Introduction to How Caves Work in V Rising

Cave passages in V Rising are one method of fast travel in the game. Ten total cave passages can currently be found all across Vardoran. You can only enter into 5, and 5 are exits. The caves are marked with a gray triangle on your map. You can fast travel through a cave with resources and loot in your inventory. You can not fast travel through Vampire Waygates with items in your inventory. This makes caves and important and unique fast travel feature in the game.

V Rising Cave

How to Find Caves in V Rising

To find caves, you will need to look for glowing red cracks in the side of rock walls. You can also locate the passages on your map by the gray triangles. Once you have found a cave you can walk up to it and interact with it in order to fast travel.

The Downside of Caves

Cave passages on a one-way teleporter. The exit of a cave passage is always on top of a cliff. These exits are not accessible unless you have fast traveled though an entrance. Once you jump off the cliff you will not be able to go back through the cave, so make sure you’re ready to make that leap.

You may want to consider planning your castle building around the exits of the cave passages. This will allow you gather resources near one of the entrance locations and quickly fast travel back to your home.

Cave Locations and Passages Map

How caves work in V Rising is via a network of passages. Each entrance leads to a distinct exit located somewhere on the map. These do not change. The map below shows each entry and exit point of the caves.

NOTE – Ruins of Mortium – THE NEW ZONE in 1.0 Does not have any bat caves and IS NOT featured in this image.

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