Today, Throne and Liberty releases its big patch including the much anticipated merge of key stats!



We will inform you of the updates that will be applied through the maintenance on January 31st, 2024.

Please check below for more details.


– Added Mana Runaway Jersey Area Event Known Issues (Fixed 1/31 01:30)

 Chronicles: The Boundary Between Courage and Fear

A siege battle will be held to determine the first ‘owner of Stoneguard Castle’.

 ‘Siege: Stoneguard Castle’ will be held on February 2 (Fri) ~ February 4 (Sun) at 21:00 as follows.

scheduleProgression Server
Friday, February 2 at 21:00Kalis, Aaron, and Stoneguard
Saturday, February 3 21 o’clockAsota, Crimson, Einar
Sunday, February 4 at 21 p.m.Da Vinci, Luna, Poncine, Berkant

※ For more information on Siege Rules, Strategy Elements, and Rewards, please refer to the announcement <Siege Progress Guideand the official guide video <Siege Battle>.

 What’s new?

Equipment’s attack stat integration and defense capabilities have been increased.

– Combined the offensive stats of equipment and increased the defensive stats accordingly.

– Increased the efficiency of stat points that can be invested with character growth.

■ Equipment Stats Adjustments

– Combined offensive capabilities in gear secondary stats and perks.

Existing StatsCombined Stats
Melee Hit, Ranged Hit, Magic Hithit
Melee Crit, Ranged Crit, Magic CritCrit
Melee Heavy Hit, Ranged Heavy Hit, Magic Heavy HitHeavy Hit

– Increased the defense capabilities of equipment secondary stats and perks.

Adjustable StatsAdjustments
Melee Endurance, Ranged Endurance, Magic Endurance2x increase
Melee Evasion, Ranged Evasion, Magic Evasion2x increase

– Changed the stats of some Uncommon and Rare gear that now has the same or similar secondary stats due to the integration of offensive abilities.

ratingCoordinated Equipment
classyShaman Cloak / Clunky Ring of Flame / Clunky Ring of Wind / Clunky Ring of Ripple
RareSophia’s Grit Ring / Robert’s Focus Ring / Lutein’s Mystic Ring※ The effects of the 2nd and 3rd sets will also be changed.

■ Character Stats


> Minimum and maximum damage per 1 point increased by 20% from the previous level.

> Maximum health per 1 point increased from 30 to 45

> Health regeneration per 1 point increased from 1.5 to 3.75


> Maximum mana per 1 point increased from 30 to 45


> Minimum and maximum damage per 1 point increased by 20% from the previous level.

■ NPC Changes

– In line with the defensive abilities of the upgraded gear options, all monsters’ accuracy and critical hits have been slightly increased.

The Origin Stone/Warp Stone Control Cycle has been changed.

– The Origin Stone and Warp Stone Control Battles are now scheduled for 11 PM.

– The replay cycle of Domination has been changed.

■ Origin Stone/Dimension Stone Operation Cycle

– All Origin Stones and Dimensional Stones on the server will be locked to 11 PM.

– The replay cycle for all Origin Stone and Warp Capture matches will be changed as follows:

Capture Contentschedule
Origin Stone6-day cycle / 11 p.m.
Dimension Stone4-day cycle / 11 p.m.

※ Due to the change in the Capture Battles scheduling method, the Origin Stone/Dimension Stone Progress Schedule will be reset after the maintenance, and all Origin Stone/Dimensional Stone Capture will start at 11 PM on January 31st.

※ The ‘Guilds’ that are occupying the Origin Stone and the Dimensional Stone will be maintained, and only the ‘Capture Battle Time’ for the seizure will be changed.

■ Domination War Progress Announcement

– The way the Origin Stone / Dimension Stone Control Battle Progress Notification message is displayed has been changed.

> When a control stone is abandoned or the owner is determined at the end of the control battle, a notification will be displayed throughout the world.

> If the Control Guild changes during a Control Match, only the players in the Domination match will be notified.

The effects of some skills have been fixed.

– Fixed an error with some skills.

■ Common

– Fixed an issue that prevented some skills from being affected by the buff duration.

