How To Find Cotton

Cotton in V Rising can be found in designated cotton farms located in Dunley Farmlands. However, you can still locate cotton scattered around other locations in Dunley. Press “M” to open your map and hover over the highlighted zones to see what resources can be located in that area. You should be aware that the Cotton Farms will give you Garlic Exposure. You can read all about garlic exposure by checking our How to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising guide.

In order to harvest the cotton you will need to attack it as you would other resource nodes. It’s recommended that you use the slashers for the additional damage to the cotton nodes, but it’s not mandatory.

While you are farming cotton you may also acquire a cotton seed drop. You can also find one in a chest while a cotton area. You can use these seeds to create a cotton farm. Put the cotton seed on your hot bar and use it to plant it. Plant it in your castle and surround it by walls to protect it. Once it’s fully grown you will be able to harvest it for 10 cotton.

cotton v rising

What is Cotton Used for in V Rising

Cotton is used to craft Cotton Yarn. Yarn is used to craft gear such as the Hollowfang Armor set and other gear needed to progress in the game once you have acquired a Tailoring Bench and possibly a Tailor Room. In order to craft cotton yarn you will need to acquire the loom.

The loom can be acquired by defeating the V boss, Beatrice the Tailor. Once acquired you will need to place it in your castle by pressing “B”. Navigate to castle, production, and click the refinement tab. The loom will cost you 20 planks, 12 copper ingots, and 4 wool to craft. Once placed you can interact with the loom to use your cotton to create cotton yarn.

It will cost you 16 cotton to craft 1 cotton yarn unless you have a Tailor Room. It would then cost 12 cotton to craft one cotton yarn if you have the proper room bonuses.

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