There are several V Rising Quests. You will need to complete these quests in order to unlock certain Vampire Powers, recipes, and blueprints. Players must complete different objective in order to complete each quest and earn the reward. Quest objectives include things such as crafting an item, constructing a crafting table, collecting certain items, and interacting with specific items.

Quests are a vital part of your progression in V Rising. This guide will provide you with all of the quests, their objective, and their reward.

List of All V Rising Quests

The following Quests are in the order that you will encounter them in the game. You must complete a quest to move on to the next one.

Collecting the RemainsLeave the Crypt
Collect 30 bones
Recipe: Bone Sword
Wielding the SwordOpen Inventory
Craft a Sword;
Craft a Bone Ring;
Slay 3 enemies using Bone Sword
New Spell Slot
Mastering MagicHit enemies using ShadowboltNew Spell Slot
Defensive MeasuresCounter Enemy Attacks using Blood Rite
Find a way out of the Graveyard
Unlock Recipe: Boneguard Vestment
Hides of the Wild Craft Boneguard Chestguard, Leggings Gloves, BootsUnlocks Recipe: Bone Aces, Bone Mace
Into the WoodsCraft Bone Axes
Craft Bone Mace
Vermin Salve
Gathering Collect 300 Wood
Collect 300 Stone
Kill Living Beings to drain their Blood Essence
Castle Heart
Lord of ShadowsUse the Map to discover ideal Build Lovations
Toggle Build Menu
Construct and interact with a Castle Heart;
Unlock Blueprint: Foundations & Walls
FortifyExpand your domain by placing Floots
Protect your territory by placing Palisades
Unlock Blueprint: Shelter & Storage
ShelterPlace Wooden Coffin
Place a Small Chest
Place a Mist Brazier
Unlock Blueprint: Basic Crafting & Refinement
Getting Ready for the HuntConstruct and interact with a Sawmill;
Construct and interact with a Simple Workbench;
Increase your Gear Level by crafting stronger equipment (Gear Score 20)
Unlocks Blood Tacking
Blood Hunt
Track a V Blood Carrier by using the V Blood menu
Uncover knowledge and new powers by drinking the blood of a V Blood carrier
Unlock Blueprint: Mirror
Thirst For PowerHunt additional V Blood Carriers
Discover new spells and use the Spellbook menu to equip a spell
Unlocks Blueprint: Research Desk
The First book in the LibraryConstruct and interact with a Research Desk Unlocks Blueprint: Castle Relocation Heart
Expanding My DoaminDiscover a way to refine hides into Leather
Upgrade the Castle Heart to level 2 and interact with it
Unlock Blueprint: Castles Foundation & Walls
Build a Castle Complete a castle room by laying down FLoors and by constructing stone Castle Walls around it to generate a roofUnlocks Blueprint: Castle Waygate
Waygate Construct and interact with a WaygateUnlocks Blueprint: Stone Coffin
Lord of the ManorBind to a Stone CoffinUnlocks Blueprint: Servant Coffin
ServantsConstruct and interact with a Blood Press
Construct and interact with a Servant Coffin
Unlock Form: Dominate Human
Army of DarknessUse Dominate Human to convert a human into a Servant and interact with a servantUnlock Blueprint: Castle Throne
Throne of CommandCommand your servants from the Castle ThroneUnlock Blueprint: Crypt Flooring
Broaden HorizonsDiscover a way to unlock Iron Smelthing
Explore the world beyond Farbane Woods
Unlock Blueprint: Music Box
Blood on TapDiscover a Way to unlock Prison Cells
Tap the blood from a prisoner
Unlocks Blueprint: Prison Flooring
Reign SupremeUpgrade the Castle Heart to level 3 and interact with itUnlcoks Blueprint: eye of Mortium
An Eye into Mortium Construct and interact with the Eye of MortiumUnlocks Blueprint: Jeweller’s Chamber Flooring.
A Castle reaching the SkyUpgrading the Castle Heart to level 4 and interact with itUnlock Form: Dominate Mount
Nightfall SteedSubdue a Horse using Dominate MountVampire Horse Saddle
Vampire EmpireUpgrade the Castle Heart to level 5 and interact with itUnlocks Blueprint: Eye of Twilight
Soul StonesConstruct and interact with the Eye of TwilightUnlock Blueprint: Imperious’ Wall Panels
Lord of the NIghtUnlock Blueprint: Imperious Wall PanelsUnlock Blueprint: Throne of Darkness