Chronicles: The Boundary Between Courage and Fear

‘Siege: Stoneguard Castle’ is underway.

– At the end of the final “Remarkable Growth” of “Chronicles: Changes and Challenges”, the No. 1 guild in the guild rankings will be selected as the first legion of Stoneguard Castle.

– The first Siege will be held on each server from February 2nd to February 4th.

※ Siege schedules and details for each server will be announced through a separate notice.

  What’s new?

The first ‘Resistance Event’ begins.

– The first “Resistance Event” will start after maintenance on January 24.

– You can get new “Resistance Skills” through “Resistance Events”.

■ Schedule

– The Resistance Event is a three-day event that runs from Wednesday to Friday and runs every two weeks.

– Based on the scores of the three days, the final ranking will be calculated on the Saturday after the end.

■ Score points

– Anyone who has completed the “Prelude, Island of Children with Stars” codex can participate.

– During the progress period, you can accumulate a specified number of points according to the rank achieved in the ‘Local Event’ and receive rewards.

– On each day, only the two highest points earned in the ‘Regional Events’ participated in during the day will be counted in the ranking.

※ The information for each day is classified as of 6 am the next day.

> The number of points you can earn varies depending on the type of Regional Event, and the higher the Regional Event, the higher the score.

> Conflict zone events can get higher points than peace zone events.

> Points cannot be earned in Guild Zone events.

※ If you terminate your connection or leave the region without obtaining ranking rewards, you will not be able to earn points.

■ Obtain Rewards

– Personal Rewards

> you can earn rewards based on the number of points you earn (the sum of the two highest points per day).

> Depending on the accumulated points, you can get “Grade Parchment”, “Grade Training/Polishing Book”, “Rare Resistance Parchment”, and “Rare Forge: Omnipotence”.

– Daily Ranking Rewards

> You can earn ranking rewards according to your daily ranking.

Depending on your > ranking, you can get “Precious Forge: Omnipotence”. (Differential up to 500th in the daily ranking, up to 3)

– Overall Ranking Rewards

> You can earn ranking rewards based on your cumulative score ranking over the course of 3 days.

Depending on your > ranking, you can get up to the top 500 in the overall ranking, as well as the “Resistance Event: Active Skill Selection Box”.

Depending on your > ranking, you can get 2 ~ 16 “Precious Forge Book: Omnipotence”. (Differential up to 1,000th place)

※ Collect 10 Rare Resistance Parchments and use them to craft “Resistance Event: Active Skills.”

※ [Resistance Event: Used Skill Selection Box] You can select one of the “Resistance Events: Used Skills” for each weapon.

※ [Resistance Event: Skill Used] Exists for each weapon, and cannot be grown with a normal “Rare Forge: Weapon”.

※ [Rare Training Book: Omnipotence] This is a training book that can be used to grow all hero skills, including Resistance Skills.

Check out the official guide video of the <Resistance Event> at the following link.

How to Participate in the Resistance Event

Local Events’ schedule and some rewards will be adjusted.

– Changed the number of local events to be held at the same time.

– Improved the appearance rules for [Peace], [Conflict], and [Guild] modes in area events.

■ Local Events

– Increased the number of concurrent Regional events from 7 to 9

> The following 3 Regional Events will always take place in [Peace] mode.

: Wolf Hunting Tournament / Starlight Monument Festival / Lantern Seed Festival

> Except for the above three, three of the remaining six regions will be in Conflict mode.

> One of the Conflict Zone events will take place once every 6 hours in Guild mode.

■ Compensation Adjustments

– Rewards for the Wolf Hunt Tournament, Starlight Monument Festival, and Lantern Seed Festival have been changed.

: Marind, which was provided as a rank reward, will be changed to an equivalent Grinder/Discipline reward.

: Target area events will no longer provide “Token of Contract: Abyss.”

The effects of some skill and gear items have been fixed.

– Adjusted the balance of some skills and fixed an issue that caused them to behave differently than intended.

– Changed the spell effects of some Hero gear to be more useful.

