Weapon Proficiency’ does not apply.​​​3 

Long sword– There is an issue where the effect of increasing evasion against provocation targets with the long sword [Skilled Evasion (Rare)] is not applied.

​Manipulation– After selecting a target in classic mode, the mouse pointer does not move but only moves using the keyboard, so when you click the mouse on another target, the target is not selected. > If you click on the nameplate of another object, you can operate normally again.​

​ Content– While performing Exploration Codex > Dawn Coast > Survey Cooperation, the actual time of the survey start effect is 25 seconds, but there is an issue where it is incorrectly displayed as 17 seconds in the performance goal or hint.

  • When using the survey device during Exploration Codex > Dawn Coast > Survey Cooperation, multiple people can attempt to use it at the same time, but players who start using it late may experience interruptions in interaction. The survey device can be reused every 1.5 seconds after use.
  • While performing the Exploration Codex > Wind Hill Coast > Unidentified Contaminant, the actual duration of the magic reagent effect is 1 minute, but there is an issue where the dialogue and performance goal of the Contaminant Researcher NPC incorrectly display it as 30 seconds.
  • There is an issue where the Exploration Codex marker is not displayed when performing Exploration Codex > Black Howling Plains > Hunter Running the Plains, using the Wolf Decoy Device, and finally checking the Wolf Decoy Device.​

​ Item– Battle Pass: If you look up the detailed description of the Fruit of Abundance item in Loti’s Star Shop, the period appears to be up to 1601.​

Throne and Liberty December Patch Notes Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty December Patch Notes rundown. NCSOFT are working hard to address and monitor the game in the opening week, check back for more information regarding future Patch Notes. For more Throne and Liberty information and Guides, check out our Home Page!