■ Longsword

– [Chance to Win] Changed the debilitating target referred to in the skill tooltip to “Debilitating target you applied”.

■ Dagger

– [Frenzied Sword Dance] has changed the distance it can travel to the next target from 12m to 6m.

– Fixed an issue where [Frenzied Sword Dance] could not be used on terrain with elevation differences.

– Fixed [Black Wind Spirit] being applied as secondary weapon damage.

– Fixed an issue where killing a target within 3 seconds of unlocking Cloak of Stealth would reset its cooldown.

■ Sticks

– Fixed an issue where the Ice Lance’s skill range guide would appear longer than the actual effect.

■ Wand

– Fixed the healing effect of “Clay’s Redemption” being applied twice in certain situations.

■ Equipment Skills

– Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Cloak of Stealth would not be reset when killing an enemy with an attack used while unlocking [Cloak of Stealth] with “Thevent’s Massacre” or when killing an enemy with [Poison Infusion].

Improved combat experience.

– Improved the requirements for changing the Skill Quick Slot set.

– Improved the display of targeting and combat information.

– Restrictions have been tightened to prevent additional weapons from being more effective than intended.

■ Skill Quick Slot Set

– If you sit on a campfire and receive “Bonfire Warmth”, you can freely change the Quick Slot set, and you can now unlock skills that have a cooldown in the Quick Slot.

– Fixed the quickslot set not being able to be changed while the toggle slot is active.

– Fixed the Quickslot set cannot be changed when the Chargeable Skill is being charged.

■ Battle Information

– Added an option to view only the harmful effects you have created in the target window. (Preferences – Gameplay – Characters – Attack)

: The default value is applied as On.

■ Equipment Replacement

– Changed the penalty time for switching gear in combat from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.

Changed rewards for Local Events and Field Dungeons.

– Marind rewards from Peace Zone events have been changed.

– Ranked rewards for Regional Events have been lowered.

– Increased the drop rate of ‘Marind’ in Field Dungeons.

■ Local Events

– Marind’s rewards from the Peace Zone event have been changed to the same rank/quantity of Grinders/Trainers.

– Marind/Polishing/Refinement rewards in regional events have been reduced to 66% of their previous level.

■ Field Dungeon

– Instead of reducing the number of Marinds in zone events, we have increased the drop rate of Marinds in field dungeons using Token of Contract: The Abyss.

Some content and system quality of life improvements.

– Improved the system to show the current state of peace/conflict in the region.

– Improved some of the party windows and party recruitment.

– World and Party Recruit chat availability has been changed to level 20.

※ For other content/system-related error corrections, please check ‘Fixes’.

■ World

– Even if you are indoors (e.g. in cooperative dungeons), day and night in the game will now be displayed on the map and minimap.

– Peace/Conflict status in the Abyss of Sileus, Temple of Silaves, Anthill, Temple of Desire, and Dark Ossuary will now be displayed with map icons.

– When changing the nature of your area (conflict/peace), a message informing you of the change is displayed at the top of the screen.

■ Party

– When there are other party members in Paola’s Dimension, a button has been added to the party list that allows them to enter the dungeon with that party member directly.

– Emphasis has been placed on the HUD when in party state.

■ Party Recruitment

– A function has been added to select a category for each dungeon in [Party Recruitment] and check the recruitment posts.

■ Guild

– The non-access period for delegating long-term inactive Guild Leader authority has been changed from 14 days to 7 days.

– The practice scarecrow placed in the dueling area of the Guild Hideout has been removed.

 Exploration Codex

– In Treasure in the Dawn > Spike Desert, when a treasure appears will now last for 10 minutes.

– Treasures in Phonos Basin > Treasures of Phonos Basin will now last for 10 minutes when they appear.

– In [Clearing > Invasion Path to Akithoo Gorge], the foothold has been reinforced to prevent players from being caught in the Flame Trap’s breach.

■ Gigantrite

– While riding the Gigantrite and receiving the “Divine Beast’s Protection” buff, the stamina will not be depleted when using the Defense Skill.