■ Staffs

– Ignition duration has been changed so that weather and area wetness effects will no longer halve the ignition duration.

– Fixed an issue where Lightning of Justice could not be used additionally due to slam hits in certain situations.

– Fixed an issue where [Fire Cohesion]‘s slam increase per ignition stack was not applied intermittently.

■ Two-handed sword

– Fixed an issue where the stun effect of [Iron Blade Counterattack] could not be applied intermittently to the effect of [Full Stun] of weapon mastery.

■ Equipment Skill Effect

– Changed the equipment skill effects of the following weapons.

[Queen Blendy’s Blade]Existing20% Movement Speed Slow
change60% Movement Speed Slow Remains Slow for 1 second after Swamp Range
[The Massacre of the Thevent]ExistingCloak of Stealth deals 100% of base damage to all enemies within 3m radius and has a 70% chance to Impact: Knockback
changeIf you remove Cloak of Stealth and kill an enemy within 3 seconds, the cooldown of Cloak of Stealth will be reset.Cloak of Stealth deals 100% of base damage to all enemies within 3m radius and has a 70% chance to Impact: Knockback

The experience of playing some content has been adjusted.

– Changed the rules for charging commission contracts.

– Changed the drop rate of “Token of Contract: Abyss” from killing field monsters to completing quests.

– Some quests have been made easier to complete.

■ Request

– Even on days when you are not connected, the “Referral Contract Ticket” will be charged.

※ However, it will not be charged beyond the maximum amount.

– Token of Contract, which was a fixed reward for quests: Abyss Points will be increased to 50 points.

– Changed the specific forageable quest objective in the level 50 hunting grounds to the target for all forageable items.

– The number of items placed in the Destroyed Temple’s quest objective “Silver Forge Tool” has been increased.

– Reduced the number of monsters that appear during the “Phonos Brazier” in Phonos Basin.

■ Fields

– Defeating field monsters will no longer be able to obtain “Token of Contract: Abyss”.

– Monster rewards for Golden Rye Farm, Windyshore Hills, Black Cry Plains, Ursa Field, Dark Red Forest, and Nesting Meadow have been changed to craft-centric.

> Equipment and Rubbing Papers that used to be obtained in these regions can be obtained from higher-level hunting grounds in the Wedge Desert or higher.

: If you click on the hunting ground information on the map, you can check the obtainable items of the monsters in the area.

■ Paola’s Dimension Circle

– [Slaughterer’s Rift] Magnaduk’s spinning and stomping attacks have been increased.

– In “Tyrant’s Island”, the health of the Oil Jar has been reduced and the ignition damage has been increased.

– Fixed an issue where [Catacombs of Despair] and [Caverns of Doom] variant explosion ants would disappear when they were ailmented while using the Explosion skill.

■ Gateway to Infinity

– Scheduled for January 29th, “Gathering Firestorm” will be released as “Fall! Blitzkrieg! Doom!] It will be changed to

Other amenities and improvements have been made.

– The number of ‘Hostile Guilds’ relationship settings has been increased.

– Improved other UI inconveniences.

■ Guild

– Hostile Guild relationship settings have been increased to a maximum of 40.

– Guild Raids can now be joined 7 days after joining.

– When the exchange sales period expires in [Guild Distribution], it will be displayed as a failed sale.

■ Combat Controls

– Removed the ability to target nearby monsters when the target selection method is “Prioritize Search”, and if there is no target available.

– In Action Mode, only players with the Wand equipped will now be selected as friendly targets.

■ UI

– Usability has been improved so that the last operated tab can be retained in the transformation window.

– After switching skills, the red dot will be displayed on the switched skill.

■ Content Alert

– The ‘Collect Pins’ filter has been modified to remain until the game is closed.

– When all rewards are obtained in [Manage Content Alerts > Rewards], it will be automatically switched to the [All] tab.

■ Party Finder

– Added a party recruitment board to Vienta Village.

– [Party Recruitment Board] Party recruitment posts will only last for 30 minutes after registration.

– The [Find Party] channel icon and chat color have been changed to distinguish them from [Party].

