There are several V Rising Quests. You will need to complete these quests in order to unlock certain Vampire Powers, recipes, and blueprints. Players must complete different objective in order to complete each quest and earn the reward. Quest objectives include things such as crafting an item, constructing a crafting table, collecting certain items, and interacting with specific items.

Quests are a vital part of your progression in V Rising. This guide will provide you with all of the quests, their objective, and their reward.

List of All V Rising Quests

The following Quests are in the order that you will encounter them in the game. You must complete a quest to move on to the next one.

Collecting the RemainsThe bones of the dead will come to serve a new purpose.Collect 30 bonesRecipe: Bone Sword
Wielding the SwordThe sword. A swift and deadly weapon that slashes through flesh, bone, and thickets with ease. It was the first step towards restoring my former glory.Craft a Sword;
Slay 3 enemies using Bone Sword
Recipe: Bone Ring
Mastering MagicA ring infused with the rotten blood of the dead. A simple trinket to some, a powerful relic for myself.Craft a Bone Ring;
Hit enemies using Shadowbolt
Recipe: Boneguard Vestment;
Recipe: Vermin Salve
Armour of BonesThe bones of the dead proved helpful in protecting my body.Craft the Following Boneguard Items: Chestguard;
Gloves; Pants; Boots
Recipe: Bone Axes
Into the WoodsAxes. As practical for chopping down trees as chopping off heads.Craft Bone Axes;
Cut down Trees [3]
Recipe: Bone Mace
Stone BreakerThe Mace. A weapon too heavy for mere mortals to wield. A tool for myself to break rocks and skulls effortlessly.Craft a Mace;
Smash Rocks into pieces [3]
Blueprint: Castle Heart;
Blueprint: Borders
Lord of ShadowsI summoned the heart of my domain. From this location I shall rebuild my castle and rise to my former glory.Construct and interact with a Castle Heart;
Expand your territory by placing Borders [3]
Blueprint: Walls & Structures
FortifyTo protect myself and my belongings I raised walls around my territory, and I prepared a place to rest.Protect your territory by placing Palisades [3];
Place a Wooden Coffin;
Place a Wooden Stash
Blueprint: Basic Crafting & Refinement
Getting Ready for the HuntI scavenged the area around me, gathering what I needed to prepare myself for my next hunt.Construct and interact with a Sawmill;
Construct and interact with a Simple Workbench;
Increase your Gear Level by crafting stronger equipment
Blueprint: Blood Altar
Blood Hunt
I tracked down a V Blood carrier and claimed its knowledge as my own.Construct and interact with a Blood Altar;
Uncover knowledge and new powers by drinking the blood of a V Blood carrier
Blueprint: Research Desk
The First Book in the LibraryWith the research desk I can unfold mysteries of old and unveil forgotten knowledge.Construct and interact with a Research DeskBlueprint: Walls & Structures
Expanding my DomainI upgraded my Castle Heart allowing me to further expand my realm.Upgrade the Castle Heart and interact with itBlueprint: Mirrors
Building a CastleA more fitting place to rest, to recover, to rule.Complete a Castle room by laying down floors and building surrounding Castle walls to generate a roofBlueprint: Stone Coffin
Lord of the ManorA worthy place to rest.Bind to a Stone CoffinBlueprint: Servant Coffin
ServantsA place to rest for my servants…Construct and interact with a Servant CoffinVampire Power: Dominating Presence
Army of DarknessThe first one in my army of darkness…Use Dominating Presence to convert a human into a Servant and interact with the servantBlueprint: Castle Throne
Throne of CommandI’m ready to rule this land…Command your Servants from the Castle ThroneBlueprint: The Eye of the Twilight
Soul StonesVampires fight each other for these powerful artefacts. This device shall guide me…Construct and interact with the Eye of TwilightBlueprint: ‘Imperious’ Wall Panels
Blood of LuminanceThe key to a forgotten realm… The key to unimaginable power… When the time is right…Drink the blood of Solarus the ImmaculateRecipe: Blood Key