■ Arc Boss

– Characters with Queen Blendy’s larvae will always be exposed.

– Queen Blendy can now drop the Tradable Commander’s Invincible Leggings.

■ Chat

– World Chat availability changed to Level 20.

– Party Recruit chat availability changed to level 20.

■ Recovery

– Added the ability to recover 2 or more death penalties at once.

Improved quality of life UI.

– When clicking on an item on the exchange, it has been improved so that you can check where to get it and where to use it.

– [Tax Status] has been added to the [Main Menu] where you can check the accumulated tax.

– Improved other UI inconveniences.

※ For other UI-related error fixes, please check “Fixes”.

■ Exchange

– When clicking on an item on the exchange, it has been improved so that it is possible to check the place of acquisition and use through the menu exposure.

– When using the exchange filter, the last filter state has been improved so that it can be maintained even after the window ends.

■ Menu

– The [Tax Status] UI where you can check the accumulated tax has been added to the [Main Menu].

■ Rubbing book

– A tab has been added so that when you click on a material item in the rubbing house, you can search and purchase it immediately.

■ Content Alert

– Clicking on the Adventure/Exploration Codex marker on the minimap while the Manage Content Alert window is open will now highlight the location of the list.

– Improved the [Content Notifier> View Content Details] button to highlight the selected codex list position when entering.

■ Skill Switching

– Level information has been improved to display in the darkened list of switchable skills.

– Switchable skills can now be added to the replacement target slot by dragging and dropping.

■ Common

– Changed the shape of the cursor when right-clicking and dragging to enhance the perception of the cursor.

– Special dungeons, guild raids, costumes, character selection, and server selection screens have been double-clicked.

■ Other UI improvements

– When timed confirmation windows (Party Invite, Guild Summons, etc.) are displayed at the same time, the existing windows will be stacked instead of disappearing.

– Improved the display of Lucent goods in the entire window of the Merchant NPC.

– In a situation where voice chat using PurpleTalk is possible, the guide message has been supplemented.

– Fixed the function condition so that batch expansion is possible only if there is a list in the Stellar Vision panel.

– The notation of extracted items has been changed.

The usability of the gamepad has been improved.

※ For other gamepad-related error fixes, please check “Fixes”.

 Party Token

– Mark icons and key guides have been improved to display on the HUD to make it easier to recognize mark operations.

 Character information

– Removed redundant buttons from the character info screen to improve focus movement.

 Time-limited pop-up

– Improved the accumulated timeout pop-up to be able to be operated with a gamepad.



 Correction of content errors

– Fixed an issue where the field boss “Minezerok” would not leave.

– Fixed an issue where the dagger skill “Frenzied Sword Dance” could not be used on the “Training Archeum Statue” placed at the point.

– Fixed an issue where certain ‘Startree’ rewards in the Dark Red Forest were set incorrectly.

– On the 3rd and 4th floors of the Abyss of Sileus, the Living Armor Archer’s Bomb Arrow will no longer receive status ailments when blocked with a Defense Skill.

– Clasps that cannot be used on the 5th and 6th floors of the Abyss of Sileus can now be used.

– Fixed a temporary weakening of the geyser spawn before the geyser erupts on Tyrant’s Island.

– Fixed an issue that allowed players to penetrate some of the wooden fences placed in the Cursed Wastes.

– Fixed an issue where entering or respawning in the Cursed Wastes would reset the camera distance.

– Fixed an issue where defeating a shapeshifter during a Magnaduk battle in Slaughterer’s Rift would not cause an Aura to appear intermittently.

– Fixed an issue where Storm Raven’s rotation angle was wider than other glide transformations.

– Fixed an issue that caused forage rewards in some regions to be lower than the regional tier.

 Fix system errors

– Fixed an issue where closing the open window after interacting with the [Party Recruitment Board] and trying again would not work properly.

– Fixed an issue where the party number of members in the [Party Recruitment] window would not update intermittently.

– Fixed an issue where repeated targeting with the Tab key would occasionally skip targets that should be targeted.

– Fixed an issue where intermittently interacting with a distant target with a mouse click would continue to move near the target without stopping.