■ Preferences

– A button has been added to change the value in increments of 0.1 in [Preferences> Gameplay> Camera> Character Position on Screen].

: When changing the value, the button that allows you to change the changed value to the initial value is also activated.

– You can automatically or manually change the size of subtitles displayed in in-game cutscenes > [Preferences> Gameplay> UI Video.

: If [Automatic Subtitle Size] is set to ‘On’, the size of the subtitles will change depending on the monitor resolution.

– Added convenience function to fold and unfold the HUD panel at once.

: You can change the shortcut to hide the HUD panel in [Preferences > Hotkeys > UI > Others].

The rewards of the PC Cafe “Daily Supplies” have been adjusted.

– Increased overall rewards, and the 180-minute reward will reward you with 300 points for Token of Contract: Dimensions.

■ Daily Supplies

– Depending on the time you log in to the Premium PC Café, the rewards of daily supplies will change.

> Token of Maximum Contract per Day: Gain an additional 300 Dimension Points.

Access timerewardquantity
Five minutesExcellent Stellaboom1,000
15mMana Regeneration Potion10
30 minutes50,000 Soland1
60mExcellent Stellaboom2,000
120 minutesRare Food Selection Box2
180 minutesToken of Contract: Dimension 300 pts1

※ If Paola’s Dimension Circle has not been unlocked, or if the total number of Dimension Points is exceeded, the excess Dimension Points will be lost.

  Fixes and Improvements

■ Correction of content errors

– Arc Boss

: Fixed an issue where Tevent’s charge could be blocked with a defensive skill.

: Fixed an issue where Queen Blendy’s motion would occasionally tremble.

– Field Boss

: Fixed an issue where users affected by the Warspace Lycan Kowanwanki’s Moonlight spell could avoid execution skills at certain locations.

: Dark Ossuary Minezerok’s Soul Steal is no longer unlocked by the Longbow’s “Cleansing Hand”.

– Paola’s Dimension

: In [Slaughterer’s Rift], if you successfully escape from the Burning Sheep state, this status will be unlocked.

: Fixed an issue in [Slaughterer’s Rift] where the flaming sheep status could be dispelled by the Dagger’s “Death Brand” skill.

– Guild Quest

: Fixed an issue where the [Abyss of Sileus floors 5 and 6] objectives were not refreshing.

■ Fix system errors

– Content Alerts

: Fixed codexes without hints showing only the title in the hint.


: Fixed an issue where when a party leader was disconnected, the party leader would not be delegated to another party member.


: Fixed an issue where after intermittent teleportation, the Whisper target would not display properly.

: Fixed an issue where manually entering a whisper target would not cause the chat window to fail to close with ESC.

– Preferences

: Fixed an issue where changing the [Display Language] while connecting to the game would result in the ‘automatic translation’ of the chat in the previous language.

: Fixed an issue where changing the [Display Language] would only output help and tutorials in Korean.

– Local events

: Fixed an issue where empty slots were displayed in the Rewards window.

– Mirror Boutique

: Fixed an issue where character rotation could not be operated.


: Fixed an issue where when trying to delete a character that was being banned, it would be incorrectly displayed as being connected.

■ Text Correction

– Fixed an issue where the “Skill Conversion Book” sold in the Solantro event in the [Special Shop] would display a different start date than it actually did.

■ UI Fixes

– Skill Window

: Improved the presentation to make it easier to recognize when switching between quick slot sets.

: Fixed the skill set selection pop-up display.

: Fixed an issue where clicking on a skill in another group would not switch the selection.

: Fixed an issue where clicking on the same group skill would cause the highlight to flash.

: Simplified Defense, Usage, and Active Skill title images.

: Fixed an issue where when a skill on a secondary weapon has a chance to be reused, the flashing animation would be displayed as if other skills could also be reused.

: Fixed an issue where when a skill on a secondary weapon has a chance to be reused, the cooldown time is displayed along with the reusable animation.


: Improved the skill growth book and description to be displayed together.

: Fixed an issue where skipping a performance with the ESC key would cause the entire window to close.

