How to Find Copper Ore in V Rising

Copper ore is an essential component in V Rising for your early game progression. Copper items will be the first tier of upgrade for you to progress past the simple bone items. You will also soon be met with important castle fundamentals that require copper ingots. You will need to refine the copper ore into those ingots in order to craft those items.

ItemItem NameDescriptionItem Use
Copper Ore V RisingCopper OreReagent used for craftingUsed to refine into copper ingots at the furnace. Needed for equipment and structures.

The Bandit Copper Mine

The easiest way to find copper ore in V Rising is to visit the Bandit Copper Mine located in the middle of Farbane Woods. There are a lot of bandits outside and inside the mine. They range from level 16 to 20, so make sure you are prepared and geared well enough to handle them. There is also a level 20 V Blood Boss that spawns in the lower area of the mine, Errol the Stonebreaker. If you are solo or under geared you may want to avoid the lower area and stick to the upper circle of the mine.

Once you make your way inside of the mine you find plenty of copper nodes. You will want to make sure you have your strongest mace available in order to deal the additional 25% damage to mine the nodes. There are groups of enemies that will patrol the mine paths so make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times while mining.

There are also several chests in the mine. Make sure you loot the chests for a possibility at obtaining some copper ingots. You will also want to break down any boxes and barrels you see for a chance at more copper ore drops as well.

copper mine v rising

Random Copper Node Spawns

As you travel the map you will encounter random copper node spawns. This is much less efficient way to obtain copper ore than hitting the bandit copper mine. However, if the copper mine is camped or there is too much competition you may want to resort to finding your copper in the open world. The random node spawns can be found primarily in Farbane Woods with some in Dunley Farmlands as well.

copper nodes v rising

Servant Hunts

After some progression in the game you will be able to obtain servants. You can send your servants on hunts to gather resources for you. This is a great way to passively get copper ore. You will need to make sure your servants are well geared and then you can send them out to the bandit copper mine. Depending on how long you send them out for, and their servant traits, it’s possible for them to bring back a very nice haul of copper ore for you.

What is Copper Ore Used For

You will use copper ore primarily to refine into copper ingots. Those ingots are then used in various recipes that you will need to progress in V Rising. In order to craft the ingots you will first need to place down a Furnace in your castle.

To do this you will need 480 stone and 60 copper ore. You will want to consider building a Forge Room as soon as possible as well. This will decrease the cost of the refining materials when using the furnace. You will also want to build multiple furnaces early in your progression. It takes some time to refine ore into ingots and having multiple furnaces will speed up that process significantly.

furnace v rising

Once you have a furnace you simply need to interact with it and place the copper ore into the furnace. Without any perks from having a Forge Room, it will take 20 copper ore to make 1 copper ingot. With the forge room perks it will take 15 copper ore for 1 copper ingot.

Once you have crafted a few ingots you can then create the copper line of weapons at the simple workbench station. This is an important step in your early progression because this increase your gear level and allow you to utilize the “Q” key weapon ability.

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