– Fixed an issue where the death penalty recovery value was incorrectly displayed at 0:00.

– Fixed an issue where the Guild Relations list was not displayed properly in the [Guild] window.

– Fixed an issue where using “Party Recruitment Link” and special characters together in [Chat] would result in unintended characters.

– Fixed an issue where entering multiple links in [Chat] at the same time would result in unintended text being printed.

– [Mystic Key] Fixed an issue where the main drop point was directed to “Resistance Quest”.

> Mystic Key can be purchased from the “Client Coin Merchant”.

 UI bug fixes

– Fixed an issue where if you picked up more than 5 rewards at a time in Infinity Gate, you would only see 5 rewards instead of the amount of rewards you could receive.

– Fixed an issue where the special shop locker could not print the red dot.

– Fixed an issue where when switching tabs in the Mirror Boutique, the tooltip was displayed incorrectly.

– Fixed an issue where changing the channel after entering a chat would delete the chat.

– Fixed an issue where the chat window size did not expand depending on the resolution.

– Fixed an issue where quest markers were displayed incorrectly on the map and minimap.

– Fixed an issue where clicking on a quickslot for another skill group would not select the quickslot and the group highlight would not be switched.

 Gamepad error fixes

– Fixed an issue where the map cursor would increase after ‘Investigate’.

– Fixed an issue where chat messages in the bag would obscure the control guide.

– Fixed an issue where the page switching function in the context menu did not work in the Crafting NPC > bag.

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Personnel Counterattack’ control in the Gamepad Control Guide would be displayed as ‘Counterattack’.

– Fixed an issue where the HUD displayed an uncontrollable key icon when displaying a pop-up.

– Fixed an issue where the Mirror Boutique > costume did not display the control guide when switching pads.

– Fixed an issue where the overlay guide would not be hidden in certain situations.

 Graphics/Direction Correction

– Improved the visibility of the weapon mastery button.

– Improved the design of the glide gauge to enhance its awareness.

– Fixed some icon types on Party Tokens.

– Enhanced the Infinite Gate success/failure notation.

– In the case of content that has not yet been opened through the chronology, the UI that displays which chronology is opened has been improved so that it is displayed in the same form.

 Events & Promotions


[Promotion] ‘Battle Pass: Sophia’s Star’

– Battle Pass: Sofia’s Star Pass is now on sale.

– Costume: “Warrior of Grit” has been added.

– Amitoy: ‘Angular Adolescence Rocky’ and Glide Transformation: ‘Seraph Cygnus’ will be added.

[Promotion Details]

Lucent of the Resistance + Solant Bundle

– Added products that can purchase Lucent and Solant together.

– The product can be purchased twice per month per account, and the number of purchases will be reset at 00:00 on the 1st of each month.

[Promotion Details]

■ End Event

– The “New World, Double Up!” event has ended.

: Adjusted the amount of rewards for field/arc bosses. (1 change > 2 previous)

: Adjusted the amount of rewards for Origin Stone/Dimension Stone. (Hourly resource production and Guild Activity Points per minute 2x > change 1x)

: Token of contract paid by limited mail on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday); Dimension rewards have been adjusted. (> 900 changes, 0 changes)

 Known Issues


We will do our best to fix any anomalies that are occurring in the game below.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

■ Combat

– [Frenzied Sword Dance] When the target is attached to a wall or object, it may be interrupted while using the skill.

– The [Corruption Fill] effect may now apply to players other than the caster

■ System

– “Option to not show other players’ skill performances” does not work properly.

: This can be changed in [Preferences> Gameplay> Character> Attack], and the default setting is ‘Output All’.

> Fixed the issue where other users’ skill performances attacking the target of the user are displayed, but some decals are being displayed and will be further fixed.

– The unequip icon for the Stellar Boom equipped shortcut may be displayed as the Stellar Boom icon that was previously worn.

■ Rewards

– There is an issue where the reward items above 101~150 in Conflict/Peace mode in the Mana Runaway Jersey Zone event are incorrectly specified.

We’ll see you with more exciting updates in the future.

Thank you.

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