– Character business card

: Fixed an issue where the cursor position was displayed incorrectly when entering a whisper.


: Fixed an issue where the mouse position was changed in [Transformation > Growth].

: The value set in [Preferences > Manual Cursor Size] has been improved so that it is applied to the cursor in Inspect Codex in Progress.

: Fixed an issue where if the Stellar Boom is not equipped, a different icon will be displayed in the slot.

: [Battle Pass: Lottie’s Star] Fixed an issue where all rewards were received, but the red dot was exposed.

: Changed the expression of the World Tree leaf while dying.

: Infinite Dungeon HUD Guide Changed the size of some fonts and added a time icon expression.

: The design has been modified to improve the readability of the indicator UI that shows the location of NPCs and the location of objects.

■ Graphics/Direction Correction

– If you have used all stats evenly in [Character Information], you can now use the scrollbar that appears in the incremental stats to see all the stats.

– Improved the UI of the Special Shop Locker button.

– Expanded the bag in the warehouse so that the same animation would be displayed.

– Fixed an issue where the cooldown display direction of items in [Bag] was reversed.

– Fixed an issue where clicking on a list in [Map] would cause the icon to pop.

– Fixed NPC target markers swaying left and right when the camera was rotated.

– The appearance of the Heroic Gear “Mind of the Wind Soul” has been changed.

– Fixed an issue where the beard would disappear when wearing the headdress “Midnight Light”.

■ Mouse Operation

– Fixed drag-and-drop operations so that even if there is an icon at the drop location, it will move.

– Mouse wheel gesture function has been added to make it easier to manipulate dialogue options.

– Fixed an issue where you could not right-click and drag some lists.

■ Gamepad error fixes

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Growth’ control key could not be pressed in Skill Enhancement.

– Fixed an issue where the tooltip for items in the bag was not displayed in the correct position.

– Fixed a layout error that prevented the target from being manipulated.

– Fixed an issue where the Stellar Vision list would appear transparent when counterattacking.

– Fixed an issue that caused disabled comboboxes to work.

Known Issues

We will do our best to fix any anomalies that are occurring in the game below.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

■ Combat

– [Chance to Win] The debilitating target referred to in the skill tooltip is “the debilitating target you applied”, but this content is missing

– [Frenzied Sword Dance] is no longer used on terrain with elevation differences.

– [Frenzied Sword Dance] When the target is attached to a wall or object, it may be interrupted while using the skill.

– The Wand [Corruption Fill] effect may now be applied to players other than the caster.

– The Skill Range Guide of the Staff [Ice Lance] may appear longer than the actual effect.

– The healing effect of the Wand “Clay’s Salvation” may be applied twice in certain situations.

– If you use Tevent’s Massacre Sword to unlock Cloak of Stealth and kill an enemy with an attack, the cooldown of Cloak of Stealth may not be reset.

■ System

– “Option to not show other players’ skill performances” does not work properly.

: You can change it in [Preferences> Gameplay> Character> Attack], and the default setting is ‘Output All’.

> There is an issue where other users’ skill performances are displayed to attack the target you are targeting, so it will be fixed.

– The death penalty recovery value is incorrectly displayed at 0:00.

> The actual initialization will take place at 6 o’clock.

– The unequip icon for the Stellar Boom equipped shortcut may be displayed as the Stellar Boom icon that was previously worn.

– If you rank outside of 1,000 in the Resistance Event Ranking, you may see a score of 0 even if you have a point.

■ Contents

– [Paola’s Dimension] – In [Catacombs of Despair] and [Caverns of Doom], there are intermittent instances where you will fall from the Crystal Pillar or not be levitated from the Crystal Pillar.

– [Paola’s Dimension] – In [Catacombs of Despair] and [Catacombs of Doom], Laquine or Requirus may not descend after killing Gem Ants.

■ Feral Transformation

– Storm Raven’s rotation angle is wider than other gliding transformations.

■ Sound

– In some areas of the Moonlight Desert, different BGM may be displayed.

Throne and Liberty Patch Notes – January 24 Conclusion

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